Where To Hide Sex Toys (Best Discrete Spots)

One of the most mortifying moments a person can ever experience is someone finding their sex toy.

Sometimes hiding your vibrator under your pillow is as subtle as leaving it out on your bed – that being you may as well not be hiding it at all.

And what happens when your collection of sex toys expands? Then where are you supposed to hide them all?

Where To Hide Sex Toys (Best Discrete Spots)

Perhaps you need to hide them from children’s prying eyes, or maybe you want them hidden from parents and anyone else snooping around your room. Whatever the reason, we just need them hidden!

Let’s be honest, we all know there is nothing to be embarrassed about by owning sex toys (we all do). However, even just the thought of something so personal to you being exposed by someone else – well, it gives us shivers just to think about it!

So, what are some of the best places to hide away your pleasurable goods?

We’ve compiled a list of the best spots to hide your sex toys, where you can relax in the knowledge that no one will ever find them…

Bedside Drawer

One of the easiest places to hide your pleasurable items is in your bedside drawer of course!

Stash them away in the drawer on your side of the bed – no one is going to go in there.

Especially if you push them to the back and cover them with some other boring household items – perhaps some snotty tissues – no one’s going to want to go looking through that!

This way, they will always be nearby when you want some one-to-one sexy time with yourself! It’s super handy and super accessible!

It’s a win-win!


Another fantastic place to hide your sex toys is in an old shoebox. It is as simple as that! Why would anyone else go through shoe boxes in someone else’s room? Think about it, they wouldn’t.

So, one of the best places to hide those dildos and vibrators is inside a shoebox which you can then put under your bed or on top of your wardrobe.

It will be even better if the protective tissue papers are still in there – you could use them to cover your toys up as an extra hidden measure!

A shoebox is a boring and nonchalant item that no one will take a second glance at – so go on and hide your goods in there! 

Inside Socks

You know how the washing machine just loves to swallow some of your socks, and you’re left with a pile of odd and mismatching ones?

Well, now they have a purpose. You can slide your toys inside the socks and stash them away in your sock drawer. This way, they will blend in with your other pairs, but only you will know what they are hiding.

Plus – who in their right mind is going to go through another person’s sock drawer? Better yet, you can put it at the bottom of your laundry basket – it isn’t likely someone will want to touch your stinky socks! 

Who knew all those odd socks had a purpose after all these years? 

Where To Hide Sex Toys (Best Discrete Spots)

Underneath Clothes In A Drawer

This is a classic spot to hide your sex toys.

Open up one of your drawers, lift a few pieces of clothing, and then stash your toys away. It is probably best to use a drawer of clothes that you don’t use often – like your drawer of sweaters when it’s still the Summer!

By putting away those valuables in places that hold your belongings – hopefully, no one will go poking about through them. At least not thoroughly enough to uncover what you’ve hidden anyway!

Inside A Tissue Box

Instead of throwing away the box for recycling when you use all the tissues, keep the box as a secret hiding place instead. It’s a fantastic idea – to hide your toys in almost plain sight!

No one is ever going to question a box of tissues. You can even keep a tissue pulled through the top to make it seem as though it is any other ordinary box of tissues. They are spacious and inconspicuous – no one will ever suspect a thing.

You’ll just have to hope no one you know is going to have a snotty nose anytime soon!

Inside Tampon Box

This is a very similar idea to the one above – especially if you’re looking to hide your sex toys from children or partners.

Tampons and period-related products are generally considered to be personal items, so what better than to hide your *really* personal items inside an empty tampon box? T

his is an even better spot if you are the only person who experiences a period in your house – because who else is ever going to need to go looking for tampons?

It’s a well-known ‘hands off’ box that no one else will go peering into – just make sure to give the right box to your friend if they ever need to borrow one!

Under The Bed

If you want your toys within easy reaching distance – why not just pop them under your bed?

It is an easy but effective place to hide your sex toys from the eyes of anyone who may enter your room. The only person who’d find them there is the monster under your bed!

If you feel that is too open of a place for them to be, cover them with an old scarf or something similar and no one is ever going to know what’s hiding beneath.

Then, when you want them all you have to do is reach down below you and get on with your pleasure!

Also – who would ever go about searching under someone else’s bed? It’s dusty and usually where you’d shove old things you don’t care much about or need anymore.

Your sex toys are bound to blend right in amongst all the other clutter, and no one will ever bat an eyelid.

Where To Hide Sex Toys (Best Discrete Spots)

Final Thoughts

In this day and age, we don’t need to be embarrassed about owning sex toys. We all love sex and pleasure, and they help and contribute to that.

There is no shame in it and no need to feel you have to keep yours hidden.

However, we do know that it is just one of those things that you’d prefer to keep away from the people you know. Especially if you don’t know them like *that* – if you know what we mean.

Sometimes it is just nicer to have the peace of mind that no one visiting your home is going to stumble upon items as personal as sex toys. 

So, no more worrying about your friends and family stumbling upon your sex toy collection. We have given you many ideas where you can keep your goods safe and away from the eyes of anyone else.

There will be no embarrassment for you – not if you use the tips and hiding places we’ve given you! When you put your mind to it, there are so many places where you can hide your sex toys where no one will find them!

Hopefully, some of the suggestions above have been useful to you, and have given you an idea of where to put yours.

You can even take the ideas we gave you and mix them like putting the old shoebox under your bed, or placing the tissue or tampon box in your wardrobe or bedside drawer.

Basically, what you want to do is think of the most boring, most untouched spot in your room and stash them away there. Always hide them where no one else is likely to look.

This way, your sex toys will never see the face of anyone but yourself…and whoever else you may want to share them with…so, where do you hide yours?

Marissa White