Why Do I Precum So Much (What You Need To Know About Pre-Ejaculate)

Why Do I Precum So Much (What You Need To Know About Pre-Ejaculate)

There are a lot of things about the body that we don’t necessarily like and may become super embarrassed about.

Sexual health or topics relating to sex are often seen as taboo and so the information you may receive on them may not be extremely accurate.

One of these things, for some men, or people with penises, is the amount of pre-cum they produce.

Why Do I Precum So Much (What You Need To Know About Pre-Ejaculate)

Some men have it so bad that the pre-cum can lubricate their entire penis several times over. This can become problematic if you get even a little aroused in a public setting and the pre-cum soaks through your pants.

So is it normal for pre-cum to be gushing out of your penis?

What Is Pre-Cum?

First, we need to go into what pre-cum is.

Pre-cum or pre-ejaculate is the clear fluid (made up of proteins, enzymes, and mucus) made by a penis owner before a climax or when becoming sexually aroused.

Sometimes it can be seen at the tip of the penis but most men don’t even really notice it. 

The fluid is produced by small, pea-sized glands (about half an inch in diameter) located near the urethra (where urine and semen exit the body) called the Cowper’s glands.

The fluid mixes in with mucus produced by urethral glands and the fluid then oozes out of the penis when the person is aroused. 

What Is The Function Of Pre-Cum?

Well, from an anatomical perspective, its main function is to neutralize pH for sperm cells to survive.

Urine pH is more acidic and because the urine and ejaculate pass through the same tube (the urethra) it is possible that sperm cells could be affected by the acidity level of urine.

The pre-cum is an alkaline mucus that neutralizes the pH of the urethra left acidic by urine, making it a good environment for sperm to thrive in.

This neutralization effect is also valuable in the acidic vaginal environment during unprotected sex – thus making the vagina more a more hospitable place for the sperm to pass through. 

Pre-cum also acts as an additional lubricant for sexual intercourse, similar to the vaginal mucus excreted by people with vaginas when they are aroused. 

What Is The Average Amount Of Pre-Cum To Produce?

The amount of pre-cum produced differs from penis to penis – from a few drops that look like dew on grass on a spring morning to close to a teaspoon’s worth of fluid.

That may not seem like that much but when it is coming out of you every time you have an arousing thought or stimulus, then it can build up and may seep out.

Some people with penises that are ultra-aroused may drip, drizzle or even gush out before even engaging in any physical sexual acts. Which by the way, can be a massive turn-on for your partner, so it may not be something to be ashamed of after all.

Although it is very rare, if you think you produce way more than a teaspoon of pre-cum at any given time, and it is interfering with your quality of life, then you may need to seek counsel from a doctor. 

What Is Semen Leakage?

Sometimes, semen is expelled out of the penis when a penis owner is not ejaculating from sexual activity.

This can be when people with penises are sexually aroused and produce pre-cum, semen or sperm cells can get put in the mix, at night when ejaculation occurs as a result of a sexual dream; otherwise known as a wet dream.

Leakage can also occur with urination or as a side effect of some medications such as serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs which are a type of antidepressant.

Why Do I Precum So Much (What You Need To Know About Pre-Ejaculate)

What To Do About Fixing The Leaks?

Some people report success by using Kegels or increasing the frequency of masturbating.

The theory behind masturbating more is that if you do, you won’t get aroused as easily by day-to-day stimuli or thoughts and thus, less chance of embarrassing pre-cum incidents from occurring.

As far as medical interventions go, at this stage, they are still in infancy and quite experimental.

However, some studies have reported satisfactory results when people that leak excessive amounts of pre-cum are treated with 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors (drugs with antiandrogen effects) if that means anything to you!

Another available medical intervention is the use of Finasteride, a generic of the drug Propecia which is a drug that was created for the treatment of male pattern baldness. 

The Cowper’s glands are triggered by a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), as is hair loss.

Finasteride stops testosterone from being converted into DHT meaning that the pre-cum will go away, and you may get some thicker locks.

Don’t be fooled though, this drug has horrific sexual side effects. Because it alters the hormones in the body, some changes occur in the body, namely, decreases in interest in sex and not being able to reach climax.

Is Too Much, Too Much? 

The problem of too much pre-cum is not the actual problem. The problem is society’s narrow-mindedness in regard to sexual health and “out of the ordinary” facets of our anatomy.

In actual fact, having a lot of pre-cum is normal, healthy, and pleasurable for all parties involved in sexual acts and should be seen as such and not as something to be ashamed of. 

Why Do I Precum So Much (What You Need To Know About Pre-Ejaculate)


We hope this article has helped you to have a better understanding of pre-cum and everything it entails. As you can see, everyone is different and produces a different amount of pre-cum. This is completely normal.

However, if you have any questions or concerns, we would recommend chatting to a medical professional to have more clarity on the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Pre-Cum Cause Pregnancy?

It is possible to fall pregnant from pre-cum alone as semen can be mixed up with the pre-cum and the pre-cum can store some residual semen from a previous ejaculation.

This residual semen that contains sperm cells is then carried by the pre-cum or pre-ejaculate into the vagina where the sperm can travel up the female anatomy and fertilize an egg.

Research has shown that 41% of men had pre-cum that contained sperm that was still mobile – hence why the pull-out method is so ineffective. Another study conducted found that 50% of the participants in the study had pre-cum with a “reasonable amount” of motile sperm.

So although the possibility of falling pregnant via pre-cum is low, it still happens and a condom should be worn to prevent unplanned pregnancy. 

Can Pre-Cum Transmit STIs?

Absolutely, yes!

Pre-cum is a hotbed for bacteria, viruses, and parasites that produce sexually transmitted infections.

Some infections that have been documented through exposure from pre-cum are HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Hepatitis B.

It is, therefore, extremely important to wear a condom whilst engaging in sexual acts and to be tested for STIs on a regular basis, especially if you have multiple partners.

Although pre-cum is not the same as ejaculate or semen, it still carries the same risks. 

Is A Lot Of Pre-Cum Normal?

Leakage of pre-cum due to sexual arousal or stimulus is completely normal, no matter the volume, that exits the urethra at any given point in time.

However, if you are concerned about the health of your pre-cum or its quantity, please seek the advice of a medical professional.

What If A Guy Doesn’t Have Pre-Cum?

Like in a lot of things in our daily lives, just because you don’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Again, if this is something you are really concerned about, please seek the advice of a medical professional.