What Are Anal Beads For (And Tips on How to Use Them)

What Are Anal Beads For? (And Tips on How to Use Them)

If you’re interested in broadening your sexual horizons a little, you might have considered dipping your toes into the world of anal play. There are a lot of ways you can do this, but one of the most fun is to use anal beads.

What are anal beads? Stay tuned to find out! We’ll explain what they are below, as well as some tips for how to get the best out of them.

What Are Anal Beads For (And Tips on How to Use Them)

What Are Anal Beads?

Basically, anal beads are a kind of sex toy designed to go up your butt to give you pleasure. They come in different sizes, materials, and arrangements, which we’ll go into shortly.

An important thing to understand about anal beads is that they’re different from both butt plugs and dildos.

Butt plugs are intended to go into your butt and stay there, while dildos are designed to go in and out in the same way a penis does during sex

Anal beads give you pleasure differently.

They can either be a series of beads attached along a string or cord, or they can be on a semi-rigid shaft.

In the first case, they have to be inserted individually.

In the second case, they can be inserted in a single motion.

Either way, the pleasure comes from inserting and, particularly, removing them. The sensation as you push and pull them past your anal sphincter is great even by itself, and can also be a great way to enhance an overall sexual experience.

The individual beads range in size from 25 mm all the way to 125 mm and beyond, at the high end.

It’s common for a set of anal beads to have a row of beads that goes up in size from smaller to larger as more are inserted.

You don’t have to use them all, of course – you can go up to whatever size you’re comfortable with, and you won’t have much trouble finding a set of beads to suit your size requirements.

The beads should have a ring or handle. This is both, so you can pull them out easily, and stop them from going in too far and getting lost.

Going to the emergency room to have a sex toy removed from your backside is no fun at all, trust us.

As for materials, silicone, rubber, latex, plastic, glass, and metal are all common.

How Do I Use Anal Beads?

Glad you asked!

Using anal beads is nothing too difficult, but it might take a little adjusting if you’re new to it.

We’ll also point out here that anal beads can be used by anyone, regardless of gender or sexuality. Some men can be wary of any kind of anal play and might worry that enjoying having any kind of object up there makes them gay.

This is nonsense.

Anal play feels good because, whether you’re a man or a woman, you have a large concentration of nerve endings there.

No matter which part of the sexual spectrum you feel at home on, pleasure is pleasure, and you can enjoy anal beads without worrying.

What Are Anal Beads For
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Before you get stuck in, you’ll need to do a bit of preparation.

Since you’re going to be inserting something up your butt, you’ll want to be clean back there. You can achieve this by douching with an enema kit, but if you don’t have one, washing as best you can with soap and water will do.

Either way, it’s a good idea to keep baby wipes handy in case you have any mishaps.

The next part of the preparation process is making sure you’re using enough lubricant.

As you’re probably well aware, your anus doesn’t produce natural lubrication, so lube is an absolute must for any kind of anal play. If you don’t use it, not only will you probably not have a very good time, but you’ll be risking damage to the sensitive tissues around your anus.

Sound bad? Yep. Use the lube on your butt hole – you can insert a finger to get some inside too – as well as on the beads themselves.

Make sure the type of lube you choose is safe to use with the beads you have. For example, silicone sex toys should not be mixed with silicon-based lube.

Your beads should have come with a manual, so you can check before you lube up.

The last thing you want to do is prepare psychologically.

If you’ve never used anal beads before, or if you’ve never engaged in any kind of anal play, you might be feeling a bit nervous.

That’s totally understandable, but you’ll get a lot more pleasure out of anal beads if you’re relaxed, both physically and psychologically.

How you relax is up to you – you might go the route of candles and relaxing music. It’s also a good idea to get yourself in the mood sexually first too – maybe masturbate a bit, watch some porn if that’s your thing, etc.

Inserting The Beads

Your preparation’s done, and now you’re ready to insert the beads. If you’re relaxed, there shouldn’t be too much resistance as you slip the first one inside.

Go slowly. It can be a bit of a strange sensation if you’re not used to it, but it shouldn’t hurt.

If you feel pain, stop and try again later.

You might need more lube or to relax your back door a bit more. Once it’s in, take a while to get used to the feeling of it inside you. Tense your muscles a bit to see how the sensation changes. If you like what you feel, you can try inserting another one, remembering to go slowly.

Repeat until you have as many inside you as you’re comfortable with.

Playing With The Beads

Now you’ve got a handle on the anal bead basics, you can try playing with them.

Try pulling one out, slowly to start with. It should feel good.

You can now try putting them in and taking them out as quickly or slowly as you like, working out what feels good for you.

You might also like to combine this with other kinds of stimulation.

Try playing with your nipples, stroking your penis, rubbing your clit, etc. If you’re using the beads as part of a masturbation session, you can try pulling them out all at once as you cum – lots of people find that this takes their orgasm to a new height.

What Are Anal Beads For
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Using Anal Beads With A Partner

Most of what we’ve said so far about using anal beads has been advice for people using them solo.

People often find it easier to get used to anal beads by themselves, since there’s less pressure, and you can go at completely your own pace.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use them with a partner.

They’re great both during foreplay and also as part of the main event as well. If your partner has a vagina, one hot idea you could try is penetrating them vaginally with your penis or a dildo while also inserting and removing anal beads to really crank up the pleasure.

If they tell you when they’re about to cum you can remove the beads all at once for a boost to take them to the stratosphere.

Cleaning Up Afterwards

Make sure you clean your anal beads thoroughly after use. The exact method that works best can depend on the material you’re using. For most things, soap and hot water should be fine.

If you want to be extra safe, you can let them soak in a 1:9 mixture of bleach and water before rinsing them thoroughly and then using the soap and hot water.

Can I Put Anal Beads In My Vagina?

The short answer is yes, you can.

Lots of women find them pleasurable in a similar kind of way as when inserted anally. However, if you want to do this, it’s important that you keep a set of anal beads specifically for this purpose.

Do not use beads that have been in your (or anyone else’s) butt vaginally unless you are for some reason desperate to get a very unpleasant infection in your vagina.

Final Thoughts

Now, you should know everything you need to get started with anal beads. A whole world of anal pleasure is waiting for you out there! Just remember to go slow, to begin with, use more lube than you think you’ll need, and relax.

As you gain experience, you’ll learn more about how to make the anal beads work for you. Once you master them, you’ll never go back