Heart-Shaped Anal Plug Review

Heart-Shaped Anal Plug Review

There’s no better way to explore your sexual tastes than experimenting with toys, especially when it comes to anal stimulation and penetration.

Of course, one of the most popular sex toys on the market is the anal plug, which can be inserted into the anus for maximum pleasure. Currently, there are hundreds of anal plugs available on the internet, which can make it hard to limit your choices. 

Heart-Shaped Anal Plug Review

For this reason, we have decided to showcase these heart-shaped anal plugs from Sexy Samba, so that you can understand everything that these toys have to offer. 


Distinguished by its flashy appearance, this anal plug features a unique heart-shaped design, with the plug itself being made from metal as opposed to silicone or glass.

Ideal for any sexual person or couple, these plugs are a great way to add some spice in the bedroom, as they will help you to explore the pleasures of anal stimulation. 

While the anal plugs’ attractive appearance is incentive enough to purchase these amazing sex toys, the versatile nature of the set is also something that should be credited, with the set containing 3 anal plugs of different sizes and shapes.

So if you are wondering what else these toys can do, then we have reviewed them to outline their various pros and cons. 

Just take a look down below and learn exactly what these anal plugs can do for you and your sex life. 

Heart-Shaped Anal Plug

Detailed Look

Before we can take a more critical look at these anal plugs, we believe it is important to outline their various features, so that you can understand what exactly these sex toys can offer. 

The set itself is made up of 3 different anal plugs, which all come in 3 different sizes. The smallest anal plug measures at a total length of 70mm, with the main bulb boasting a width of 28mm.

The medium anal plug is only a little larger, with the plug itself measuring at 34mm in width and 80mm in length. While the largest anal plug in the set comes to a reasonable length of 90mm, with the total width coming in at around 40mm. 

All the anal plugs that come with this kit sport the traditional tear-drop design, which can make it easier to insert the toys into the anus.

However, these plugs are then further distinguished by their garish appearance, with each one boasting a heart-shaped base inlaid with an artificial jewel.

And while some might find this addition tacky, it can’t be denied that the anal plugs are striking to look at, which gives them a slight advantage over more common models. 

As we previously mentioned, these anal plugs also come with the distinction of being made from metal, with the overall design being rendered in aluminium.

Because of this, the toys need to be used with a lubricant to ensure a comfortable insertion, although the use of metal does come with other advantages that we will address in the next section. 

What We Liked

Of course, one of our favorite things about these anal plugs is their design, with the metal casing being a particular highlight.

Not only does the metal make the anal plugs feel smooth and comfortable, but it makes them easier to insert into the anus, as the metal causes little friction when used with lube.

The aluminium also works to make the toys feel more weighted, which helps to heighten the pleasure once the plugs have been inserted. 

Beyond the weight and feel, the metal plugs also make it possible to engage in some temperature play, although not to the same extent as when using plugs made from glass or plastic.

While it is impossible to freeze metal plugs, the natural chill of the material is enough to enhance the sensation, as it will send shivers down your spine and make your toes tingle with excitement. 

The range of sizes was also a noteworthy addition when testing the kit, as it allows you to gradually work your way up to the largest plug. Because of this, we believe that this set is the ideal product for beginners, especially those who are still testing the limits of their sexual tastes. 

What We Didn’t Like

Although our review has so far been positive, this does not mean that the anal plugs do not come with their negative attributes. One of our main issues with the set was the overall design, which adds very little to the final experience.

While some may favor anal plugs that sport such a garish look, we personally found the addition of the heart and jewel to be unnecessary, as they do not stimulate the exterior anus and do not possess any features to heighten the pleasure of using the toy. 

Another primary concern is the weight of each plug, which could prove troublesome for those who are still new to anal penetration.

Currently, the smallest plug in the set comes in at a weight of 62g, while its medium and large counterparts weigh a total of 95g and 163g respectively.

And while we personally enjoyed the weight and feel of the metal toys, they may be too advanced for those who have never participated in anal play.

Because of this, we would recommend foregoing this product in favor of a silicone starter kit, especially if you consider yourself an anal virgin. 

Is It Worth The Money?

If you are the kind of person who enjoys anal stimulation, then you should definitely add this product to your shopping list, as the set offers 3 different anal plugs for a rather reasonable price.

Despite the garish design, it seems the cosmetic additions do not factor into the final price, so you are still getting a lot for your money. 

Of course, another main incentive to purchase these anal plugs is their metal exterior, which promises to provide more pleasure and sensation than your normal silicone toys.

So if you are interested in expanding your collection of sexual utensils, this set will make for a welcome addition to your home. 

Final Thoughts

Sporting a unique design and versatile range, these anal plugs offer more than just a pretty facade. In fact, these toys can be used to produce a sexual experience unlike anything else you have tried, with the cold metal adding a new and exciting sensation to the insertion process. 

Because of their range and usage, these butt plugs can be enjoyed during a night alone at home or with a sexual partner who also wants to explore the overlooked parts of their body.