Freaky Sexy Things You Can Do To Your Boyfriend

Sometimes there are times when you don’t know what to do to make your sex life even more exciting and interesting, not only for you but also for your partner. Fortunately, there are some freaky things to do to your boyfriend to make him happy both emotionally and physically.

When it comes to relationships, you probably already know that the more satisfied you are in the emotional aspect, the more likely your sex life will be additionally fulfilled.

We are sure that your boyfriend will love the fantastic ideas that we have prepared for you in order to spice up your sexual dynamics and satisfy his visual and physical as well as emotional needs. Bring love and fun back into your relationship; if they are already present, enrich them even more!

This will also be a perfect way to exercise your self-confidence and not be so shy the next time you feel like being naughty, so you decide on freaky things to do to your boyfriend.

If you are looking for a dose of confidence to do some inspiring things in your relationship, we present you some of the best freaky things to do to your boyfriend. These great ideas will surely turn him on and make him want more!

Freaky Things To Do As A Warm-Up

You are probably already familiar with many interesting and exciting freaky things to do to your boyfriend that you have had the opportunity to see in popular movies and series. Hot scenes that belong to the warm-up or the beginning of foreplay are often shown on the screen and must have been extremely attractive to you. Of course, your boyfriend undoubtedly loved them too!

These hot and sensual ideas you can try anytime are a great way to make relationships fun. In addition to the fact that your boyfriend will love them, you will also have a great opportunity to learn many exciting tricks and to surprise him at any time, even unplanned. That’s why these naughty and freaky things to do to your boyfriend are a perfect guide for your sex life to include new adventures and for both of you to get to know each other even better.

With these excellent naughty ideas, your relationship will regain or increase its spark, and it may happen that your intimacy will also deepen. That is exactly what you will both love and enjoy, and you will create countless fantastic memories.

Freaky things to do to your boyfriend are also a great idea to connect more deeply with your partner and discover what blows his mind and turns him on the most. In that process, you will discover many things about yourself and the dynamics of your relationship. 

If you feel that your sex life is becoming monotonous and losing its spark, as well as turning into a somewhat dull routine – the good news is that it is possible to revive excitement and fun in a relationship at any time. That’s exactly what these great ideas for freaky things to do to your boyfriend are for.

Your relationship, as well as your sex life, can very quickly shine in full glory, and the results of these ideas will also be your greater self-confidence as well as his greater satisfaction.

It’s time to start with the best naughty ideas that will definitely help you further discover your sexuality with your partner. Your love life will definitely blossom, as well as your sexual fantasies!

A striptease is one of the best freaky things to do to your boyfriend - Candy Snatch Reviews

A Striptease

The first on our list of freaky things to do to your boyfriend is a seductive dance, and not just any dance, but striptease.

Men simply love it when their girl has seductive moves, especially if it’s a dance just for their eyes. Your boyfriend is undoubtedly one of the men who will enjoy this private erotic dance just for him.

Some of the unique tips if you decide to do striptease are:

  • You can strip slowly, so it looks like you might not take all your clothes off. Tease him this way; he’ll love it.
  • Choose suitable music for your sensual dance. You can also create a particularly romantic atmosphere.
  • You can introduce a rule that there is no touching during the dance and that your partner must not try to take off your clothes.
  • A bonus tip is to do a striptease when your boyfriend least expects it, so it’s a great surprise for him!

You can perform striptease for your partner at any time during the relationship, not only at the beginning of your dating – on the contrary, later in the relationship, it will be an absolutely excellent sensual move so that your sex life will be spiced up.

Play the Whisper Game

One of the exciting freaky things to do to your boyfriend is the seductive whisper game.

You can try this exciting idea anytime; it is especially effective in a public place. Whisper some dirty stuff in your boyfriend’s ear. You can also play with his ear afterward.

There are countless things you can say to your partner in this activity, starting with how sexy he is and how much you love him, but also some of the spicier phrases like what you would like to do when you get home, which includes sexual activities or your fantasies.

This is the ideal way to blow his mind, and his senses will be awakened. A bonus tip is to pretend you haven’t done anything dirty, which adds to the excitement of the situation.

Sit on His Lap

Some things couples do only in the initial stages of dating to improve their love life and to connect and grow closer. This adds to the intimacy and, later, absolutely excellent sex.

Why not try something similar at any time in your relationship? Although it may sound like something that goes without saying, we will remind you that one of the freaky things to do to your boyfriend is to sit on his lap.

It will be a sensual move that will absolutely blow him away because it will be very unexpected.

If you want, you can try different places for this dirty activity, such as a barbeque, relaxing in the garden, on the balcony, or in your kitchen or living room. Of course, you can also do this on your bed in the bedroom.

In any case, the main idea is to sit precisely in the places that excite him, which means aligning his private parts and yours. After some time, you can discreetly stimulate him so that all of his attention is focused on you, which will directly lead to excellent action later.

Give Him a Massage

A perfect way to turn him on is a massage. And not just any massage, but one that belongs to our freaky things to do to your boyfriend.

Your man can get a professional sexy massage from his partner – from you, and here’s how:

  • Tell your boyfriend to lie down on the bed with no clothes on, first on his back
  • It would be best if you oiled your hands before this dirty massage
  • You can start the massage now. First, massage his chest muscles, then his shoulders, arms, armpits, and later his legs
  • After that, you can massage his back sensually and also his butt
  • If you want, you can also touch his private parts – but you can do without it to make it even more exciting.

After this erotic massage, your partner will be turned on, extremely relaxed, and satisfied.

Send Him a Sexy Message

Is there anything better than a message telling your partner how much you want and love him?

Apart from the usual text messages about how much you love your boyfriend, try a version that belongs to our freaky things to do to your boyfriend. This is an erotic way to surprise your partner in a situation when he does not expect such a message from you, which will add to the fun of the relationship.

You can send a guy a dirty phrase that includes how sexy he is and how much you want him, and you can also be direct and write him exactly everything you want to do to him – or him to you. It is exciting if he is surrounded by colleagues at work or friends, and if you are brave, you can also send your sexy picture, which will brighten up his whole day.


Dress Up Provocatively

Warming up in the form of freaky things to do to your boyfriend includes looking incredibly sexy for your partner.

One of the ways for that is various roleplay costumes, which can be a maid, a nurse, a cheerleader, etc. You can wear a special uniform or be guided by something from his fantasy. It is important to remember that the point of this dirty idea is to dress nicely, but also that you will take off your clothes shortly after your partner sees you, and things will move on to action.

Apart from naughty costumes, you can be guided by proven techniques such as high heels, thigh-high boots, or stockings. Also, lingerie and lace are always welcome, and leather and latex are probably the top sexy materials.

Don’t forget a sexy black mini dress, skirt, or red dress that accentuates your curves. You can additionally dress up with make-up and hair styling.

Shave Everywhere

One of the exciting activities you can do as a natural sexy lady is to surprise your partner by professionally shaving all areas of your body, except, of course, your eyebrows and hair.

This idea on the list of freaky things to do to your boyfriend is right there because it’s an ideal way to pleasantly surprise your boyfriend if you’ve been together for a long time and he’s used to seeing you in different ways, so it’s charming if you beautify yourself in this way in a while.

Buy Sex Toys

Slowly, our list of freaky things to do to your boyfriend is approaching the sexual act itself.

One of the best tips for extra pleasure in your bedroom is buying sex toys and props. This will spice things up and make things hot. If you want, you can suggest something to your partner that you want to try with him, which includes sex toys. In addition, you can buy something online and surprise him, and the best if you know that it is something he already wants to try. 

Later, you can buy sex toys online together if that’s an attractive idea for you, which we think indeed is!

Freaky Things To Do While In Action

After you two have warmed up and become turned on (pun intended), you can continue. Being naughty is not only beneficial for the initial phase of seduction but also perfectly suits your sexual activities. After all, it’s your sex life that these freaky ideas are about! 

That’s why freaky things to do to your boyfriend include a series of incredible ideas that will one hundred percent blow your partner’s mind and make him love you even more. Maybe he will return the pleasure with some exciting, sensual surprises!

These freaky ideas will allow you to give your man a hard time concentrating on anything else but you and his desires, and you will also make him hard. That will undoubtedly satisfy you very much too, and your sex life will be on a higher level.

With dirty things to do with your partner, you have the opportunity to connect additionally and have excellent chemistry in the bedroom.

One of the most effective starting ideas that are not so naughty at first glance when it comes to sexual activity is to look straight into your partner’s eyes. Isn’t that absolutely exciting? 

If you think so, the following list of freaky things to do to your boyfriend will further open the way for you to explore excellent techniques, tricks, and ideas for your immense mutual pleasure.

Try A New Condom

It’s time for naughty action, which means it’s time for exploring and experimenting. And what better way than freaky things to do to your boyfriend?

One of the exciting solutions for spicing up your sex life is using different condoms, especially if you haven’t tried some before. This will not be so difficult because you can find condoms in countless flavors and styles, so your creativity is the only thing that matters. Try something unexpected!

Try a New Spot

After a while of great sex, things can become routine, especially if you have a regular place for naughty activities. It can be your bedroom or some part of your house. In any case, in most cases, it is precisely the bed.

Of course, this is also an excellent place for your enjoyment, but the monotony can be broken with some exciting places where you will have sex!

That’s why one of our freaky things to do to your boyfriend is search for a new location. It can be the floor or carpet in your living room, a table or kitchen counters, and for the brave, it can be a garden or even a balcony.

Blindfold Him

When it comes to the routine in your sex life, you might want to keep everything you’ve been doing so far but spice it up with something completely new. The next activity on our list of freaky things to do to your boyfriend is just for you.

Blindfolding is a great way to inject a little mystery and a lot of fun and excitement into your next sexual action. The reason for that is that it is a new and exciting experience for him, and also an unknown one. You can do the following:

  • tease him
  • heighten his senses
  • include other equipment such as handcuffs or ropes
  • find unexpected places where you will touch and kiss him
  • the bonus tip is private parts massage!

Try Some Sex Toys

In addition to new sex poses and locations for sex, you can also try one more of the freaky things to do to your boyfriend. That’s playing with sex toys.

In a sex shop or an online sex equipment store, you can find countless intriguing props for mutual enjoyment. The options are numerous; from cock rings and vibrators to leather harnesses, you can find precisely the naughty props for your greatest pleasure.

Additional Tips To Spice Up Things Between You and Your Boyfriend

We looked at some of the best ideas you can do for your boyfriend so that he is maximally satisfied both before and during the action. But of course, there are additional tips when it comes to freaky things to do to your boyfriend.

Even if you’ve tried many ideas and liked them, there’s always room to explore more naughty options, and these tips offer you just that. That way, your dating and love life will be even spicier, and sex will be even more exciting.

That’s why it’s not a bad idea to try something new with your partner and be the perfect date for them, as well as the ideal partner – after you see all the great ideas on our list, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of them before.

Then take a look at more loyal tips about freaky things to do to your boyfriend, which you will also enjoy immensely.

Have Sex In Public

When it comes to freaky things to do to your boyfriend, we have to mention one more exciting activity. That is exactly sex in public.

You can choose a bathroom or a closet, and your car or swimming pool are also good options. Of course, if you go to the hotel, try all the places where naughty action can happen.

Make A Home Movie

Another fantastic idea that belongs to freaky things to do to your boyfriend is to make a mini-home movie. What does it mean? You can record some of your intimate moments; of course, all of that should be part of your agreement and consent.

The best thing is that later you can watch this private recording and enjoy it even more.

Be Kinky

Freaky things to do to your boyfriend include many fantastic things within kinks! Of course, in this situation, not only you will be kinky and naughty, but also your partner.

What you can do together is to:

  • watching porn together
  • use roleplay
  • try BDSM activities, such as spanking, bondage, etc.
  • explore your fetishes.

Wear a Mask

In order to start some of the best sex actions, you can use exactly one special prop – a mask.

This item on the list of freaky things to do to your boyfriend will additionally spice everything up by introducing a dose of mystery and may lead to some completely new activities and fantasies.

Try New Sex Positions

There is nothing wrong with routine because it can be great for many couples, but to add hotness to your love life, you can try new sex poses.

Freaky things to do to your boyfriend include exploring new sex positions to have the best possible experience and, of course, looking forward to them.

Find His Sensitive Spots

One of the freaky things to do to your boyfriend that will make him love you is to find his sensitive spots.

Many men have sensitive areas such as the ears, chin, and maybe even the neck. It is up to you to explore if this is true regarding your partner and all of the other sensitive areas. He will love it!