Best Bunny Tail Butt Plug

Have you been looking to expand your role play game in the bedroom? If you are here, reading this article, it is almost certain that you are at least a little curious about the world of tail butt plugs. More specifically, you might have a keen interest in bunny butt plug tails.

Maybe it is not easy to admit that you have an interest in something like this, or maybe you are in an experimental phase and want to try something out of your comfort zone. 

Regardless of your reasoning, in this article we will be looking at a few of the best bunny tail butt plugs out there, and who knows, perhaps we will find something that will add a little spice to your bedroom.


Aliriga - Bunny Tail Plug And Ear Set

This tail and ear set is a work of art, the way that both of these items have been made really sets it apart from the rest. Not only is the tail full and fluffy, but the butt plug attachment can also be customized to suit your needs.

There are a lot of features you can pick, for example, whether you want a detachable or fixed butt plug. This design specifically opts for a ‘T-shaped’ metal plug for the detachable option, and it also allows you to pick a size and shape for the plug itself. 

Overall, we found that this bunny ears and butt plug set was a fantastic option if you want to try out this kind of role-play or are just getting into anal play.

The choices you have for altering the plug and attachment means that you can find something that suits your level of experience or comfort level. 


  • Customizable - There are a lot of customizations options for this plug and ears set. From the shape and size of the butt plug to choosing a detachable or undetachable option for your bunny tail butt plug. 
  • Handmade - Each item is handmade, care and thought has gone into creating a product that fits the wants and needs of each individual.
  • Plug Sizes and Shapes - There are various shape options available for butt plug shapes and sizes, so you will be able to use and enjoy this toy no matter what your experience level is. 
  • The Look - The way that this product was designed and created is very aesthetically pleasing, it is detailed, realistic and the fur is thick and full. 


  • Color - This particular product does not have the option to pick a different color, but the manufacturer’s page has multiple versions you can choose from. 


DEXAR - Faux Bunny Tail Plug And Ears

This bunny butt plug is diverse in the way that the manufacturer allows you to choose the kind of plug you want and has an option for a tail with no butt plug. There are silicone or metal butt plugs and the option to choose between a small, medium, or large.

So, you will have the ability to choose one that suits you at your current experience level. The best part is that because you have a detachable option, you can purchase a plug either larger or smaller, and switch it out as you wish.

This is a great option, especially if you want the option to go up or down a size. Each bunny tail butt plug is handmade using good quality artificial fur. 

We have found that this product is excellently made, the fur is soft and realistic looking, only adding to the visual appeal of this product. In addition to that, we found this bunny tail and ears set uses great quality fur which does not shed easily. 


  • Customizable - Purchasing this product will allow you to choose the material you want your butt plug to be made of, metal or silicone, and it will also allow you to choose between a detachable and undetachable tail. 
  • The Look - This product looks amazing, the fur is good quality and the tail looks full and fluffy. In addition to this, the design is realistic and pretty, which adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of this bunny tail butt plug. 
  • Handmade - Each item is handmade, this allows each product to have care put into its construction. This means that your bunny tail butt plug should be sturdy and look stunning. 
  • Detachable - The detachable options mean that cleaning can be that much easier, by removing the tail from the plug you can sterilize the plug easily and wash the tail with care. Hopefully meaning your bunny tail will last a long time. 


  • Color - This product only comes in white, but the manufacturer has a large collection of various other bunny tail butt plugs you can choose from. 


Paw Babyzzz - Bunny Tail And Ears Set

This bunny tail and ears set is like a work of art, the detail, color, and quality of these items make it a fantastic choice. While you have the option of having the tail clip-on, you will also be able to choose between a small, medium, or large metal butt plug.

The manufacturer uses faux fur in their products, so this is a good item for those of you that are environmentally conscious. 

We found this product to be exceptional in quality and appearance, the luxurious faux turn, colors, and accessories make it a fantastic-looking bunny tail butt plug.

The customizable butt plug size is also a great feature, allowing you the option to choose what you are comfortable with or ready for.

The only downside is that the ears and tail have small bits added to them which may not stand up to the rigors of tail tugging or rough sex. 


  • The Look - This bunny tail butt plug and ear set looks stunning, the quality and detail that have gone into these items make them a fantastic choice.
    On top of that, with an extra fee, you can customize your purchase to create an individual character or series of colors that better suit your vibe. 
  • Handmade - Because each item is handmade, you are assured of excellent quality for each item. The care that goes into creating exactly what you want is sure to be a big factor in making this bunny tail butt plug and ears set a great purchase. 
  • Plug Sizes - You have the option to choose whether you want a large, medium, or small butt plug for your tail, so you can pick an option that suits you and makes you comfortable. 


  • A Lot Going On - While this product looks amazing, there is a lot going on in this particular design that might not stand up to the rigorous usage a bunny tail butt plug is sure to receive.
  • Remember that there are customizable options if you want something more simple. 


Vuzara - Bunny Tail Butt Plug

This pretty little bunny tail butt plug by Vuzara is a feminine and pretty product. The color combination and ribbon add to the cuteness and overall look of this bunny tail.

The manufacturer uses faux fur to make their bunny tails, so anyone that observes a vegan lifestyle or is environmentally conscious will find that this is a suitable product for them.

On top of that, you are able to choose what kind of attachment you want, as well as the size and material you would like your bunny tail butt plug to have. 

We found that this bunny tail butt plug to be an excellent product, the look, and feel of the tail is soft and cute. The customizable options for the butt plug allow you to choose what suits you, as well as giving you the option to explore a new side of yourself.

Overall, this is a fantastic, colorful, and feminine product that is great for both experienced or newcomers to this kind of role-play. 


  • The Look - The blue and white color of the fur really makes this bunny tail stand out, on top of that the fur is full and fluffy, so you will not need to worry about getting a thin and almost hairless bunny tail butt plug.  
  • Faux Fur - The fact that the manufacturer uses faux fur for this product makes it a great choice for our vegan or environmental friends to enjoy. 
  • Handmade - Because each item is handmade, you are assured of a great quality and unique bunny tail butt plug. 
  • Customization - You are able to choose whether you want a metal or silicone butt plug as well as being able to choose between three sizes, large, medium, or small, and you will have the option to pick what kind of attachment you want your bunny tail butt plug to have. 


  • Colors - For this item in particular there is only a blue and white tail option, but the manufacturer has a large list of products that are different colors that you can choose from if this is not something that you like. 


Sexy Zest - Bunny Tail Butt Plug And Ears Set

This bunny tail butt plug comes in three flashy, bright colors, purple, pink, or white. It is a simple toy, it only comes in a size small and is made of silicone. It is a cute and vibrant choice for anyone that is looking to dip their toes into the world of bunny role-play.

We found that this product to be a great choice for a beginner, the plug is small and easy to insert, making it ideal for someone who is not familiar with using butt plugs.

In addition to that, this toy looks to be of great quality, the fur is fluffy and full which adds to the great look of this product. The bright, vibrant colors are the cherry on top, making this a fantastic bunny tail butt plug to purchase. 


  • Discreet Packaging - All products from Sexy Zest are sent out in discreet packaging, so nobody will know that you have brought yourself a fun, and sexy bunny butt plug tail. 
  • Bright Colors - This product comes in three bright, vibrant colors you can choose from, pink white, and purple. 
  • Plug Size - This bunny tail butt plug only comes in a size small, so it is a great fit for someone that is new to using butt plugs or for an experienced person looking for something easy and fun. 


  • Not Customizable - There are no options to choose a metal or silicone plug, this product only comes with a silicone plug.
    In addition to that, you cannot customize the size or shape of the plug, you will receive a small teardrop-shaped plug attached to the bunny tail butt plug.
  • Not Detachable - The tail is not detachable from the plug, so cleaning may prove a little harder if the tail gets messed on. 


Nail Wow - Bunny Tail Butt Plug

This bunny tail butt plug is both of excellent quality and unique among others of its kind. The ridged plug on this product is a great feature that allows you to enjoy this toy on a whole other level.

In addition to that. The Nail Wow bunny tail butt plug allows you to choose the length of the plug, so you can pick a toy that is 7cm, 8cm, or  9cm long, depending on what you find most comfortable.

The white fluffy tail is soft and dense, which only adds to the great look of this bunny tail butt plug. 

We found that this product in particular was a great choice for a bunny tail butt plug because of its unique shape and the option to decide how long you would like the plug.

Overall, this is a great product that is fantastic for experienced users of butt plugs or amateurs just getting into this kind of sexual play. 


  • Hand Made - This product is handmade, which ensures that each item is carefully made to meet the needs of all customers. 
  • The Look- The cute but classic white bunny tail design look is famously reminiscent of Playboy’s bunny girls.
  • Discreet Postage - The way that these bunny tails are packaged is all to make sure that nobody will be able to tell what you bought, so your secret purchases will stay private no matter who sees the package. 
  • Length Choice- The unique option to choose the length of your butt plus is a great plus point for this product, as this allows you to pick how wide the plug is but also the length, which is not something you often see in bunny tail butt plugs. 


  • Colors - This product only comes in white, this can be a little off-putting if you were searching for something bright and vibrant, or you simply wanted a different natural color. 
  • Plug Shape - There is only one plug shape that this manufacturer offers, the ridged design may be small, however, it can also look intimidating to people new to using butt plugs. 


Natali Studio UA - White Bunny Tail Butt Plug

This butt plug is a pretty red and white roan color, this unique look adds to the flirty, and fun feel of this product. The fur is thick and luscious, which is unsurprising considering that the manufacturer uses real fur to create these beautiful bunny tail butt plugs.

In addition to the great quality, these butt plugs are detachable, so you can easily clean both parts separately, this means that your product should last you longer.

You are also able to choose the size of your butt plug, you can pick a large, medium, or small depending on how experienced you are with this kind of toy.

The cherry on top is that this product is posted discreetly, so there will be no logo or product name on your box, and so your privacy will remain intact. 

We have found that this product is excellently made, the handmade qualities really shine in this bunny tail butt plug. The real fur adds to the overall look of this product, as well as being a great option for anyone that is allergic or sensitive to synthetic fibers.

The negative side is that this product will not be ideal for someone that lives a vegan lifestyle.


  • Detachable- You can detach the tail from the plug, so cleaning and sterilizing are much easier. In addition to that, this means that your tail will not have to needlessly get wet and shorten the lifespan of this product.
  • Real Fur- The real fur used in this bunny tail is a great choice if you want a soft and natural look. It is also a good option for anyone that is allergic to certain synthetic fibers and needs something gentler on the skin. 
  • Plug Sizes - You can choose between a small, medium, or large metal plug. This allows you to decide what you are ready for, as well as allowing you to attach a different size onto your tail when you're ready. 


  • Not Vegan Friendly - The use of real fur may not sit right with many consumers of this product, as such this might not be the ideal product for you if you are against the use of real fur in products like this. 
  • Colors - This particular product only comes in reddish-brown and white, but the manufacturer sells plenty of other items you can choose from. 

Final Thoughts

That is all for this article, as we have discovered, there are a lot of options out there if you are in the market for a bunny tail butt plug.

Best bunny tail butt plug

Whether you want something new to replace an old bunny tail, or you want to try something new and exciting, we hope that this article has shown you some of the best places to find what you are looking for. 

Marissa White