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Sexting ideas for long distance relationships

Approximately 14 to 15 million people in the United States alone report practicing long-distance relationships. So, let’s look at some statistics:

  1. 14 million couples practice long-distance relationships
  2. 3.75 million married couples are in long-distance relationships
  3. 32.5% of all long-distance relationships are relationships with university-educated people
  4. 75% of all engaged couples were (at some point) in a long-distance relationship
  5. 2.9% of all married couples in the United States live in a long-distance relationship
  6. 10% of all marriages in the United States began as long-distance relationships

One of the reasons for the significant increase in the number of partners who practice long-distance relationships is, of course, the Internet, which easily connects people from all over the world.

Before this fantastic communication tool, long-distance relationships were usually limited to those in the military, with a spouse serving overseas, or college students who left their hometown to study elsewhere. At the same time, the boyfriend or girlfriend stayed at home (and regrets!).


Long distance relationships have their challenges

Traveling to see your partner can quickly put a strain on your budget.

Trust is another challenge that couples in long-distance relationships have to watch out for. However, studies show that long-distance relationships help partners improve trust, patience, and communication.

Sex games for long-distance relationships help your partner remember when they are facing temptation and why it is worth waiting for you.

Communication has proven to be one of the critical factors in long-distance relationship satisfaction. And the study determines that two main conditions are crucial – the exchange of positive experiences and awareness of the daily routine and residence is necessary.

One way to improve communication and make long-distance relationships fun is by incorporating long-distance relationship games into your dynamic. What are some online games for long-distance couples?

1. Sexting is an appetizer, not a main course

Learning intimacy in a long-distance relationship starts with the art of sexting. It’s an obvious choice, and most couples readily accept it. Provocative texts are a great way to make long-distance sex hot. However, don’t let that be the be-all and end-all of intimate matters.

It helps if you have sexy email accounts where you can exchange text and picture messages. You don’t have to risk opening the wrong email at work or prying your eyes. Plus, choosing email addresses that show off your quirky side can help matters even more.

Using casual sexting as a means of removal risks things getting stale quickly. Use sexting as a means to an end, not an end to the journey. Just as there are things men and women can do to spice up the bedroom, care must be taken to keep things fresh and at a distance.

Is sexting good for long-distance relationships? Can too much sexting hurt a relationship?

Either way, every day, just don’t let it be your only entryway to intimacy.


2. Talking dirty is talking hot

You don’t have to keep things sweet, and talking dirty can spice things up just right and build anticipation. Remember, talking dirty is an art; you must know what to say and what makes your partner hot.

If you are wondering how I can satisfy my boyfriend in a long-distance relationship, the answer is – to talk.

Sexy, dirty talk will help ignite your imagination and aid in the long-distance seduction that most people strive for. Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile, but remember to hold back and stay in your partner’s comfort zone.

While we’re on dirty talk, don’t shy away from dirty gifts, either.

You can send each other some dirty, fictional gifts that tie into your chat sessions. Maybe they can also serve as props for your love-making sessions!

3. Bring out the sex toys

Everyone does not welcome such sexual advice for couples. Even if your significant other is on the other side of the world, sex toys can help you bridge the intimacy gap. Learning how to make love in a long-distance relationship is fruitful and rewarding. Of course, nothing beats the real thing, but it comes pretty damn close. That is one of the best and most enjoyable sex tips for couples to follow.

Couples can use plenty of unique remote control sex toys even when they are worlds apart. Well, a good internet connection helps.

There are toys that either of you can control with the remote control so that you can hand over the controls of your sex toy to your partner.

You can also use toys that sync over the Internet. Hence, as she thrusts into the man’s masturbator, her vibrator responds to speed and movement. Magic!

4. Immerse yourself in erotic stories with digital role playing

Role-playing works wonders for relationships, and who doesn’t love good erotica? That is one of those sex tips for couples that have been shared repeatedly. Regardless, it’s a great idea.

Let your creative juices flow and work on erotica where you will both play sexy roles.

Give her detention or punishment, or make her fantasies come true. You make the story, and you decide how it goes.

Try to involve your partner more deeply. Cram them in, and you have an excellent, hot game where sexy things happen. Give each other sexual tasks like masturbating at a specific time, with one toy, or while doing something every day. Be creative, be sexy.

5. Find time for sexy time

The challenge is having sex in a long-distance relationship. If you can, try to get together whenever you can physically. That’s not an option for many people, so finding more creative solutions is best.

You can use sex toys, as mentioned earlier, or other options for that feeling of closeness. Skype sex has always been quite common, but of course, you can use the video application of your choice.

Find the time when you can be together for the express purpose of sexual intimacy. You can try to watch the same porn together or fulfill some of your fantasies.

For a long-distance couple, each can be busy with their own lives. You might even be in different time zones, so finding a suitable time can seem challenging. To follow such sex tips for couples, you have to find some time, and you have to.

Remember, even when you’re together, there are always responsibilities and chores you need to complete. You don’t have to be enslaved to drift away. Make a point to find time for sexy times and stick to it.


6. Use audio and video to build sexual tension

Creating sexual tension can seem a bit of an oxymoron for people in long-distance relationships. After all, people in long-distance relationships do face a hell of a lot of sexual tension!

Well, there’s more to building sexual tension for long-distance couples. You can use all the tools at your disposal to gain some sexual tension. Remember your dominance skills in bed and put them to good use. To use such sexual advice for couples, you will have to adjust the distance approach a little.

For example, you could spice up sexting. Send them hot audio clips, pictures, and trim video clips throughout the day.

Don’t reveal or give away too much, just enough to get their attention.

That is one of the sex tips for couples that reduce pressure and help you be bolder as the day goes by. Forbid your SO (significant other) to orgasm until you command him.

They will be eager for more as the day progresses, so keep things under your control, at the end of the day, or at a time of your choosing. Take things to a climax with some steamy Skype sex or with the sex toys of your choice.

7. Create an itinerary of sexual things to do together

A big part of being in a long-distance relationship is looking forward to brighter weather, with no distances holding you back. Make a list of things to do after you physically reconnect.

Anticipation, hope, and a plan for all the sexy things you’ll do together will keep the relationship more robust and give you something to look forward to.

Such sex tips for couples can also be an excellent tease for your partner. Expecting and looking forward to all those beautiful things on the list is like an aphrodisiac.

8. Masturbate and take care of yourself

A long-distance relationship can often lead to times when you feel sexually frustrated. It is an unfortunate but genuine effect of separation. People crave intimate touch. Although respite can be found in all these sex tips for couples, it’s natural to want more.

Don’t put each other in a position where sexual release must depend on your partner.

It’s natural for a healthy relationship to have its ways of letting go. Take care of yourself and allow yourself and your partner to masturbate when necessary.

Please keep it away from the cloud of any prohibitions or judgments.

If you like it, masturbation can be much more. Accept it and stick to your long-distance relationship. Masturbation doesn’t necessarily have to be related to your Skype sex or other moments. Do what feels suitable and comfortable.

Don’t get so caught up in following all the sex tips for couples that you put your needs second.

9. Stay emotionally connected

While using technology for all things sexy, don’t forget to use it for all things necessary.

While sex tips for couples are essential, your emotional connection is also significant. Use technology to keep it going.

Being together all the time, whether via text, FaceTime, or otherwise, should strengthen the sense of togetherness.

Healthy emotional connections form the basis of great sexual relationships. Don’t push your emotional needs; keep your romantic ideas for long-distance relationships strong.


Dirty things to say to your boyfriend long distance

That is an area where only the imagination is the limit. There are many different stories, cheesy words, and other verbal ways to arouse lust in your partner.

However, one thing that you absolutely must not avoid is to commit to the role of a seductress fully and to use all the attributes. So, sexy voice, attitude, body position… After all, you know what we’re talking about.

Here are some nasty, dirty things they will say to him:

  • I need your cock!
  • Fuck me hard.
  • Deeper, deeper, deeper!
  • Just like that.
  • Don’t stop.
  • I love being your fucking slut.
  • I think I’m in love with your dick.
  • Shit, I’m cumming.
  • I want to taste your cock.
  • Let my child cum.
  • Wet wet
  • I’m about to explode.
  • Oh-my-fucking-god!
  • I’ve never fucked myself like this before.
  • You will take me out with pleasure.
  • I just want to be your sex slut.
  • He grabs my hair and fucks me like a dog.
  • I want to feel your cum all over my face.
  • I want to feel you shoot in my mouth.
  • I’m going to bite you until I get every last drop out of you.
  • Let’s spend the whole weekend together completely naked!
  • Fuck me, fuck me!
  • Push me harder!

Sexting rules

Sexually explicit messages can be a great tool to arouse passion and a great spice to your intimate life. However, you should stick to specific rules so that everything works as you want it to.

The key is in the right moment

When you get your first sexting message, it’s easy to want to respond right away, but that can be off-putting. That is especially characteristic of couples who have just started a relationship or met. Control yourself from time to time, do not immediately jump at the first SMS/MMS. Use the time – let the other party wait a little and, in this way, provoke them a little. This way, you will give the impression of a relaxed and casual person who is hard to get, leading to even more exciting things.

Texting has its time

Be clear that if you sext someone after 10 pm is considered a direct invitation for sex.

Do not be misunderstood

Sexting messages can be very easily misunderstood, and people love them precisely because they are clear, concise, and straightforward. You want to flirt, and don’t be too cryptic and secretive. Sexting should save you time when courting or seducing, not make it longer.

Alcohol and texting do not go together

Drunk or stupid is the same thing. True, under the influence of alcohol, we can be funny and fun, but not sexy. Choose what you prefer. It’s essential to stick to sober messages.

SMS is not for important news

First outpourings of love, pleas, or bad news should never be communicated via text, especially not during sexting.

Discretion and only discretion

If you’re having sex with more than one person, don’t leave your cell phone on the table in the bathroom or on a date. Don’t look at your phone while on a date with someone. But it’s best to turn it off while you’re out with someone.

Be careful who you sext with

Double check who you are sending any SMS or MMS in sexting form.

Things to say when sexting

If two “civilians” are in question, no one professionally engages in sex. The main thing is that you know that your sexy messages are welcome, that the interlocutor is aware of what he is getting into, and that it is OK to take the conversation into sexy waters. It is not necessary to seriously and officially ask for permission. Just ask, ” Can we get a little dirty now;o), for example?

If you agree, the next question is – what should I say? Most people get blocked there. One of the suggestions for a sexy talk, in person or over the phone, is to imagine and describe what you would do if you were together right now. No complicated fantasy and character development are required. Sometimes it’s enough to write, how I would smoke you right now if you were here, or something like that. Creativity is not necessary, only expressiveness.

During sexting, never go into stories about some crazy fetish or kink if you’re not sure if the interlocutor is into it. Some find quite unusual things exciting, such as stepping on balloons.


Dirty talk script

Believe it or not, there are some rules in this area. For you not to discover them yourself, we will do our best to emphasize what they could be.

Keep it simple

You don’t have to elaborate on what you will say to your partner; just say precisely what is happening or what you want. Start sentences with “I want.” For example, “I want to feel your lips on my neck” or “I want you inside me.”

When you relax with these phrases, you can come up with more complex words, says sexologist dr. Jill McDevitt. For example, “I love it when you’re this hard.” You understand what we are trying to tell you. Relax and let go. It will drive him completely crazy.

Sexy flattery

Surely you know how much you like to receive a compliment. Take it to the bedroom, and tell your partner when they do something well. Compliments can be as simple as “It feels so good when you suck my ear” or “I like it when you touch me down there.”

Stubbs suggests asking your partner how he likes hearing his body described. For example, does he like it when you tell him he’s strong and sexy? And is there an adjective you should avoid?

Get inspired

If you don’t feel creative about dirty talk, study commercials for perfume, music, movies, books, TV shows, whatever you want. You can find inspiration everywhere.

One word of caution: If you’re new to dirty talk, don’t rely on porn, as some of the expressions might ruin the sexy mood.


Alt tag:

Read erotic novels to your partner

Have you ever heard that erotic novels are pornography for women? Given that women watch pornographic films, men might read or at least listen to parts of erotic novels. Choose those hot scenes and read them to your partner.

They help you to cope more efficiently, and if something makes you uncomfortable, you know that the feeling is not coming from your imagination, so there is a less emotional risk – experts say.

Engage all your senses

Do you like the taste of your partner? Tell him. Do the sounds of your partner turn you on? Whisper it in his ear.

Relying on all of your senses can help inspire your dirty talk. Stubbs says it can be stimulating to tell your partner what you want to taste, smell and see. For example, “I want to taste the inside of your thigh” or “I want to remember how you smell.”

Ask questions

You don’t have to have only declarative sentences. Feel free to add a question. Ask something like, “Do you like that?”, “How does that feel?”, “Do you want more?”, “Do you want me to use my mouth on you?” or “Do you want me to use X, Y, or Z?”.


Don’t worry about coming off as silly.

Not only is it okay to laugh during sex, but it’s also great. Sex should be playful, and I encourage people to stop pushing sex, do dirty talk, and laugh.

Sext ideas

Before you figure out what to say to start a sexy conversation, it might help to know that sexting is widespread. According to recent studies, sexting is a great way to communicate your sexual desires to your partner – all the things you want to try in bed. Still, it may be too nervous to talk face to face.


Flirty sexting messages for him before bed

You just started talking to someone new, and you’ve been texting back and forth all day. Now you’re lying in bed, and it’s almost midnight. You don’t want the conversation to end, but your eyes are tired, and you have to get up early for work in the morning. So what’s the best way to end a conversation and leave them wanting more the next day? According to experts, sending a flirty goodnight text is always good.

What will your message look like? It already depends on the people who communicate because the same message will not affect different people in the same way, nor will it convey the message you want to send them. For example, I will dream about you all night. How would you interpret this message without it being so obvious? Does your partner care so much about you that he wants you to be together in the dream, or is it just another series of phrases?

Dirty sexting messages for her before bed

Similar situation. You need to know what your partner likes the most, what he wants to hear from you, and what turns him off. Be creative, let your imagination run wild, and – play!