B Vibe Snug Plug 3 Review

B Vibe Snug Plug 3 Review

I would hate to put the ‘but’ in butt plug, but—this name is iconic. Laughing aside, butt plugs are being trendy for anyone hoping to set up the anal game. B Vibe has five different types of butt plug all ranging at different levels, this one is the third in the line-up.

The Snug Plug with open up (I’m sorry) a world of new and sexy things to try. Plugs are perfect for stretching your mind (again, sorry) to anal play. Now, plugs are great for both solo and couple work.

B Vibe Snug Plug 3 Review

The snug plug is designed to be worn out in your daily life, being an insertable size of 4.7” this plug ideal as an intermediate level. Silicone based and completely waterproof, weighing in at 180 grams, this butt plug is a tried and tested, public favorite. 

In terms of comfort, the plug contains a long thin and flexible neck, also equipped with a smooth grip handle. The T shaped handle helps with easy access without sticking out too much. This plug prides itself on lasting comfort that is intended for long-wear use and continuous stimulation.

The unique torpedo shape is different to what you might be used to with other butt plugs. The ridges of the plug provide internal stimulation of the anal canal as it moves with your body.

Also, this plug comes within a complete set, the packaging includes a convenient and discreet travel case, also two guides for anal newbies.

With an insertable size of 4.7 inches (11.94 centimeters) and two steel balls weighing in at 180 grams, this is the perfect plug for public play that’s daring and secretive.

B Vibe Snug Plug 3

First Impression

In first impressions, the packaging was standard but protective. The real winner was the travel bag that came with it. I find that with sex toys, once they are opened you don’t really have anything to store them in or even travel with.

This is where the snug plug differs. The travel bag is both small and convenient. As the plug is designed for long wear use, the bag is suitable to be carried around. The silicone base allows for the plug to never really drop in temperature.

More so, adapt to the surrounding temperature. The option of two different colors, in both teal and black.

This plug is both modern in design without being too daunting for someone who is getting into anal play and isn’t ready to completely commit to tails and glass plug with diamonds. 

Ease To Use

This butt plug is designed to be easy to clean and hypoallergenic, the silicone makes this plug easy to use and clean. The plug comes with a guide to help assist with new starters. The long and flexible neck makes for an easy insert and all day wear due to the T-shaped handle.

The torpedo shape allows for the anal canal to shape and stretch without unnecessary stress or tear. The two weighted metal balls that are stored inside the plug add up to 180 grams of weight, so that baby is staying put, only force will pull it out.

Care And Maintenance

This plug is waterproof, hypoallergenic and body safe. I’d recommend either sex toy cleaners or unscented soap, just ensure that the plug is completely rinsed of any bacteria or soap.

As for lube, a silicone based lube is ideal, due to water and oil based ones not being compatible for backdoor entry, if you catch my drift. Due to the lighter colors of the plugs, discoloration is common after multiple uses, so be wary of weary of colors or stick to the darker models.

Also, please note that this is the third plug in the line-up and is designed for intermediate levels of anal play. 


Being a reasonable size of 4.7” X 1.4” this plug is a one up from a starter plug. This isn’t for a backdoor virgin per se, this is their third edition, so it may be worth looking at the first or second model to start with.

The torpedo shape is satisfying to wear, also equipped with the flexible easy grip handle to help with placing in and pulling out. The weight is an added bonus, the plug being rather heavy due to the two steel balls inside. This is an all day plug, designed to slowly stretch your anal canal. 


This intermediate butt plug is, and I will say it again, designed longer wear. It is a stretching plug. Being 4.7” X 1.4” and torpedo shaped is going to satisfy and shape, slowly. The thin and flexible neck makes for easier use, and the fact that it is made of silicone allows for a slight bend.

The ridges of the plug provide internal stimulation of the anal canal as it moves with your body. B Vibe’s Snug Plug 3 is waterproof, easy to clean and hypoallergenic and easy to clean, all reasonable demands for your butt plug.

This plug is easy to care and maintenance without needed numerous sex toy knowledge. 

This plug even comes with a guide on how to use, which is great for practicing safe anal sex. The travel bag is also another awesome addition, makes for perfect storage.

Being simple in design, the Snug Plug is perfect for someone or a couple who are getting into anal play and don’t really require some of the more hardcore aspects that can come with butt plugs, tails for example.

The only real criticism I can find is that it can discolor after multiply uses, but I assume that is common with butt plugs and easy rectifiable (last butt pun, I promise) with a darker color plug. Overall, the perfect intermediate butt plug for butt play.