Mimic plus review

Mimic Plus Review

We can all agree that a healthy sex life is kind of vital for keeping us smiling through the monotony of life. Most of us concur that heightened pleasure is far easier when armed with a great sex toy of sorts.

Without your toy of choice, climax and pleasure take longer to achieve. As for high-intensity orgasms? Without your vibrating friend or air-pulse tech to hand, it feels like watching a game without any beer and snacks. Lame.

Mimic plus review

Luckily, the sex industry has come to our rescue. Presented with a seemingly endless selection of bizarre, fascinating and sometimes mildly disturbing choices for self-entertainment, finding the perfect toy may feel a little tricky.

Knowing this, we went on a mission to find the best of the best. In doing so, up popped the Mimic Plus Vibrator and a bunch of rave reviews followed. 

We also discovered something a little off-putting. The Original Mimic was not a hit. Why? It did not accommodate for every preference, and its motor just didn’t have the power that some users crave. Sure, for a pinpoint approach with mild vibration, the original could seal the deal.

But should you want more from your vibrating gadget, the Mimic doesn’t cut the mustard.

But now, a newer, better version we now see before us. The reason why the Mimic Plus is such a success, is simple. The clever brand knew how to take criticism and turn things around. This company listened to their customers and set to work.

Each concern addressed and resolved. The outcome is a sleek, incredibly cool vibrator that ticks every box a frustrated customer might want. 

For this reason, the Mimic Plus is not only Zworthy of trying, but will probably be the holy grail of vibrators for most. 

This review takes a look at the long-awaited Mimic Plus. We give you the facts and key features. Read the sex toy’s incredible benefits and disadvantages.

Find out how to use this for optimal pleasure-giving results, the product quality, and of course it’s hygiene and cleaning capacity. Scroll down to see if this sex gadget could be the one and if it lives up to the hype. Don’t forget to check out our final verdict too.

The Mimic Plus: Facts

Vibrators have long-since kept their status as the sex-toy of choice. Even with the rise of air-pulse technology, the lure of a decent vibrator is impossible to ignore. Behold, the Mimic Plus. Painstakingly made on the back of negativity, this toy aims to go where its predecessor lost.

With the benefit of knowing exactly what to fix, Clandestine were on a mission. The goal of the Mimic Plus is to resolve every possible issue and design the ultimate vibrator for all. 

From the many positive responses, they certainly triumphed. The Mimic Plus is presented to look (mimic) the shape of your hand when giving pleasure (like the original). Whether your preference is targeted point precision or a wider cover every area technique, the Plus will accommodate.

The Plus is larger and slightly curvier than the first. Clandestine Devices state that people who prefer a larger massager (vibrator) should opt for the Plus over the original. 

Most importantly, the upgraded Mimic solved the main problem of the original version. The motor Check out the worthy replacement on the Mimic Plus and you will discover power, rumble and undeniable fun.

Featuring 6 speeds that all begin from mid-level intensity and 8 vibration modes, there’s no way you can use the toy and not see happy stars. Think deep, powerful vibration.

Its design includes a pinpointed nose and 2 super-soft wings with differing levels of flexibility. These range from pliable to the more rigid, sharp end of the scale some people enjoy.

Whether you want to encompass the clitoris for maximum massaging impact, explore wider body areas with the features wings, the Plus will deliver. Perfect for alone time or for use with your partner, the versatility of the Mimic Plus makes it a real game-changer in the bedroom.


Mimic Plus


1. Pinpointed nose and 2 silky soft wings – for maximum pleasure-giving abilities of erogenous zones2. 6 speeds and 8 vibration modes -start at mid-level intensity3.  Pinpoint precision or wider coverage4. Larger design5. Upgraded motor


1. May be too much to handle

How To use

Use the nose or wings to find and stimulate the body’s erogenous areas. 

  • External clitoral stimulation
  • Powerful and deep vibrating pleasure, as required for achieving ultimate climax.
  • Center button for activation, side buttons control intensity levels
  • Specifications of the Mimic Plus
  • Length – 4.25”
  • Width – 3.5 (at widest)
  • Made from body-safe and highest quality silicone
  • Rechargeable USB charger
  • Waterproof, heat-sensitive, hypoallergenic and non-phallic
  • The Mimic Plus works with any water based lube. 
  • Do not use in conjunction with silicone lubrication or silicone products.
  • Comes with its own storage pouch too!

Hygiene/Cleaning Instructions

The Mimic Plus is super-easy to keep clean. Simply wash thoroughly using warm soapy water. 

Store in the pouch provided.

Never forget to wash your sex toy after every use.

Final Verdict

The Mimic Plus has certainly upped its pleasure enhancing capabilities. Should you yearn for full throttle action with more settings and intensity levels you can ever desire, the Plus is your bag.

No doubt about it, Clandestine Devices have outdone themselves with this whopper of a gadget. And there’s no need to pick between target precise pleasure and a tool that finds each and every spot.

Whether you are a lover of the tip of a nail excitement, or want a resonating vibration that goes far deeper, the Plus will bring you a smile that lasts.

In fear of sounding a little too Meg Ryan, our verdict for this review is a resounding OMG yes, yes, and higher frequency yes. We do recommend the Plus not be used whilst dining out, however. Enjoy!