Tenga Egg Review

Tenga Egg Review

We all know about sex toys for women – dildos, vibrators, and rabbits are commonplace these days.  What you may not know is that there’s a wide range of equivalents for men too!  There are pocket pussies, fleshlights, masturbation cups and, the subject of this article Tenga Eggs!

Tenga Egg Review

What Is A Tenga Egg?

If you haven’t heard of it before, you could definitely be forgiven for asking what on Earth eggs have to do with jerking off.  Well, read on.  Tenga Eggs are a type of what’s called a male masturbator (though anyone with a penis can use them, regardless of gender identity). 

Tenga itself is a Japanese company that specializes in sex toys for men, and the Egg is one of the most popular items in their range.  They can be used either alone or with a partner to enhance the experience of either masturbation or a handjob.  

If you’re alone and need to get off, you can always trust your own hands, but Tenga can take things to a new level.

How Does It Work?

It’s not all that complicated.  First, remove the outer film from the egg and open it.  There will be a container of lubricant inside the egg – take this out.  Open the lubricant pack and squeeze it into the hole in the egg. 

You’re now ready to start!  Insert your penis into the hole in the egg.  You’ll note that despite the egg’s shape, it can stretch and squeeze enormously – your dick is definitely going to fit snugly inside, no matter how long or girthy it is.  

Adjust your grip to whatever feels comfortable and start stroking yourself to ecstasy.  When you’ve had your fun, you don’t even have to worry about the cleanup – it’s disposable!

Tenga Egg

How Does It Feel?

This is the million-dollar question.  There’s no point buying a sex toy if it feels better to just use your hand, is there?  Well, there’s not actually a single answer to how it feels. 

That’s because you can choose from several different styles with differently designed insides that give varying pleasurable sensations.  You can buy them in mixed packs of six (that come in carton packaging, like real eggs) so you can try out every kind if you like.

6 Colors – Regular Strength

These are your standard eggs, and they come in six varieties.  For example, there’s the clicker, which has several small bumps which are concentrated in a sort of honeycomb pattern at different spots inside the toy, which gives you different sensations if you move it around. 

This feels amazing, and you might have to be careful not to cum too soon if you’re intending to make your session last for a while.

Or maybe you’ll prefer the spider, which has a pattern of ridges like a spider’s web inside.  This one feels particularly good on the underside of the head of your penis and will also make you cum nice and hard.

The twister is a bit less impressive.  As you might guess, it features a kind of twister pattern inside, and while it felt good, it wasn’t on the same level as some of the others. 

However, this is the kind of thing that might vary a lot between different people, and what sends you to paradise might not do much for someone else, so feel free to try out the different varieties to see what works for you.  

There are three other eggs in the 6 color range: silky, wavy, and stepper.

Hard Boiled – Strong Sensations

This is a range of 6 more eggs that are built a little differently from the others.  The gel used for the internal structure is a bit harder, meaning that the sensations are more intense. 

This is a slightly more hit-and-miss formula than the standard eggs, but there are some great ones in the pack.

For example, there’s one called crater which has a pattern inside that looks like craters as you might see on the moon.  While this is an interesting idea, it doesn’t really add much to the masturbation experience, to be honest.

Much better is the surfer egg.  This one has a complicated mixture of dots, spots, and ridges in differing sizes and it feels incredible.  If I had to pick a favorite from all twelve of the eggs, it would probably be this one.

Misty is another one from this range that I’d really recommend.  The inside has lots of very small bumps with points and it feels quite different from all the other eggs in both packs.  It’s very pleasurable but the relative uniformity of the inside means that it’s very easy to control.

Cloudy is one that could go either way.  It’s the thickest egg in the series and the swirling pattern of the ridges inside gives a feeling that’s so intense that I found it a bit difficult to use to casually jerk off with. 

Again, though, that’s something that will definitely vary between people, so you might find it perfect for your needs.


As mentioned before, these eggs are disposable so you don’t need to worry about cleaning them up after use.  However…though Tenga sells them as being for one use only, there doesn’t seem to be any obvious reason why you couldn’t clean and reuse them. 

If you do, make sure to clean them very thoroughly with water and let them air dry inside out before reusing them.  You’ll also need to supply your own lube, of course, but that’s no big deal.  

The place they’re most likely to fail is at the top (where the head of your dick would poke through) but you should be able to get around 5 uses out of each egg if you’re careful with them.

Final Thoughts

Overall, these eggs are a really fun way to spice up a masturbation session, or for a partner to give you an absolutely amazing handjob.  You can try out the different styles to see what does it for you, and when you find it, you’ll be in heaven. 

This trying out is half the fun of them, and Tenga has really hit on a great idea with the eggs.  You can buy any number in any combination you like, including their mixed box of 6, so go for it!