What Is A Christina Piercing (Everything You Need To Know)

What Is A Christina Piercing? (Everything You Need To Know)

More and more people are opting for piercings and body jewelry that can enhance arousal and sexual pleasure during personal or partner play.

In addition to sexual arousal, these types of piercings can be very aesthetically pleasing and enhance the sensitivity in those already oh so sensitive areas.

What Is A Christina Piercing (Everything You Need To Know)

So, what kind of piercings are we talking about? One of the most well-known and popular sensual piercings is known as the Christina piercing.

So, what is it, what are the benefits, and what are the risks? We’ve got everything you need to know about the ‘Christina’ piercing, here.

What Is A Christina Piercing?

A ‘Christina’ piercing or the ‘Venus’ piercing is one that is found at the top of the cleft of Venus. This is basically just where the labia majora of the vagina join together above the clitoral hood.

Just on the top of where the hood covers the clitoris, the Christina piercing sits vertically on the outer lips of the labia.

This kind of piercing is very similar in nature to a belly button piercing, and it will sit vertically much like the bar of a belly button piercing, except it is found much lower down on the body!

What Are The Sexual Benefits Of A Christina Piercing?

Whilst some piercings found on or near the genitals can enhance sexual arousal, the Christina piercing is mainly for aesthetic value and is ornamental.

As this kind of piercing is attached to the labia and pierces through the skin where there are no nearby nerve endings, it does not provide any sexual or pleasurable sensations.

However, that does not mean that you cannot enjoy it in a sensual way, or it cannot boost your sex drive.

For instance, those who enjoy having their genitals pierced may feel a more positive or increased level of self-image and may feel more confident about their bodies.

Having a Christina piercing can also increase sexual confidence and therefore sexual performance and sexual enjoyment.

On the other hand, your partner may also enjoy the Christina piercing and may find looking at it or seeing it very arousing and stimulating. They may also enjoy playing with the Christina piercing during sex or foreplay.

During vulva-on-vulva foreplay and sex, your partner can also enjoy the Christina piercing in a sexual way as it can provide more clitoris stimulation to have fun with.

What Jewelry Is Used For A Christina Piercing?

The Christina piercing is very similar to a belly button piercing, as it goes vertically through the skin and sits like a bar. As a result, the most common types of jewelry used for these piercings are L bars or curved barbells.

However, you should not change the jewelry on your Christina piercing until the area is completely healed. After the healing process is done, it is actually rather simple to change the jewelry and is not painful or difficult in any way.

You should also keep in mind that it is only advised that you use jewelry made of high-quality metals as these will be much safer and can help to prevent infection or allergic reactions.

Most professional piercers will suggest that you only use implant grade stainless steel, implant grade titanium, or solid 14-karat gold or higher.

Whatever you do, try to avoid gold-plated jewelry and those containing nickel as this can be unsafe or cause an allergic reaction.

Can Anyone Get A Christina Piercing?

Despite how fun and aesthetically pleasing this type of piercing may look, the Christina piercing is not for everyone.

This is because everyone’s vulva is different, and some people may not have enough or the appropriate amount of shaped tissue around the labia for the Christina piercing to work.

For example, in order to get a Christina piercing, you would need to have a mons pubis with a lot of pliable and suitable tissue in this area, and room enough above the hood of the clitoris for this piercing to work, as it needs to accommodate the body jewelry.

If you’re unsure whether this piercing is for you, then try to have a feel of the area just above the clitoris, where your outer labia meet one another. If you can pinch enough tissue here, then it should be fine to house a Christina piercing.

If it is not fleshy enough in this area to pinch the skin, then you may not have the suitable labia for this kind of piercing. However, you can speak with a licensed and experienced piercer if you’re unsure whether this piercing will be right for you.

How Much Does A Christina Piercing Cost?

A Christina piercing can cost a wide range of prices, and these may vary depending on the location, establishment, and quality of the piercer.

Some studios will have discounted prices for piercers that are training or practicing, whereas others will charge much more and will ensure a high quality, professional and reliable service.

Most piercings on the genital areas can cost anywhere from $60 to $100 or more just to have the piercing done.

In addition to this, you have to consider the cost of the jewelry used which often incurs an additional charge of $25 to $50 depending on the metal you choose.

How Is A Christina Piercing Done?

A Christina piercing is done much like any other body piercing, but as you can imagine, it takes a lot of care and attention as it is being performed in such a delicate area.

The first step in getting a Christina piercing is to have the area evaluated.

The piercer will examine the area and check to see whether the piercing is suitable for your labia, whether the placement is right, and if the jewelry will fit in that location.

Then, the piercer will disinfect the skin in this area using a surgical swab or some iodine. They may also disinfect their equipment and may need to trim any body hair in the area.

Just how other piercings are done, the piercer will then likely mark the area where the needle will penetrate, to ensure that the piercing is in the right spot.

Finally, they will pierce the tissue at the top of the labia major and insert a needle into the skin.

Typically, they will push the needle through a guide to help it fit in place, and the jewelry will be pulled through the guide after the needle to keep it in place.

Then, the piercer will clean the piercing and wipe away any blood from the labia.

Does A Christina Piercing Hurt?

Of course, it is going to hurt, you’re piercing your labia!

However, it is not as bad as some people would have you believe. Odds are if you’re considering getting your labia pierced, you’ll just want to do it and the short pain or discomfort of the needle will not put you off at all!

Typically, a Christina piercing would hurt on a scale of one to ten about 4 or 5.

That being said, everyone is different, and if you have a lower tolerance for pain, then it could hurt you more. Just keep in mind that a piercing takes around 1-2 seconds as the needle penetrates the skin so quickly.

What Are The Risks?

The main risks with a Christina piercing are infections and allergic reactions Most of the time, an infection is the main worry when you have a piercing, so it is vital that you follow your piercer’s aftercare guidelines.

You could also suffer from blood-borne infections from unclean needles, but most professional piercing studios will ensure that all equipment is properly cleaned and sterilized before use.

Some people also suffer from allergic reactions to the metals in the jewelry, which could cause itching, redness, sore skin, and blisters.

Your labia could also swell after the piercing is done, and the jewelry can become embedded in the skin if it does not fit properly.

Alternatively, as your skin heals, the body could reject the piercing and may try to force it out, as the hole gets bigger and does not heal properly.

Finally, you have to think about catching things on your new piercing, which could cause tearing and injury.

How Long Does It Take To Heal?

Most Christina piercings are able to heal properly within 2-4 months without any issues, but some can take longer or up to a year to heal completely.


To conclude, a Christina piercing is an aesthetically pleasing labia piercing that can be very enjoyable and arousing for many.

Due to the nature of this delicate piercing, you have to be aware of the risks, the benefits, the healing time, and how this piercing works if you want to get one yourself.

If you want a Christina piercing or any other genital piercing, then always ensure that you use a licensed, professional and experienced piercer.