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Creative sexual surprises that will keep your boyfriend happy

If you are looking for the best surprise for your partner, look no further, the answer is – a sexual surprise.

It is important to keep the relationship fresh and sexy so that you feel that connection as a couple in any aspect, whether emotional or physical. Nobody likes when things become boring or tedious because it looks like a routine that does not bring anything new and exciting. 

You can try different sensual things and find out which sexual surprise undoubtedly blows your partner’s mind!

Apart from sexual pleasure and mutual enjoyment, this kind of surprise is an excellent way to deepen your relationship further and discover more of your fantasies.

Why Are Sexual Surprises Tempting?

The best thing about a sexual surprise is that you can arrange it anytime, anywhere, and at any time in your relationship.

When you first start a relationship, things are usually inspiring because everything is new, and you are getting to know each other emotionally and physically. 

After a while, especially if you are in a long relationship or it has turned into marriage, you may not always have time to do sexy things, or maybe you are just looking for more ways to improve your bedroom activities further.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with planned sex or sexual activity, with all the necessary equipment, toys, clothes, and even the choice of location. But you will admit, a sexual surprise is a fantastic element that can complete your relationship and spice it up a lot!

Especially great with things like a sexual surprise is if you don’t have time to practice them regularly or make love often. This is, therefore, the ideal way to bring back that spark in your everyday life, not only intimate and sexual but also emotional. This will further deepen your bond, and the sex will be even better. So don’t wait; check out all these great ideas for the best sexual surprise. Your boyfriend will be delighted and who knows, maybe he will soon surprise you in the same or similar way!

It is important to note that you must plan all these exciting activities by yourself and not reveal them to your partner because then it would not be a sexual surprise, which is precisely the point of it all!

Rekindle Your Romantic Relationship With Something Unexpected

Couples who have been together for some time surely know there can be a change in the dynamics of the relationship, which also applies to sex life. Of course, it doesn’t have to be in a negative sense because it’s always possible to have great sex, whether you’re at the beginning of a relationship or have been married for a long time.

The good news is that you can influence your sex life, as well as your partner’s satisfaction. What better way than an exciting, unexpected sexual surprise?

A big part of the sexual surprise is to make your boyfriend emotionally happy - Candy Snatch Reviews

Tips On How To Keep Your Boyfriend Sexually And Emotionally Happy

Sometimes the sexual spark or intimacy diminishes over time. Sometimes it just needs to be revived, especially if you don’t have time to see your partner or organize exciting sexual activities. That’s when the sexual surprise comes into play.

Your boyfriend will appreciate your effort to make him happy, whether it’s a new sexual pose, a location, a move that will drive him crazy, or simply a deeper understanding of his needs in the bedroom. You can give your boyfriend a sexual surprise in countless ways, but there are also excellent and proven tips to ensure he is satisfied and happy.

It is also important to experiment, so don’t be afraid to do something completely unexpected for your boyfriend in order to delight and satisfy him. Especially when it’s about something that you are sure he would adore.

If you are used to slow sex and moves, you can change the dynamic and initiate a little rougher sex, as well as learn some of the major moves to be more dominant if you are otherwise a submissive partner and vice versa. Your boyfriend will surely like this idea because it will bring something new and stimulating to your everyday life.

You can especially surprise your partner if you are mostly passive or less dominant in the bedroom, so you can treat him to some spicy outfit such as:

  • black leather skirts, 
  • masks, 
  • lacy lingerie, 
  • stockings, 
  • roleplay costumes.

Although you are well aware that men are visual and really like all your sexy skirts, stockings, and underwear, a suitable sexual surprise can also include some activity or thing that will further deepen your relationship and awaken his deepest fantasies.

Foreplay can also be one of those things that your guy will absolutely love, especially if it’s a surprise. You certainly know your man’s weak points and take advantage of them when he least expects it! It can also be in a public place, of course, if you know it will excite both of you – especially your partner.

For your boyfriend to be satisfied, you can also be creative when it comes to how you will surprise him, especially sexually. From wearing hot lingerie and dirty talk in public to trying out new sex positions, toys, and equipment, your boyfriend will appreciate your efforts to make him happy – both emotionally and sexually. 

That’s exactly why it’s crucial to discover all the awesome ideas for the best sexual surprise for your boyfriend. We are sure that he will adore them and want more!

Take A Bath Together

Another great way to spice up your marriage or relationship is to take a shower or bath together. We are sure you don’t bathe together every day, so this is a very unexpected but extremely exciting sexual surprise.

If you decide to arrange this surprise in the bathtub, you can decorate the space with romantic candles if you prefer a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere. It can be very close even if you are only in the shower cabin. For an additional experience with your partner, you can wear sexy lingerie or simply be naked. In any case, if you don’t get to have sex in the bathroom, you definitely will in the bedroom after a sexy bath. 

Of course, you can spice everything up with dirty talk all the time!

Sex props and sex toys can be ideal sexual surprise - Candy Snatch Reviews

Add Some Props And Toys

Maybe you never thought about using different sex props and sex toys, and perhaps you did, but you didn’t have the opportunity to try them in your sex life. What is certain is that the use of sex toys in your usual sexual activities as a couple will have significant effects on your mutual satisfaction.

That’s why the next sexual surprise for your boyfriend is to add sex toys to your sex routine to take your kissing to a higher level. In addition, you can also try BDSM or roleplay in one of the attractive costumes with equally exciting equipment and clothes.

In this way, you will discover more deeply what it is that your partner enjoys, and he will be grateful to you because you made it possible for him to enjoy it.

Give Him a Sexy Dance

Dancing is an ideal way of seduction, especially if it is entirely unexpected. Maybe this is the best sexual surprise for you because it’s not about what expectations your partner has of you, whether your dance moves are good or not. No matter how professional or not you are in this task, your partner will be turned on because you try to give him a professional striptease in your bedroom.

You can further spice things up by introducing a no-touching rule to complete the exciting experience.

Wear Tempting Lingerie

Many girls and women adore lingerie precisely because it gives them the opportunity to explore their sexuality but also to make their sex life even more romantic and hot. Men love lingerie even more!

That’s why another sexual surprise on our list is to put on a great lingerie set, especially on an unexpected occasion, such as an ordinary walk. It is even better if only your partner knows that you have lacy lingerie under your clothes that is intended only for his enjoyment.

Lingerie also emphasizes seduction, sexuality, fantasy, and femininity, so it would be ideal to arrange this type of surprise for your boyfriend to make him happy.

Take Him To a New Location

Many couples have their favorite locations and places where they have sex and other exciting sexual activities. Often that location is the bed or their bedroom, especially for those couples who have been together for a long time.

What is also a tremendous sexual surprise is to find another location, completely unexpected, where you will have sex. There are many possibilities, so you can be creative when it comes to surprises of a sexual nature. Some of the best ideas are:

  • Your new location can be a kitchen, a bathroom, a couch, a corner in the basement, or even a yard or terrace. 
  • It can also be different poses and positions in your house, such as the floor, bathtub, and maybe even a table. 
  • You can also try different locations in public, if you are brave and if it is allowed to be naughty in that place. One of the favorite places for exciting sexual activities is an empty theater if you are a fan of such activities. 
  • For an exceptional evening for both of you, you can choose a luxury hotel and surprise your boyfriend with a stay there.
  • You can even ask your partner which locations he wants to make love to, which will further surprise and delight him. Of course, make sure that enough time passes so that he forgets what he told you so that it would really be a surprise.
Wearing high heels during sex is a great sexual surprise - Candy Snatch Reviews

Wear High Heels While Having Sex

Perhaps the most exciting sexual surprise for men is if you wear high heels or thigh-high boots during sex. This is because men are visual creatures, and sexy clothes and shoes on you are incredibly hot for them. This is also one of the best moves to spice up your sex life!

The hot image of you naked and wearing only heels will surely be in your boyfriend’s mind for a long time, and that’s exactly what you want to achieve. You can also combine high heels with your favorite stockings, which is an additional surprise if you are naked.

Wake Him Up Early In The Morning

The only thing better than breakfast in bed is – morning sex! New and young couples know this, but those who have been together for a long time can confirm this. This unexpected move on your part is the ideal sexual surprise that will drive your boyfriend crazy.

Besides the fact that your partner will wake up to you kissing him and gently stroking his hair, cuddling can soon turn into scorching sex, which is exactly what will give him great pleasure and satisfaction – from the very beginning of the day! That’s exactly why this sexual surprise is one of those must-haves on your list.

You can try to learn some great tricks to make morning sex phenomenal and to make your boyfriend stay in bed longer, especially if you don’t have anything planned for the whole day, so you can stay in bed together as long as you want.

It is even better if you know that you are looking forward to work or have some obligations, which will further spice up the situation. In this way, this sexual surprise can even become a new sexy routine for you, which you will both love and enjoy.