What Does Adam And Eve Packaging Look Like (Is It Discreet)

What Does Adam And Eve Packaging Look Like (Is It Discreet)

If there is one thing most people can agree on, there is not much more embarrassing than ordering a realistic Hotcock Rotating Thruster vibrator, only for the name of the item or the company to be displayed in huge, bold letters across the parcel.

It is a tricky line to navigate.

What Does Adam And Eve Packaging Look Like (Is It Discreet)

When it comes to companies getting their products out into the world, they will seek to establish a visual design that will connect with their target audience, which frequently requires a consistent, stylistic flair that fully represents their brand.

It should be one of the main aims of a business to create a brand that is catchy enough to grab the attention of their target audience, as well as their future customers.

In today’s merciless, overly competitive market, involving social media advertising to the max, viewing the same visual mood extending from the company’s logo and website to business cards and the packaging they ship their items in is very common.

However, this attempt of marketing does not work as well when it comes to shipping sex toys, and other private items.

These are some of the only kinds of companies that may actually suffer, rather than thrive if they fully brandish their logos across their packaging. 

Over the years, there have been several complaints from sex stores due to their lack of discretion when it comes to shipping their products. 

If someone only has the option to have parcels delivered to their workplace due to the amount of time that they have to spend there, or if an individual is still living at home with their parents, the last thing they want is for a huge box labeled ‘2 for 1 dildo clearance sale’ arriving, free for everyone in the office or your family home to get a good glance at.

Over the past various decades, Adam & Eve has been thriving with business.

This sex store has become the favorite of many due to their many deals: selling high-quality toys, lingerie, bondage items, and much, much more for amazing prices.

But, what about their packaging? Is it discreet? Would you be able to order from Adam & Eve without having to worry about what other people will see?

Today, we are going to be looking at just that: whether Adam & Eve’s packaging is suitable for anyone to purchase. 

So, let’s get straight into it.

What Is Adam & Eve?

Adam & Eve is an erotica distributing American corporation and has been selling a variety of sex toys, vibrators, contraceptives, and lingerie via the internet since its formation back in 1970. In the early days of the company, products were distributed through mail order.

Today, in the U. S., the firm is the leading online retailer of sex toys, condoms, and erotic items, producing products that are sold not only nationwide, but all over the world. 

Tim Black, a physician, and Phil Harvey, an entrepreneur, formed Adam & Eve over five decades ago. Harvey has since been named ‘one of the most influential figures in the American sex industry today. 

The company itself initially started through a little shop selling condoms and lubrication products in North Carolina, USA, on one of Chapel Hill’s main streets. It quickly evolved into a mail order catalog that sold contraception through nonmedical means, a service that was somewhat unheard of during this time period.

In addition to producing and distributing several erotic goods worldwide, the corporation also takes pride in supporting non-profit marketing and advertising organizations in undeveloped areas, addressing concerns such as overpopulation, disease control, and sexual education. 

Black and Harvey originally created Adam & Eve to raise money for a beneficent organization that would use its proceeds to fund contraception programs in impoverished nations.

Despite the fact that the distribution of condoms via mail order was a violation of the Comstock Act at the time (the 1970s), the orders began and did not deter when ads were placed in over 300 of the leading U.S. student newspapers. It did not take long until the business was truly thriving.

In 1970, Black and Harvey also founded Population Services International (PSI), and by 1975, they were promoting condoms in countries such as Bangladesh and Kenya.

PSI still distributes contraception and healthcare goods in over sixty nations and is a major player in global family planning, despite Harvey’s departure as director in the late 1970s.

DKT International (DKT) was founded by Harvey in 1989 to encourage nationwide access to birth control, as well as advocate HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. DKT currently receives more than a quarter of Adam & Eve’s profits.

What Will My Adam & Eve Packaging Look Like?

By now, you should be convinced that Adam & Eve is a great organization to trust your money with. It feels good knowing that not only will you receive high-quality products – products that will, undoubtedly, make you feel good – but that, on the other hand, the revenue will be used to aid those in need.

However, this article is not about the company itself, and the help that it provides others. If you are reading this piece, you are here for one reason and one reason only: you want to know if Adam & Eve’s packaging is discreet.

The short answer: Yes

Adam & Eve’s parcels will always arrive as anonymously as possible, using a nameless alias on their printed labels, leaving no evidence being displayed on the packaging.

Only the company’s phone number and the return address will be printed onto the label.

When you order their products online, the Adam & Eve shipping packaging will appear upon your porch in a perfectly unobtrusive fashion: plain brown boxes or mailing envelopes with no branding labels or identifiable information are used by the corporation.

This means that, even if someone else picks up your parcel before you, they will have no idea what lies inside just by peeking at the box itself.

When bigger, bulkier, or several items are ordered at the same time, such as vibrators or larger sex toys, an Adam & Eve shipping box is often used.

A bubble-lined envelope will be used instead if you ordered smaller or fewer goods, such as condoms, lingerie, or bottles of lubrication.

Either way, you can feel confident knowing that, aside from you, no one else will ever find out what naughty gifts lurk inside the gift packages on your doorstep… unless you want to show them, of course.

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How Will My Adam & Eve Order Appear On My Billing Statement?

You will be pleased to discover that Adam & Eve assures that their level of anonymity extends to your credit card bill, just as it does to their shipping packaging. 

On your billing statement, the company’s name will never be displayed: instead, the statement ‘Adam Mail’ will appear. This means that even if someone happens to stumble across your billing statement, they will still be none the wiser to your purchases.

Final Thoughts: Discreet Or Not?

Overall, Adam & Eve do the most they can to assure your anonymity, especially when it comes to your items being shipped to your chosen destination. 

There is no need to panic if someone else picks up the package before you, as the boxes will display no evidence that you have been shopping at an erotic online store that specializes in sex toys and contraceptives.

This company is as discreet as possible, providing you with ease while you are using their services.

So, go ahead and treat yourself to products such as Eve’s Twirling Rabbit Thruster, Adam’s Extension Penis Extender, or even their special couple’s kinky bondage kits, without fear of your nearest and dearest ever finding out about it.

There really is something for everyone at Adam & Eve!