What Is Somnophilia?

What is somnophilia - Candy Snatch Reviews

In the world of kinks, there is also one related to sleep – somnophilia. If you are wondering, what is somnophilia? First, we will tell you that there isn’t only one definition. Somnophilia refers to the sexual arousal one has when caressing someone who is sleeping, usually a stranger. Somnophilia occurs without violent and forced […]

How to Reach a Hands Free Orgasm?

How to Reach a Hands Free Orgasm - Candy Snatch Reviews

As you already know, there are many ways to experience an amazing orgasm, and one of them is a hands free orgasm.  This sexual climax is experienced without using hands or fingers, which refers to the one who reaches orgasm. This can be achieved by stimulating other parts of the body, but also only with […]

What is CNC Kink: Your Helpful Guide

What is CNC Kink - Your Helpful Guide - Candy Snatch Reviews

Many fetishes and kinks within BDSM have become increasingly popular in recent years, so our question today is – what is CNC kink? First, this is one of the kinks that is often criticized in the world of BDSM and sex in general because this kink is seen as rape play. Although it may be […]

Best Homemade Dildo and DIY Ideas

Best Homemade Dildo and DIY Ideas - Candy Snatch Reviews

Sex toys are great to enjoy, but making your own homemade dildo is even better. Sometimes dildos and vibrators can be expensive, or you just want to try a different shape. DIY dildo is a great way to be creative and have a lot of fun, and best of all, there are many items available […]

Hot Standing Sex Positions You Need To Try

Many standing sex positions are also very intimate - Candy Snatch Reviews

You have tried many exciting poses in bed, but you feel something is missing. Standing sex positions are just that! The best of all is that with appropriate poses in a standing position, you can be very intimate with your partner in a comfortable room or another part of the house, such as the kitchen […]

What is light bondage: Your complete guide

What is light bondage: Your complete guide - Candy Snatch Reviews

Light bondage is a great way to spice up your bedroom activities, especially if you want to try something new and different and are used to vanilla sex.  The best thing is that anyone can try this type of bondage practice, regardless of preferences or kinks. The reason is that it is based on trust […]

Freaky Sexy Things You Can Do To Your Boyfriend

Sometimes there are times when you don’t know what to do to make your sex life even more exciting and interesting, not only for you but also for your partner. Fortunately, there are some freaky things to do to your boyfriend to make him happy both emotionally and physically. When it comes to relationships, you […]

Creative sexual surprises that will keep your boyfriend happy

Creative sexual surprises that will keep your boyfriend happy - Candy Snatch Reviews

If you are looking for the best surprise for your partner, look no further, the answer is – a sexual surprise. It is important to keep the relationship fresh and sexy so that you feel that connection as a couple in any aspect, whether emotional or physical. Nobody likes when things become boring or tedious […]

Best Femdom Ideas

Best Femdom Ideas - Candy Snatch Reviews

If your greatest sexual fantasies focus on a dominant/submissive relationship where the dominant partner is female, you are in the right place. In our little guide, we will present the best femdom ideas and guide you in how to be a domme. We believe that most fantasies include a hot image of a female dominatrix […]

How To Be a Dom

How to be a Dom - Candy Snatch Reviews

There are many exciting types of relationships and power dynamics. On this occasion, we will introduce you to the Dominant/submissive relationship, more precisely, how to be a Dom. Within the dynamics of the relationship of dominance and submissiveness, we can talk about roleplay, which includes sex and other activities related to sex, but we can […]