Best Rainbow Tail Butt Plugs

Best Rainbow Tail Butt Plugs

Tail butt plugs are still a little niche but there are so many varieties already available! If you want to wave your pride flag high or want to recreate the magic of fantasy creatures, a rainbow tail butt plug may be just the thing for you! 

So, what are they? Rainbow tail butt plugs are butt plugs (usually glass, metal, or another body-safe material such as silicone) attached to fluffy, adorable tails! These tails are as varied as anything!

You can get rainbow-colored horsetails, foxtails, kitty cattails, if you can think of it, it probably exists! Not to say however that they are all the best quality…

As rainbow fur tails are getting a little more popular, there are lots of cheaper and a few not-so-great quality ones available. Be sure to check out your furry tail before you use it to avoid any unwanted surprises!

Best Things About Rainbow Tail Butt Plugs

They are simply great for sex play, like any butt plug but come with the advantage of looking super cute as well! If you style them correctly, your tail can blend seamlessly into any everyday outfit, especially when paired with some adorable ears or cuffs.

If you get a good quality fluffy tail butt plug, you shouldn’t have any issues wearing it for an extended amount of time! Just make sure it is good quality, you have enough lubrication to avoid any discomfort, and you work your way up to an appropriate size! 

  • Super cute!– every different shop sells different styles of rainbows to suit your palette, from bright and bold to kawaii and pastel rainbows
  • Fulfill your fantasy– there’s nothing more freeing than trying something you’ve always been curious about! If you’ve been thinking of embracing your foxy rainbow side, what’s stopping you?
  •  Lots of fun accessories– whether you are looking for a full fursuit or not, there are so many amazingly designed accessories such as cuffs, bells, collars, and ears in literally every style imaginable
  • Perfect for dressing up!– with all the extra accessories, you can style your fluffy rainbow tail to suit so many different costumes! Perfect for a sexy party or for some Halloween fun if you are discreet about it being a butt plug!!!
  • Excellent for photoshoots– these tails make an amazing prop for any themed photoshoot or cosplay, especially when teamed with some dashing ears and a gorgeous collar!
  • Perfect for your first step into discovering your ‘fursona!’– If you want to explore your sexual predilections with safe and consenting parties, rainbow tail butt plugs can be a great way to bring your fantasy to life! Whether you love the idea of being an anime cat-girl, feel more comfortable as your alter-ego or feel you have more affinity to the furry lifestyle, why not give it a go and have some fun along the way!


Silicone Butt Plug Training Set For Beginners


Lynx Rainbow Pony Tail Plug


PrittenPaws Pastel Rainbow Furry Tail

PrittenPaws Pastel Rainbow Furry Tail


Silicone Butt Plug Training Set For Beginners

This easy and simple to use set comes fully equipped for everything you’ll need for your first foray into the world of anal play! It is a set of four silicone, body-safe butt plugs in a range of sizes.

The first is similar to a finger, which is the suggested starting point if you’re not used to anything going up your butt!

Make sure you are well lubricated, both inside and out! We promise there is nothing sexy about a tear in your delicate skin so go slow please people! This is a great set to start with if you’re a beginner as it’s not intimidating or out of this world.

Once you start, you’ll probably find you can take more relatively quickly but go slow and enjoy the process whilst your muscles get used to it! 


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Non-threatening size, especially if you or your partner are a little tentative
  • Pretty purple color or smooth deluxe looking black shade


  • Unnecessary if you are a stalwart fan of anal play! 


Lynx Rainbow Pony Tail Plug

This is a very well-reviewed product for those who want to try out a bit of pony play! The rainbow colors will have you thinking you’re the cutest unicorn in the land and with good reason.

The soft hairs don’t tangle thanks to their smooth and silky design so you don’t have to worry about getting in any knots when doing your best prances! The colors are stunning too!

The rainbow colors are a mix of bright and bold and lighter pastels so you can embrace your fantasy side. This beautiful tail is perfect for those new to the tail game as the butt plug itself isn’t overly large!

It is big enough to stay put however so won’t be escaping any time soon. The classic spade shape of the plug has an easy-to-lock-in base so you can be sure it won’t ride too far up your butt!

It’s also made from durable phthalate-free material so you can rest assured that it’s not harmful to your body.

Again, however, do be sure to look at the ingredients of the product before insertion to make sure you don’t have any allergies to any materials used. Braid your magnificent tail, brush it, swish it around and show it off to embrace your equine fantasy!

The hair is synthetic so you are likely to get more tangles than if you were using more expensive hair, but if you look after it, it is a great piece for the fabulously low price!


  • Gorgeous rainbow colors
  • Easy to insert due to smaller size
  • Phthalate-free rubber material
  • Very budget-friendly
  • Easy to braid and brush
  • Secure flared base
  • Easy to insert by yourself



PrittenPaws Pastel Rainbow Furry Tail

PrittenPaws Pastel Rainbow Furry Tail

This beautifully crafted handmade tail comes with a whole host of adjustable features! You can get a clip-on harness for lounging around the house or going out and about or a whole host of different butt plug attachments for your sexy playtime.

The tail itself measures 17” long and makes an adorable swishing movement, with a delicately curved shape.

The tail is the classic fox- style and would pair perfectly with an adorable collar or some ears, all of which are also available in matching colors by PrittenPaws!

Hand-made in the USA, they have rave reviews and make simply the cutset sets for you to enjoy as cosplay and for a night of play. The butt plugs are all body-safe grade silicone and you have the option to choose the best style and fit for you! 


  • Easy to remove tail to switch up your look at the drop of a hat
  • Butt Plug is high-quality silicone, made by Primal Hardware
  • Long, fluffy tail with a length of 17”
  • Beautiful Pastel color with fluffy white tip
  • Easy to remove butt plug for cleaning
  • Made in the USA


  • Very fluffy! Can be hard to get the lube out of it
  • Air dry only- heat can damage faux fur!
  • As these are hand made and made to order, they take a while to be delivered


Vuzara Rainbow Tail Butt Plug Dildo

Vuzara Rainbow Tail Butt Plug Dildo

A brilliant choice for those who want the ultimate in customization! Coming in with an option as long as 40” this tail is a beautiful piece to add to any toy collection.

With thousands of positive reviews, Vuzara has been killing it with its extensive collection and well-made tails and accessories!

This butt plug tail comes with a gorgeous set of rainbow fluffy ears to complete the look and you can customize these with cute piercings and extras too!

This tail is also a great choice if you want a bigger-sized butt plug as it comes with the options of small, medium, and large in both silicone and stainless steel. The tail can also be purchased with detachable options, making your plug easy to clean.

The tail does take a long time to arrive, so always bear this in mind and have patience as these hand-crafted items are made to order, not just shipped from a warehouse!


  • Super fluffy!!!
  • Totally customizable for your butt plug size, plug material, and the length of the tail
  • One of the longest length rainbow tails you can find, coming in at a maximum of 40 inches


  • Incredibly pricey- but worth the investment!
  • Takes a long time to ship, we’re talking months here


Furry Fantasy Rainbow Tail With Metal Butt Plug

If you want an immediate purchase for a bit of frivolous fun without the expense, this is a great option! It’s a bright neon rainbow, shorter than your average tail, coming in at 13”, so perfect if you don’t want to be dragged down by a massive or expensive tail!

Don’t expect the most stunning quality on this one as it is very budget-friendly. However, it’s still a bit of fun if you don’t want to invest too much and is still 100% body-safe.

It comes with a aluminum alloy butt plug that’s on the small end of the spectrum, making it a great choice for a starter tail that you don’t want to break the bank with! It also comes equipped with a cute travel bag for discreetly packing away on the go.


  • Comes with a handy travel bag
  • Bright rainbow pride flag colors
  • Flared base butt plug for safety
  • Aluminum-alloy plug
  • Short, easy to manage tail
  • It is a very budget-friendly price point
  • Beginner friendly small plug


  • The tail needs a lot of fluffing to look its best
  • Not the most stunning quality fur
  • Not detatchable butt plug so a bt more of a pain to clean

Buyers Guide

Things To Be Aware Of With Tail Butt Plugs

Unfortunately, because of where it’s going, your tail can become a little difficult to clean, especially if there’s any lube that gets onto the fur. This is worth bearing in mind when looking at how well your tail is made, or what material it is made out of.

Hopefully, you should be able to wash your tail, and many come with detachable tails so you can wash them whilst keeping the attached butt plug out of the way. Great if you have a shared house that you’d rather not hang your butt plug up to dry! 

Here’s a handy list of potential issues to bear in mind when using butt plugs:

  • Quality material– your butt plug is going into a sensitive place! Make sure you are buying a butt plug that is made out of good material and is suitable for anal play. 
  • Lack of lubrication– lack of lube can cause tiny tears that can lead to infection, just be careful when inserting and take the proper time to get lubed up to avoid injury
  • Sizing up too fast– there’s nothing wrong with taking it slow! Lots of lube and going up to size by size, you don’t need to go straight for the largest size you can find!
  • Using something that isn’t meant to be a butt plug– make sure you are using a material specifically designed for the activity!
  • Using something that doesn’t have a base– this is more common with tail plugs! Make sure you get a plug with a flared base! You may think you can tug your tail if it gets stuck but tails can break off! You want to be secure in the knowledge that you can remove your plug in the event that your tail is detached. That’s not a trip to the doctors you’ll be too keen to have…

Best Rainbow Tail Butt Plugs

Tail-specific issues-

  • Allergies to fur– look out for any unusual rashes or allergies, especially if you’re not used to having anything fur-like around your butt.
  • Cleaning your tail– Make sure you are aware of the cleaning instructions of your new tail to keep it in tip-top condition
  • Don’t remove the plug by pulling the tail! This can damage it and weaken the bond over time, rather, pull from the tapered base instead. 

Final Thoughts

Basically, make sure you’re buying a tail that can stand the test of time, is able to be worn for a while, and has some sort of cleaning instructions so you don’t accidentally damage it.

Whilst there are lots of specialist shops that make hand-crafted high-end tails, you don’t need to invest all your money into one right off the bat.

It is a good idea to get yourself used to have something inserted into your butt before you take the leap and spend a significant amount of money on a butt plug tail.

We hope you have found a few items that suit your Rainbow Tail butt plug needs, and you can make a better decision come shopping time! Most importantly, have safe fun, and remember, enjoy living out your favorite fantasies!