About Tenga

If you’ve not heard of Tenga Eggs before and you have a penis you’re missing a cute little trick. Tenga are a Japanese company which produce modern looking masturbation sleeves. Tenga has a great deal of choice on offer from the cute little Tenga Eggs right up to the gorgeous looking Tenga Flip hole sleeves. There is something for everyone in the Tenga masturbation sleeve range.


I’d never used a masturbation sleeve before I tried my first Tenga Egg and to be honest since that day I’ve enjoyed broadening my horizons in terms of masturbation.

MEO Makes You Cum

When Candy told me that German sex specialists MEO had sent me a selection of Tenga Eggs to try I couldn’t wait to see what the comparison would be like between them. MEO have an amazing website full of wonderful ways to make you cum. They boast a large range of Tenga products and a large range of Tenga Eggs within that. 20161107_132704

Having tried the Tenga Egg Thunder the next one on my to-do-list was the Tenga Egg Twister.

The Tenga Twister

As with all the Tenga Egg range the name of the Egg usually gives a hint to the type of pattern you’ll find in the inner mould. I was excited to give this a try as the Tenga Egg Twister pattern just instantly appealed to me. Deep twists wrap around the inside of the Twister, designed to stroke your shaft. I imagined this would feel delicious.


Tenga Eggs are basically small TPE strokers with a closed end. This gives an encapsulating feeling to the cock whilst wanking as there is no bottom opening to the Egg. Although the Tenga Egg looks small when you first open it the TPE stretches like crazy and has impressive strength. I’ve tested to see how far the TPE in Tenga Eggs will stretch and I can push myself into the egg fully and although it stretches to transparency, it doesn’t break.

Too Much Lube Can Be A Good Thing

Having learnt from previous experience I didn’t use all the supplied lube sachet; I’ve found that there is slightly too much lube in the sachet and this can make it both a mucky affair and reduce the sensation of the inner pattern, as the lube acts like a kind of cushion. The lube comes in a little vial stored in the centre of the Egg.  20161107_132724

One of the consistent problems I find with Tenga Eggs is the width of the opening. I need an Ultra Size Tenga full size sleeve and I wish that the Tenga Eggs came in both a base size and ultra-size variant as the narrow circumference of the opening can hinder the experience. It’s a tight fit getting the Tenga Twister over the head of my cock even with lube. I managed with persistence and began a slow wanking motion to ease the Twister over my cock and to allow the enjoyable sensations to build.

Patterns And Sensations

As the Tenga Egg Twister is made from TPE it is very malleable so I found that the faster I wanked or the tighter I gripped the Egg I would begin to lose the sensation of the patterns inside, yet when I wanked with a slow, more rhythmical action over my helmet the inner mould was more noticeable.20161111_152516

The pattern did feel good against my cock, yet I was left slightly disappointed as I had expected a stronger sensation from the deep twists. I wonder if the softness of the TPE just works better on smaller more tightly compacted patterns.

Cleaning Up

As always it didn’t take long for me to cum whilst stroking myself with the Tenga Egg Twister and here is where the Tenga Eggs have one up on reusable sleeves. Instead of messing around wiping up cum and cleaning up you just remove the Tenga Egg and throw it away, easy huh? 20161107_132645

Tenga Eggs are designed to be disposable after one use, however if you’re partial to your Tenga Egg with a little care and some thorough washing you should be good to keep the Tenga Twister for a few uses.

The lube supplied by Tenga is a good quality lube with a nice smooth silky finish, thought it does dry to quite a sticky finish. Tenga Eggs are made with skin safe TPE and despite using a few I’ve never had any kind of adverse reaction to one.

What Did I Think?

If you’re thinking about trying a masturbation sleeve for the first time a Tenga Egg is a great place to start. With 17 different varieties in the range and coming at a reasonable price you can’t go wrong. I feel once you’ve tried some of the full sized sleeves the Tenga Egg may leave you wanting a little more sensation. However, this is a classic case of you pay for what you get and for less than a tenner they never fail to make me cum.

The Tenga Egg Twister isn’t my favourite Tenga Egg despite me absolutely loving the look of the pattern, however this all comes down to personal preference and for other people this may be the perfect level of sensation.

If you would like to try a Tenga Egg you can find a huge range at MEO The Tenga Egg Twister is priced just £8.90 and is available singularly or as part of a collection of Tenga Eggs.

Thank you to MEO for suppling the Tenga Egg Twister in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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