Fun Factory Bouncer Review

Fun Factory Bouncer Review

With a name like the Bouncer, you might be confused about what this dildo by Fun Factory has to offer. Is it just for bouncing or can it thrust? Is it made of enough rubber for you to dribble it like a basketball?

Is it intimidatingly large and ready to keep you away from all the best nightclubs?

Fun Factory Bouncer Review

Actually, the secret of the Bouncer is hidden on the inside. Beneath the silicone surface are three balls, ready to jiggle and vibrate when the Bouncer gets going. This multifaceted sensation helps put the Bouncer into a class of its own.

Curious about the Fun Factory Bouncer? Our hands-on review has everything you need to know.

What Is The Fun Factory Bouncer?

On the face of it, the Fun Factory Bouncer looks like a pretty ordinary dildo. It’s 7 inches long, and 1.5 inches in diameter at the widest point. There are several bumps and tapers, which create various pressure points as you thrust, and a decent fitness that still has some movement. 

So far, so ordinary. But it’s what’s inside the Bouncer that sets it apart. Hidden within the shaft are three balls, similar to kegel balls, that move and bump around inside the toy.

These weighted internal balls rattle against each other, creating a vibrating sensation with each thrust. Simple, maybe, but an interesting way to help the Bouncer stand out.

Fun Factory is a well-established company, with a decent range of adult toys. The Bouncer comes in several colors.

Fun Factory Bouncer


First impressions of the Bouncer are good. Fun Factory sends it in discreet and minimal packaging, with a classy finish. Most people wouldn’t assume it’s a dildo, and the packaging itself feels good quality. So far, so good.

Take the Bouncer out of the box, and it feels like it’s going to be fun. It’s sturdy, without being too hard, and has a decent flex. When you wiggle it about in your hands, you can really feel those internal balls as they move.

There’s a light seam down one side where the balls were inserted, but this never seems at risk of breaking.

The Bouncer is made of body safe silicone, so it’s best to use water based lube. Silicone lubes can cause silicone toys to degrade, making water based a much better option. (Especially as you need a lot of lube for the Bouncer, but we’ll get to that later.)  

Overall, the quality of the Fun Factory Bouncer is impressive. It’s water safe, and the suction base is strong. It’s also versatile — safe for anal use, and harness compatible. The Bouncer feels like a toy that will stick around for a long time, especially as it’s got such a simple design.

Using The Fun Factory Bouncer

The Bouncer may be all about the wiggling balls, but it’s also a pretty excellent dildo just by itself. At 7.5 inches, it’s a decent length, and the tapered areas feel amazing as you thrust in and out. With a slight curve and a bulbous head, the Bouncer can hit all the right spots with ease.

But it’s once you really get things going that the Bouncer’s internal balls come into play. It does take a powerful thrust before they make a real impact, but when they do, it’s incredible.

Combined with the general shape and size of the Bouncer, the vibration of the balls only heightens an already remarkable experience. 

What we found in our testing was that it’s speed that can have the most effect on the jiggling of the balls. Aim for quick thrusts, that only need to move the shaft an inch.

That way you can enjoy the movement, without tiring your arm out. It may take a bit of practice to master the technique, but the effort is more than worth it for the eventual pleasure.

The base of the Bouncer is a suction cup, although when you stick it to the wall you lose the vibration.

The internal balls need to get bouncing for you to feel the sensation properly, and you just can’t get the same thrust with a wall. It still works as a dildo, it just doesn’t stand out quite so much.

Also, you need a properly flat surface for the Bouncer to stick. Add some texture, and the suction base just won’t hold tight.  But if you are using a flat surface, the suction is fantastic, and the Bouncer holds on no matter how hard you go.

If you’re worrying about the sound of those internal balls, rest assured that the Bouncer is a quiet toy. Those balls don’t just whack into each other like you’re playing with maracas.

You shouldn’t find yourself distracted halfway through play time trying to work out what the hell is rattling around. Instead, the noise is muffled, and fairly indistinguishable. 

Although, to really feel the balls get to work you have to be giving things a good thrust, so this may not be the most discreet toy on the market.

The biggest downside to the Bouncer is the texture. It’s made of a body safe silicone, which has a textured matte surface. It might not sound like much, but it feels draggy in a way that can immediately ruin the fun.

You need a lot of water based lube for a comfortable sensation, or we recommend using a condom. It’s not necessarily a dealbreaker, but it’s a disappointment on an otherwise fantastic toy.


As a silicone dildo, the Bouncer is really simple to clean. Boil it, use soap and water, or try a 10% bleach solution. It can also go in the dishwasher. 

Because of the textured surface, the Bouncer can be a bit of a lint magnet. We recommend keeping the Bouncer in its box between uses, and giving it a good clean.

Is The Fun Factory Bouncer Worth buying?

The Fun Factory Bouncer is a lot of fun to use, especially once you’ve mastered the quick thrusts that really get the internal balls jiggling. Fantastic shaping, quality materials, and the incredible feeling of those balls moving about all add up to make the Bouncer a dildo worth considering.

But it is expensive, especially for a simple toy. And the textured surface can have some serious drag unless you go to town with the lube, or start using a condom. 

Overall, the Fun Factory Bouncer isn’t perfect, but if you use it right, it can get you off time and time again.