Tenga 3D Review

Tenga 3D Review

We all know about the range of sex toys available to women.  From dildos to vibrators to clit suckers, the list is endless.  If you have a penis, however, there’s no need to feel left out. 

Tenga 3D Review

There are a lot more male-focused sex toys on the market today than before, and Tenga is one of the names at the forefront of this development.  

They’re a Japanese company specializing in male sex toys and our topic today is one of their wide range, the Tenga 3D.  So, if you’re looking to take self-pleasure to new heights, read on.

What Is It?

The Tenga 3D is a male masturbator sex toy. You use it by inserting your penis inside it and then using it to masturbate until you reach your climax. Sounds simple enough, right? It actually doesn’t look a whole lot like a lot of sex toys you might have seen.

Some male masturbators are designed to look as close to a real vagina as possible, for example, but that’s not the Tenga 3D’s game. It has a minimalist, plain white appearance, with a vaguely cylindrical shape.

However, there are five different styles you can choose from, and this is where we get onto the functionality of the thing.


Tenga 3D

How Does It Work?

As we mentioned above, you use it by putting your dick in it and then using it to jerk off.  However, there’s a little more to it than that.  Remember how we said there are five different styles to choose from? 

Those different styles are the different patterns of ridges on the toy.  

While these different ridge patterns are visible on the outside when you open the packaging, you turn it inside-out to use it, so those ridges will be on the inside, rubbing up against your cock and adding to the pleasurable sensations that come with a date with Rosie Palms.  

The five options are called Zen, Polygon, Module, Pile, and Spiral.  The best selling one, the spiral, is a simple row of parallel lines in a spiral pattern, while the Polygon has distinct polygonal edges and so on.  

The Tenga 3D is fairly cheap as male masturbators go, so you might want to try buying a few different patterns to see which arrangement gets you off the best.

How Does It Feel?

The crux of the matter – will it feel good?  Well, yes, it certainly will.  A jerk-off session with the Tenga 3D definitely feels better than using just your hand. 

Novelty can be a really important part of an exciting sexual experience, and the feeling of the ridged patterns against your dick as you stroke is a novel sensation that makes the Tenga 3D well worth it in my opinion.  

I definitely came hard while using it and was eager to repeat the experience.  One thing that might be a negative for you is that it doesn’t try to imitate a vagina.  

For some people, imagining that they’re fucking a real vagina fuels their fantasies and helps them get off, but it’s not really a dealbreaker.  

If we’re being honest, the feeling doesn’t quite match up to a more sophisticated option like a Fleshlight or the Tenga Flip Hole, but the price of this one is much lower.  

This makes it a better option if you’re on a budget, or if you’re just dipping your toes into the world of male sex toys and don’t want to commit to a major purchase yet.

Dimensions And Materials

The Tenga 3D measures 1.89” (D) x 1.89” (W) x 4.57” (H).  Hold it, I know what you’re about to say.  Your dick’s a lot bigger than that, how’s it going to fit?  That won’t be a problem thanks to the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that it’s made of. 

This stretchy material means that the toy will stretch to around 9.80” in length and 3.15” in width, so it can accommodate just about anyone’s throbbing member.  The TPE is also comfortable and soft on your penis, so have no worries about sticking your thing inside.


The Tenga 3D has to be cleaned after use.  This is decidedly less fun than using it to masturbate, but don’t blow it off because it’s a vital step in making sure your toy stays usable.  TPE is a porous material and that means that if you don’t look after it, mold and bacteria can grow there. 

Do you want to put your dick into a dark, dirty hole that’s full of mold and bacteria?  No, that’s right, you don’t.  What you need to do is clean the toy thoroughly with soap and hot water after every use.  

This is actually quite easy because it turns inside out, so make sure every part of it is cleaned.  You then need to let it air dry completely.  If you’re in a hurry to use it, a hairdryer might help.  

The toy comes with a stand that handily doubles as a drying rack so you can leave it on there until it’s ready.  It also comes with a cover so when it’s not in use, keep the cover on it to stop dust and dirt from getting in.  

As long as you do this (and it’s really not all that hard or time-consuming), you’ll be fine.

Final Thoughts 

Overall, this is a great option for its price if you’re in the market for a sex toy to make your dick feel great and is definitely worth a buy. 

Different people respond in different ways to the different ridged patterns so some experimentation to work out which you like best might be a good idea.  

In a straight-up comparison between this and something like a Fleshlight, the Fleshlight is going to come out ahead.  However, the Fleshlight is also going to be about triple the price and for a lot of people, that kind of money’s not worth spending on a sex toy.  

For a very solid choice that’ll make you cum reliably without having all the bells and whistles that an unlimited budget can buy you, the Tenga 3D is easily worth purchasing.