What Are Genital Clamps (And How To Use Them)

What Are Genital Clamps (And How To Use Them)

If you’re looking to spice up your sex life and embrace your kinky side, then genital clamps may be the thing for you.

The idea of them may seem a little scary, but we’re going to cover all you need to know, starting from the basics.

What Are Genital Clamps (And How To Use Them)

What Are Genital Clamps?

Genital clamps are pinching devices people wear on their genitals. They can be worn by both men and women, and used before or during sex.

They can be used on the scrotum, labia, or clitoris. Likewise, they are typically spring-loaded and contain rubber tips for a comfier feel.

You can use mild or strong clamps, with people using the strong ones as a pain/pleasure tool during BDSM or for increased sensitivity.

They vary from simple clamps that resemble a clothes peg to weighted clamps for a more intense experience.

How Do Genital Clamps Work?

They work by clamping the genitals, which restricts blood flow in that specific area. The person wearing them will feel pleasure when the clamps are placed, and again when they are removed as the pressure is released.

Once the blood rushes back to the area, sensations are magnified, and even a light touch or blowing on that area can induce seriously arousing sensations.

Individuals can use genital clamps on themselves or their partners. Some may even choose to wear them on outings inside their clothes for a sexy date night.

How To Use Them

Although uncomfortable at first, they should not be painful.

If wearing genital clamps is something you are interested in trying, then it could be useful to try them out on some other parts of your body such as your finger, or earlobe.

Once you are happy and comfortable with the sensation, then you can try them out on your genitals. You are advised to make sure you are aroused before putting them on.

Adding some extra lubrication to the clamp will also make it more comfortable. Try having your desired areas stimulated before placing a clamp on them in order to increase blood flow.

Once the clamp is in place, you will begin to feel more comfortable with it on. You can engage in any sexual activity with it on, such as intercourse, oral sex, and anal sex. It is recommended to remove the genital clamp before you reach orgasm.

If you can time it well, removing the clamp just before orgasming will make your climax feel all the more intense.

If you’d like to turn things up a notch, (this is recommended once you are comfortable with clamps, not on your first try) you could try heating up or freezing your clamps. This will exemplify the sensations of using this device.

You can make them cold by putting them in the freezer for a few hours, or make them warm by pouring hot liquid over them. If you like playing around with temperature, be sure you are using clamps that have the appropriate materials to do so.

Some people enjoy adding weights to their clamps or purchasing some weighted ones. This is for users who enjoy the pleasure/pain sensation, as the weights will pull at the genitals.

How To Choose The Right Genital Clamps

Sex toy purchases are a very personal decision, so there are a few things to take into consideration when choosing one.

Experimenting with them should be an enjoyable experience, so selecting the appropriate one is crucial.

There are a variety of different clamps for you to select from, and deciding on the right one depends on your experience level and the kind of sensations you’d like to experience.

Slightly smaller and lighter clamps are recommended for those who are new to trying them out. The basic kind has spring-loaded metal clips with rubber tips to prevent any injury.

If you’ve become more experienced in this field and would like to experiment and go a little further, then you can get some genital clamps with tension adjusters.

These allow you to customize the sensations that you or your partner feel. Some genital clamps also come with weighted balls attached with a string. These then swing, which enhances a pleasurable sensation.

Some genital clamps are battery-powered and have vibration settings.

This will really enhance pleasure for you or your partner.

Some even come with remotes, so you can control what the wearer experiences. Others come with chains that can be attached to nipples, which then serve as both genital and nipple clamps.

Again, these would be best for experienced users who would like to experiment with these sensations.

When selecting your genital clamps, be sure to look out for the clasp strength. Find the one that is going to offer you the pressure you would like, be it soft and gentle, or an extreme pinch.

To do this, look at how the clasps of the object work. Are they simply a clothes-peg pinch, do they include a screw-like apparatus?

Be sure they will meet your needs, as this should be a fun experience, so you wouldn’t want any accidents.

It is also important to make sure your clamps are durable.

There may be an ample amount of moving around when they are on, and you wouldn’t want them to slip or clip off drastically.

Be sure you are purchasing well-made products with sturdy materials that have been constructed well. It may be tempting to purchase something cheap, but it may cost you your relationship!

It may be of interest to you to choose some genital clamps that are compatible with other kinds of apparatus.

This could be some other nipple clamps that could attach to your genital clamp, or perhaps some chains or weights would interest you.

Many luxury brands include conveniently placed rings where you can attach other items for more pleasure.

What Are Genital Clamps
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Clamp Safety

When it comes to using any kind of sex toy, it is important to take safety into account.

Genital clamps are no exception. There are several things to be wary of in order to use these safely to have a good experience.

Firstly, you must be super conscious of the amount of time the clamps are being used on a certain part of the body.

Leaving clamps in for too long can cause nerve damage and complications. Therefore, you are advised to restrict the time a clamp is on one area to 15 to 20 minutes.

This depends on how tight the clamp is, if it is super tight, then less time is advised. Be sure to always keep an eye on the area and be wary of any skin turning a darker color.

If an area has a meatier tissue, then it can withstand being clamped for longer than a thinner part of the body.

You should also ensure that the clamps you are using have been made with safe materials such as steel, aluminum, and gold.

Others can react badly with your skin, which can lead to infections. You should also make sure not to purchase any that have sharp edges, as these can lead to accidents.

Keeping your hands dry when removing clamps is essential. If your hands are wet and slippery, this could cause the clamp to slip when trying to unclip it which could suddenly clamp back down on the wearer and cause some serious pain.

A Short Guide To Removing Clamps Safely

Depending on how long the clamp has been in place, removing them can be painful for some.

Therefore, this needs to be done as efficiently as possible.

As we mentioned earlier, be certain your hands are dry, as we can’t have anything slipping out of our hands during this process.

When you are ready to remove the clamp, hold it firmly with the pointer finger and thumb of your most dominant hand.

Once you pinch both sides, and it opens, lift it up and away from the body in a swift motion.

Just before removing the clamp, have the person who is wearing it take a deep breath in.

As the clamp is removed, have them exhale, as this will relax them and make any pain easier to handle.

Once the clamp has been removed, the area will be very sensitive, and in some cases painful. Unless your partner enjoys that, avoid touching them in the area straight after.

Once the swelling goes away, then you can begin to caress the area gently, as long as your partner is comfortable.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to spice up your sex life, be it with a partner or solo, then genital clamps are a good way of experimenting with something new.

Be sure to take it slowly as a newbie, and do your research before making any purchases.

Happy clamping!