Spreader Bar Fuck Review

Spreader Bar Fuck Review

People are starting to become more comfortable with moving away from vanilla sex. Sex toys and apparatus are the best way to learn to enhance your sex life.

Whether you enjoy being dominant, submissive, or even switching up between the two, there is a sex toy out there for you to enjoy. So if you are on the hunt for a new sex toy to completely change your sex life, we have the toy for you.

Spreader Bar Fuck Review

The spreader bar. This toy has a reputation for being an amazing restraint for those who love bondage. However, what is not known is the spreader bar is far more than just a restraining piece of equipment. In this review, we are looking at the Spreader Bar Fuck by Nanchor. 

What Is A Spreader Bar?

Before we look at the Spreader Bar Fuck by Nanchor, it is important to understand the basics of what a spreader bar is. 

The standard spreader bar is usually a metal bar with cuffs on each end. The cuffs are usually detachable. Some spreader bars, like the Spreader Bar Fuck by Nanchor, have four cuffs on them. One at each end of the metal bar and two in the middle of the metal bar.

For the standard spreader bar, you can use it to either cuff your ankles or your hands to it. However, some spreader bars are designed to be cuffed higher up on the leg to keep the thighs spread apart.

Some spreader bars have the ability to expand even when someone is cuffed to them. This often intensifies the pleasure of those cuffed.

The purpose of the spreader bar is to ensure that those cuffed to it cannot close their legs or arms during foreplay or sex. Usually, spreader bars are considered as a more advanced form of restraint, so it is good to keep that in mind when considering purchasing one. 

Let’s have a look at one in more detail!

Spreader Bar Fuck

The Spreader Bar Fuck by Nanchor is described as the perfect addition to your bondage collection. We couldn’t agree more. If you are looking to take your bondage desires to the next level then the Spreader Bar Fuck is the toy for you. 

The Spreader Bar Fuck comes with four cuffs to attach to your wrists and ankles. The cuffs themselves are coated in faux leather. This is great for being able to clean the cuffs after using them.

The faux leather coating on the cuffs makes them extremely comfortable and soft on the skin. This is perfect for those intending on using the spreader bar for long periods of time as they won’t hurt your partner.

The cuffs also feature a quick-release mechanism. This is great for being able to safely release your partner if there is ever the need to. Overall, the cuffs are strong and will hold your or your partner in place securely. 

The metal bar is 62 centimeters long. This is a great spreader bar for those who are new to using spreader bars as the bar is not too wide that some people might it uncomfortable to use.

The Spreader Bar Fuck is not adjustable so you cannot make it smaller or wider. 

However, the Spreader Bar Fuck is very lightweight and easy to store away. This is a great bondage toy choice to take with you on the move. This spreader bar is easy to assemble and disassemble so you can put it in a small bag.

The Spreader Bar Fuck comes in discreet packaging. 


  • Easy to install – This spreader bar is extremely easy to install and disassemble. You can take this spreader bar with you on your travels! 
  • Comfortable cuffs – The faux leather cuffs are padded and soft. This means they are extremely comfortable and do not cause pain to those who are cuffed.
  • Quick-release – This mechanism is great for being able to safely release your partner quickly if needed. 
  • Beginner-friendly – The length of the spreader bar means those new to using spreader bars will be comfortable.


  • Small – Since the spreader bar is only 62 centimeters, those who are more experienced with spreader bars might not find it wide enough. 
  • Not adjustable – The fact that the metal spreader bar cannot be adjusted in terms of how wide of a spread you can achieve, might be disappointing to some users. 

How To Install

The Spreader Bar Fuck is surprisingly easy to install. Just follow the steps below and you will be ready to use the Spreader Bar Fuck. 

  • Step One – Take out two half-cylinders and put them together. 
  • Step Two –  Once they are together secure, grab one of the longer tubes and slide on the cylinder. 
  • Step Three –  Repeat these steps until all three tubes are attached to the two cylinders and are connected together as one bar. 
  • Step Four –  Rotate the screws to fix them into place. 

Things To Consider

Positions – When using this spreader bar there are a number of positions you or your partner can be restrained in.

You could have the spreader bar behind yourself, with your wrist and ankles cuffed, so you are kneeling. You could have the spreader bar in front of your with your ankles and wrists cuffed, so you are on your back.

You could even have you or your partner standing with your wrist and ankles cuffed, so you are bent over. The great thing about spreader bars is they are not only for restraining someone, they can be used to help position you. 

Cuff Safety – It is important to make sure you are safely restraining your partner or are safely being restrained. When using the cuffs you should follow the two-finger rule to make sure the cuffs aren’t restricting circulation. 

Final Thoughts

That brings us to the end of this review of the Spreader Fuck Bar by Nanchor. We think that this spreader bar would be a great addition to your sex toy collection. It is also a great fit for those new to experimenting with spreader bars.

For those who are experienced with spreader bars, this one might not be the one for you. Keep it in mind and maybe they will make the improvements you need. Hopefully, we have helped you make up your mind about purchasing this spreader bar.