Gvibe 2 Review

If you are looking to add a little more excitement in the bedroom, and you’re tired of using the limbs on your body, vibrators are an excellent toy to introduce to the bedroom. They can be used individually or with a partner, and many are gender-friendly.

Gvibe 2 Review

This article is going to be reviewing the Gvibe 2, a second generation toy by the company Gvibe, named after their first sex toy.  This article will be covering the following: 

  • What is the Gvibe 2? 
  • Features
  • Charge and controls 
  • Design
  • Ways it can be used 
  • Final thoughts

Are you experienced in using vibrators but are looking for a new one that’s going to blow your mind? Perhaps you’ve never tried experimenting with any kind of toys and you are looking for something to introduce you to this world of adult play time. 

Look no further, this vibrator is perfect for newbies and those with more experience due to its incredibly versatile nature. Read on to find out more about this wonderful creation. 

What Is The Gvibe 2? 

The Gvibe 2 is an incredibly versatile toy  that is able to pleasure both men and women.

This V-shaped vibrator has been designed to reach three ultra-sensitive spots, the G-spot, the opposite wall of the vagina, and the entrance of the vagina. It can also be used for males, to stimulate the prostate as an internal massager. 


This new and improved vibrator has been designed with a variety of features. The most important one being that it has three motors, one on each side of its V-shape, and one on the shaft. These three motors are super powerful, yet super quiet!

You don’t need to worry about waking up anyone else in the house with a sound resembling an electric toothbrush on steroids! 

Along with these motors, there are six vibrations you can alternate between...six! They vary in strength from light to intense, perfect for a build-up. 

This toy is also 100% waterproof. This means you can play with it anywhere you want! You can take it with you into the shower, the tub, a hot tub, a pool...the ocean?

Running out of water activities now…This also makes cleaning it up much easier, as you can rinse it properly with water without fearing damage. 

Charge And Controls

This toy needs a two hour charge initially, but it provides you with four hours worth of use from one single charge. The charger connects to a USB though magnetic ports. The controls are located at the bottom of the shaft and they are three buttons.

There is one that controls the vibration mode, along with a plus and minus button to control the intensity of the vibrations. This toy makes it easy to control even as you are using it as the buttons are raised just enough for you to access them easily.

You can go along with the mood as you engage with this wonderful vibrator. 


This luxurious vibrator is anatomical which means it has been designed to adapt to every woman's shape on the inside. Its smooth and extra flexible material is what makes this possible.

It has been manufactured with premium-class hypoallergenic medical silicone, so if you have sensitive skin, you don’t need to worry about this toy irritating you. The medical silicone also gives it an ultra soft and silky feel, making this a super comfortable toy to play with. 

It also has a very handy storage pouch that will ensure dust is kept to a minimum. It is also very comfortable to hold due to its handle at the end, ensuring you have a good grip while this toy blows you away.

It is 6 inches long, which gives you enough insertable length to play with if you want to go all the way. 

Ways It Can Be Used

What makes this toy so great is how versatile it is because of the many ways it can be used. Here are a few tips on how you can use it: 

Vaginal stimulation: You can use this toy to stimulate your insides by inserting both tips of the V inside. This will create a sensation of fullness once it’s fully inside. 

One tip will stimulate the G-spot, while the other will stimulate the opposite vaginal wall. This dual stimulation provides an immensely pleasurable combination. 

Internal and external stimulation: The Gvibe 2 can also be used by having one tip internally stimulating the vagina, and the other stimulating the clitoris.

This is perfect for those who may find the fully inserted method a little too much. By having it stimulate the clitoris as well as the internal G-spot, will give you more chance of reaching orgasm. 

During sexual intercourse: You can also use this you during sexual intercourse. While your partner penetrates you, you can use the V-tip to ‘pinch’ your clitoris. This will leave you trembling in no time! 

As mentioned earlier, this toy is also suitable for males. It can be used to vibrate against the testacles, or be inserted to massage the prostate. 

Final Thoughts 

If there’s anything we can take away from reviewing this product, it is that this is a multi-purpose and totally versatile vibrator. If you have never used one before and are not sure what exactly it is you like, then this is a great option for you.

Its soft silky feel is a dream to have against your skin, and the different ways you can use it allow you to experiment as much as you want without getting bored.

This is also great for both you and your partner to use, as it can be used to stimulate male genitals. Although we have covered a few ways to use this product, the possibilities are endless! 

So grab your man, along with a bottle of wine (or something stronger), and have a night filled with experimenting, trembling, and connecting on a deeper level of intimacy by experiencing the joys this toy will bring you both. 

Marissa White