What Are Thunder Beads (And How To Use Them)

What Are Thunder Beads (And How To Use Them)

If you are interested in trying out some anal play, then thunder beads are a great way to start.

The anal opening on the human body is filled with little nerves, making this sex toy a good option if you’d like to experience some thrilling sensations.

What Are Thunder Beads (And How To Use Them)

Read this article to find out what these beads are and how you can use them.

What Are Thunder Beads?

Thunder beads, also known as anal beads, are a pleasure toy used for stimulating one’s anus.

They are a thick string of different-sized beads attached. They are usually placed from smallest to largest, for penetration preferences.

Due to the cluster of nerves on the opening of the anus, they provide pleasure when inserted, but also removed. At the end of the beads, there is a stopper, to help you insert and remove them.

They come in all sorts of sizes and materials, with shorter strings holding only a few beads for more novice users, and longer strings with other exciting add-ons to try.

A huge benefit is that this sex toy is completely gender-equal, so both sexes have the chance to enjoy the pleasure this product brings.

Different Types

There are a variety of different types of thunder beads out there, but generally, they all fall under the same makeup.

All their beads are round and sphere-shaped. Some use a stiff, strong unit to connect them, whereas others use a type of string.

All thunder beads have a stopper located at the end. The anus is not a closed area like the vagina. If something goes up there and gets lost…it is lost.

Therefore, ensuring you have a good quality set of beads with a sturdy plug is crucial, we don’t want any late-night trips to the ER.

Some are designed with each bead attached to each other, and others have a bit of space between them. The muscles in the anus will react to each insertion and removal.

It is important not to confuse thunder beads with anal plugs. An anal plug is designed to stay in your anus during any activity, whereas thunder beads provide pleasure by being moved in and out.

If you are new to this type of play, it is recommended that you choose beads that start from small to large, and that also only have around three to four beads.

There’s no need for a snake-like set of 20 beads when you are only starting out. Once you are comfortable with this toy and you’d like to progress, then you can look into getting some longer sets with alternating-sized beads.

They can vary in size and texture, such as there being soft and rigid strands. Although soft strands can be seen as easier for newbies, rigid strands are actually easier to insert as they don’t move around as the soft ones do.

There are different materials to choose from when deciding which beads to purchase.

The common beads are as follows:

Stainless-Steel Thunder Beads

Choosing anal beads made from stainless steel is a good option as there is minimal chance of them building up bacteria due to their minimal micropores.

The added bonus is that when you want to wash them you can actually put them in the dishwasher!

Glass Thunder Beads

Glass thunder beads tend to be a good quality option. Like stainless steel, they are a stiff option that won’t move around. They also don’t harbor a lot of bacteria as they are non-porous and are easy to clean.

Silicone Thunder Beads

Thunder beads made from silicone tend to be softer and more gentle on the body, so they are a good and less intimidating option for beginners.

They are also easy to clean, as mild soap and warm water will do the trick. Caution must be taken when purchasing beads made from this material, as they can be of lower quality than the previous options.

You can still purchase good-quality silicone beads without breaking your bank account, but you’ll need to turn to a good manufacturer. Some of these include B-Vibe, Lelo, and enjoy.

You can rely on these companies to provide well-made and safe silicone sex toys.

You can also purchase vibrating anal beads. This feature will add a whole new sensation to using this sex toy, making them very pleasurable.

These deliver vibrations down to the connecting strip which will provide internal stimulation, as well as around the anus as they are inserted in and out.

What Are Thunder Beads
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How To Use Them

The good news about thunder beads is they are not gender-specific. Both male and female anuses are identical in their biology, so what can be used for one can be used for the other.

Erogenous zones are areas of the human body that elicit pleasurable sensations.

All humans have one in the anus region, and thunder beads stimulate this zone. There are some great ways to use this sex toy.

Thunder beads can be used on yourself, or on a partner, and it could be a good idea to use them solo first, just to get comfortable with them before using them during an intimate session with a partner.

This is a pressure-free way for you to get to know how your body feels using this particular product. You are able to relax fully and go at your own pace.

Before using this toy, it is important to clean the anus beforehand, you can do this by douching or having a warm shower and cleaning the area with soap and warm water. Make sure it is rinsed well.

It is important to make sure your body and mind are both relaxed before engaging in this activity.

If you are tense, then your body will not accept the thunder beads and you will not be able to fully experience the pleasure this sex toy can give.

An important step before beginning with the thunder beads is by using a lubricated finger first. By doing this slowly, you are stretching out the anus in preparation for the insertion of the first bead.

As your anus doesn’t have any self-lubrication it is important you apply lube to the thunder beads themselves. It’s important to choose a type of lube that won’t react badly with your skin or your beads.

Water-based lubricants are a good option as they are less likely to give any issues regarding this.

Once you are comfortable enough to use thunder beads with a partner, it’s important to be open and communicate clearly what you are and are not open to.

Ensuring that both of you are comfortable and ready to use this sex toy will make the experience an ultimately pleasant one.

A very important thing to remember is to take it slow. This is a sex toy that is designed to bring slow waves of pleasure, rather than a quick orgasm, like vibrators for example.

It’s important that you educate yourself on the intended use of these toys so you can be satisfied with the end result.

Safety Considerations

Experimenting with intimate toys is an enjoyable activity that you can do on your own or with a partner.

However, in order to fully appreciate the experiences these give, (and avoid embarrassing accidents) we must be aware of the safety considerations revolving around them.

The most important thing to look out for before using thunder beads is to ensure there is a way of removing them.

Rigid beads should come with a handle or a stopper that will stop them from going in too far. Loose ones should have a loop at the end of the cord.

We said it earlier, and we’ll say it again if something gets lost up there… it is lost.

If you are about to use a loose one, where the beads are connected by a cord, it is crucial that you check there is no wear and tear by pulling a few times to make sure everything is in place and that nothing will come loose when it is in action.

Using lubrication is a given, but choosing the right one is very important. If you are using thunder beads made from silicon, it is best to avoid silicone-based lubricants, as they can come into contact with each other and wear down the beads.

This could also promote infection and irritation of the skin.

Due to this, it is best to be safe and to stick with water-based lubricants, they are less harsh to the skin and are less likely to cause infections.

It is advised to spread some lube around the anus and onto the beads upon insertion and to place some around the anus again before removal.

It may be tempting to share the same thunder beads with your partner during an intimate session. Anal beads should not be shared, no matter how you are feeling in the moment.

Each bacteria is specific to you, and there is a risk of passing on infections if items are shared. It’s best to be safe and purchase a few sets so you can both experience using them without any health risks.

Be sure to sanitize them well between each use and store them once they are fully dry.

Final Thoughts

It is safe to say that, although they may appear scary at first, if used in the right way, thunder beads can be a very pleasurable experience in the bedroom.

There is no pressure involved as these are great for solo sessions, but if you’d like to spice up your sex life with your partner, these are a great way to do so.

Like everything, be sure to do thorough research before purchasing, and be wary of the safety around using them. If you follow these steps, then you’re in for a very good time with them.