Tenga Egg Twister Review

Tenga Egg Twister Review

This is a product that is advertised for males, though of course it can be used by those who identify otherwise. It is a masturbatory sex toy consisting of a squishy egg-shaped sleeve made out of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer).

Tenga Egg Twister Review

This super stretchy material can accommodate any penis shape and size.

Tenga Eggs are super simple and compact sex toys that arrive in nicely discreet packaging. At first glance, they look a bit like Easter eggs. Maybe you could surprise your boyfriend or husband with a nice basket of these sensual eggs on Easter Sunday…

The Tenga Egg range all have really fun designs and they’re really small, so you can pack them up easily and perhaps take them on vacation. They’re also easy to hide for those who value masturbatory discretion.

They’re very easy to use and even come with their own lube. The sleek design contains all the mess to make cleanup so easy.

There is a lot to like about these little pleasure eggs, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy them very much. 

How To Use The Tenga Egg 

We’re sure that you smart folk out there will know what to do with the Tenga Egg. Looking at it, it’s pretty self-explanatory. We don’t need to teach your grandma how to suck eggs! Wait, I thought I was done with the egg puns…

The Tenga Egg is packaged in a plastic shell, with handy instructions and a diagram showing you exactly how to use it. Within the Tenga Egg itself, you’ll find a little sachet of lubricant. How thoughtful! With this, you can use your new toy right away.  

The ingredients of the lubricant provided with the Tenga Egg are as follows:

  • Water
  • Glycerin
  • Sodium Polyacrylate
  • Hydroxyethylcellulose
  • Methylparaben 

This particular model of the Tenga Egg features a wavy internal texture on the inside of the sleeve. Tenga Eggs are available in a wide variety of different internal textures, some wavy, some bumpy.

These all provide the user with a different feel and various amounts of stimulation. The Twister model is our favorite, as the spiraling pattern on the inside is extremely pleasurable.  

Tenga Eggs are described by the manufacturer as “single-use”, however, if you clean it out or use it with a condom, you’ll definitely be able to use it more than once. Be cautious though, as the material isn’t that strong, and it will warp and break if used vigorously.  

On the plus side, even though the product is “disposable”, Tenga Eggs are very affordable. This means you’ll be able to try out a few different ones in the Tenga Egg range and see which one is your favorite.

If you buy one and you don’t like it, it isn’t so much of a problem as they’re not too hard on the bank account! You’re not spending too much money on a sex toy that will just stay hidden in a drawer forever.

The Tenga Egg, like all masturbator sleeves or “fleshlights” can be used both solo or with a partner. Mutual masturbation is a favored sex practice for many couples! It can be just as intimate and pleasurable as penetrative or oral sex.

It can also be used during foreplay to spice things up a little in the bedroom. 

Where To Buy The Tenga Egg Twister 

Tenga Egg Twister

You can buy your own Tenga Egg Twister and check out the rest of the Tenga Egg Range right here. Why not treat yourself to this toy or surprise a loved one with it? Pleasure is guaranteed with a Tenga Egg.

Other models in the Tenga Egg range include:

  • Boxy
  • Brush
  • Clicker
  • Cloudy
  • Crater
  • Misty
  • Spider
  • Silky
  • Silky II
  • Sphere
  • Stepper
  • Surfer
  • Thunder
  • Tornado 
  • Wavy
  • Wavy II

Each of these different varieties of the Tenga Egg has different internal patterns for different sensations and levels of stimulation. The Wavy Tenga Egg, for example, has multiple layers of soft ribs for continuous stimulation.

All models in the Tenga Egg range are one-size-fits-all, as they are made from the same elastic material, that stretches to fit penises of any length, girth, and shape.  

Final Thoughts

As a reviewer of these types of products, I’ve seen it all at this point. But for me, the Tenga Egg range is one of the most fun-to-use products I’ve seen on the market to this day. They’re incredibly fun to use both solo or with a penis-having partner.

They can really improve your sex life and they’re a great way to spice things up a little in the bedroom. Buy one of these for your fella and he’ll never stop thanking you for it!

The smorgasbord of different types of Tenga Egg really is a selling point for these little squishy masturbators. With so many designs to choose from, you’re really spoilt for your choice. Or, rather, your man is!

Each of them provides its own unique flavor of pleasure and stimulation. There’s a Tenga Egg for every guy (or non-binary pal) out there! 

The super simple and sleek design comes in very discreet packaging, and they’re so small and compact you can really take them with you anywhere.

Not only are they really fun and easy to use, but they’re also incredibly affordable! You could buy a few different Tenga Eggs to try out without busting the bank.  

Tenga Eggs are really approachable for newcomers to sex toys, which is quite a rarety in the sex toy and kink market. For even the most vanilla people out there, a Tenga Egg won’t make them blush too much.  

When using the Tenga Egg either on yourself or on your partner, the textures on the inside of the egg really do most of the work for you. And if you feel like switching it up, even the slightest adjustment to your stroke with drastically change the sensation!

These toys really are a fantastic tool for exploring your own or your partner’s sensuality.

Try out a Tenga Egg today, enjoy and stay safe.