Many standing sex positions are also very intimate - Candy Snatch Reviews

Hot Standing Sex Positions You Need To Try

You have tried many exciting poses in bed, but you feel something is missing. Standing sex positions are just that! The best of all is that with appropriate poses in a standing position, you can be very intimate with your partner in a comfortable room or another part of the house, such as the kitchen or bathroom. 

But of course, standing sex positions are also there to spice up your walk if you really desire it somewhere outside or in a public bathroom. They can be an appetizer or the main course when it comes to these fantastic poses. They can be short or long, and they can be intimate or just a quickie; it’s up to you, so be creative.

This is even a challenge because many of us are used to seeing these sexual poses in movies, which speaks volumes about how exciting and hot they are. Of course, many tried to perform them, but they may not have succeeded. That’s why you should know that it might not look like your favorite scene from the movie, but you can absolutely achieve perfection if you know our best tips and tricks. 

So, continue reading the article and discover what some of the popular sex positions look like, as well as how to perform them in order to have the best experience with your partner. You will also get advice that you should follow and some additional hot ideas.


Basic Tips On How To Start With Standing Sex

There are many useful tips on how to perform standing sex positions the right way, and we have prepared the basic ones you should know.


Assess Whether You Can Do It

When it comes to standing sex positions, no matter how exciting they are, the advice is to assess still whether it is possible to perform the pose you want. Since it is about the vertical position of the body, it is clear that not all poses will always be available. 

You need to consider whether your partner can withstand that pose at that moment. This applies to his physical build as well as your weight. If you are sure you have a solid base, you can start the action. 

Of course, when it comes to sex and sexual positions, the most important thing is to enjoy them; you don’t have to force yourself to perform something that is not realistically possible. But you can always exercise. If you want, you can try lighter versions of these poses, such as oral standing or just using sex toys on top of each other in a standing position. You can then try penetration, but listen to your body if something does not please you in any position.


Use Lubricants

An essential tip regarding standing sex positions is to use lubricants! This is very important because it is a tricky body position, so it is necessary to help the penetration be easy. This applies to almost all penetration poses, as lube will facilitate better gliding, especially when standing. So don’t forget this sex product when you get your sex toys and other fun equipment!


Leverage Your Body Weight

When it comes to standing sex positions and the tips we have for you, this is another one that will give you easy mobility. So use your weight or your partner’s weight. This is especially ideal if you are showering or having sex outside. You can lift one leg, climb on something, bend down, lean against a tree, a wall, a fence, and much more. Again, it’s about creativity! This way, you can get a much better angle, easy penetration, and mobility.


Use Your Surroundings

Another fantastic tip when trying out standing sex positions is to use your surroundings as support. This is a great idea, and you can be very creative with the choice of support – wherever you are. If your position is such that you are facing your partner, you can use a table, desk, or countertop as a great base. Depending on the pose, some of them can give you a lot of space for kissing and other intimate activities. 

The wall is, of course, an excellent option in any case if you have nothing else nearby. We often see walls in hot standing scenes on film, which is reason enough to give it a try. Be creative and come up with a new exciting idea for the base from your environment!


Top must-try standing sex positions - Candy Snatch Reviews



Top Must-Try Standing Sex Positions

Standing sex positions are the ideal way to spice things up in your bedroom, especially when you don’t have enough time to get to bed if a hot situation arises. These poses are also helpful for various conditions, such as while preparing food at any time of the day or even in a public bathroom. 

Whatever your reason for exploring standing sex positions, some positions are extremely hot and that you must try.

Some of the hottest standing sex positions you can try are:

  • Wheelbarrow
  • Ballet Dancer
  • Table Top
  • Upstanding Citizen
  • Stand And Deliver
  • Corkscrew
  • Standing Oral


Many standing sex positions are also very intimate - Candy Snatch Reviews



Ballet Dancer

The first on our list of standing sex positions that you should not miss is the Ballet Dancer. This pose is great for many reasons, the first being that you can have an intimate experience this way. You and your partner face each other, and your bodies are pressed together. That closeness and the small space you occupy make this sex pose ideal for small rooms, such as, for example, a bathroom on an airplane.

You’re probably wondering what this pose looks like and how to do it, so we’ll explain in more detail:

  • You need to lean on one foot so that you are facing your partner
  • Wrap your other leg around your partner’s waist, which will be good support for your body
  • You can also put the leg that is raised on top of your partner’s shoulder so that penetration is even easier


The Jack and Rose 

Next on our list of standing sex positions is romantically called The Jack and Rose, and it is ideal for you if you are flexible and athletic. This is also a pose if you like risks and extra excitement. Here’s what this standing pose looks like and how to do it properly:

  • Your partner should stand with bent legs that are slightly spread apart for good support
  • After that, you should be raised to the level of the penis to enable penetration
  • You should bend your legs and wrap them around his butt
  • Next, he should wrap his arms around your waist
  • You should put your arms through his arms



Wheelbarrow is one of the athletic standing sex positions that is an enjoyable option and recommended if you have already tried some basic poses. So, this pose is for the more advanced among you, and to perform it, follow these steps:

  • You can start with the receiving partner in a plank position with hands and feet on the floor and legs spread
  • The giving partner stands behind between the legs of his partner
  • Then the giving partner bends down and lifts their partner’s pelvis and legs to waist height
  • The receiving partner should then bend his knees and wrap his legs around his partner’s waist, after which he should carefully step back so that both partners’ genitals are close
  • The giving partner can then perform penetration all the while holding on to the hips of their receiving partner during this pose

Wheelbarrow is one of the poses that are very exciting and can give you great penetration, very deep and hot. This is also a perfect way if you have anal sex because it also stimulates the prostate, which is popularly known as the male G-spot.

There are also more challenging variants of this pose, such as a wheelbarrow in a sitting position, with the fact that the partner doing the penetration should be sitting in a chair, and all other moves are the same.


The Leg-Up is one of the best standing sex positions - Candy Snatch Reviews



The Leg-Up

Another one on the list of excellent standing sex positions for you if you have mastered the basic poses and tips is the leg-up pose. It is important here that both partners face each other. The partner who is the giver has his feet spread shoulder-width apart, while the recipient has his feet together. 

The receiver should then wrap one leg around his partner so that penetration occurs. The giver should hold the recipient’s leg and the hips for additional support. The recipient can have his back to the wall for more balance if you have difficulty with that. Thus, the giver can more easily perform penetration with better balance.

The leg-up position has many benefits, including additional intimacy between you and your partner. This is possible because you are very close to your partner’s face. If the woman is on the receiving end in this exciting sex pose, she can adjust her pelvis so that she has better stimulation of the clitoris. Also, the receiver can put his foot on the partner’s shoulder for even better penetration in this position.


The Standing 69 

This is one of the standing sex positions that are awkward to perform. But of course, it is not impossible! This position is, first of all, difficult to perform in terms of the balance and strength of both partners, but it has many benefits if you perform it the right way. 

You can start with one partner sitting on a chair or bed. The second partner stands behind the first partner and bends over so that his head is in his partner’s lap. The thighs should be on the partner’s shoulders. Both partners hold their partner’s waist, and the first one stands up. The partner who is turned upside down should then wrap his legs around his partner’s neck. In this way, there is strong support for this pose.


Additional Tips

Of course, the missionary position is great for your adventures in bed. Still, sometimes you need a dose of excitement, especially if you don’t have time to get to the bedroom or home. That’s what standing sex positions are for. 

There are other tips you can apply if you want to try standing sex positions, and the main one is to start slowly. You will experience the best things by first mastering the basics of correct positions, so vertical sex poses will become your favorite. Here you can have an excellent opportunity to be intimate and creative, as well as to discover many new positions. These positions do not have to include penetration, so it is ideal for exploring with other props and sex toys precisely in the vertical position. Also, both partners do not have to stand. You can try different variants and thus have fun and enjoy.

You can also pay attention to what is in your surroundings, home or outside, and use a wall, a tree, or anything else that attracts you. Also, pay attention to your partner’s height and adjust your position so that penetration can take place easily and comfortably.