What Is An Anal Orgasm (Are They Real And How To Have One)

What Is An Anal Orgasm (Are They Real And How To Have One)

There is no denying that these days the booty is in full focus: from toning your glutes at the gym, or wearing booty sculpting pants – the biggest topic surrounding the peach is still anal sex (even paired with its long-standing taboo.

This is perhaps down to the fact that doing anal for the first time can be daunting; let’s be honest, you don’t even know if it will be more pain than pleasure, and can you even have an orgasm from anal sex? 

What Is An Anal Orgasm (Are They Real And How To Have One)

Defining An Anal Orgasm

The first thing is first, orgasms induced by anal sex are very real- and they can be plenty enjoyable!

Though the chances of achieving climax from the anal play are a bit more challenging than with direct genital stimulation, it is possible and as a bonus, they also can be enjoyed by anyone of any gender.

As with genital stimulation, an anal orgasm can be achieved through many mechanisms – touching, fingering, licking, playing with vibrators – not just through penetration. 

Why Do Anal Orgasms Occur? 

As an oversimplification, an anal orgasm occurs due to the stimulation of several nerves in and around the anus.

The anus has many nerves but the most important one to note is the pudendal nerve which connects to the clitoris in women.

These nerves are located near the sphincter and so stimulate that area through rimming (the act of licking or stimulating the anus with your tongue) may feel so good. 

In women on the receiving end, stimulation of the internal clitoris through the anus is another way of achieving anal orgasm.

Additionally, the G-spot (on the front wall of the vagina) and the A-spot (which is located at the same place in the vagina as the G-spot but is closer to the cervix) are both reachable through anal penetration.

Combining anal penetration and clitoral stimulation will result in a mind-blowing completion.

In men, anal penetration can stimulate the prostate which is a small gland that is tucked away about 2-3 inches inside the anus between the rectum and the bladder.

The prostate produces fluid that is expelled during ejaculation and is surrounded by thousands of nerve endings that when stimulated correctly, can lead to orgasm all by itself.

This, the P-spot as it is called, can be stimulated in many ways. It can be stimulated by manual massage by inserting a finger (yours or your own) or a toy, or a prostate massager into the rectum.

When using a finger, be sure to have short, clean nails or wear gloves. 

How To “O” (Or How To Create It For Your Partner)

Although spontaneous sex is always fun, due to the nature of anal play, a bit more preparation can help make the experience all the more pleasurable. 

The Recipient

The most important thing to do is to be relaxed – the more stressed or anxious you are, the more tightly wound your sphincter will be which could result in a bit of pain. 

Then, the more turned on or aroused you are, the more enjoyable butt play will be for you so perhaps indulge in a little porn, read a smutty novel, or just use your imagination a bit beforehand to get the juices flowing, so to speak. 

Taking a hot bath before indulging in a bit of anal stimulation will help loosen your muscles and increase the blood flow to all your erogenous zones by massaging yourself while washing up. 

Other steps you could follow to increase your pleasure include using sex toys, such as butt plugs to get yourself used to the sensations involved in anal sex.

Cleaning the anus out before sex, and having a high-fiber diet to remove any fecal matter from the anus will help minimize awkward poop-related encounters and make sure to use enough lube.

What Is An Anal Orgasm (Are They Real And How To Have One)

The Giver

When you are giving anal sex to your partner, you can also do some preparation to help your partner achieve an anal orgasm. 

It is important that all your body parts, specifically your hands and nails are clean.

Your nails need to be cut extra short so that you do not scratch your partner inside and having shorter nails also mean that there is less place for bacteria to stick around in.

Wearing latex gloves is also an option and some givers of anal sex even place cotton balls inside the fingertips of the gloves for added padding and therefore more comfort. 

Condoms are a must and are essential for preventing STIs (and are good for any poop-cidents). They can be placed on a toy, fingers, and on your penis. They can even be cut and used as a barrier between your tongue and your partner’s anus for any tongue play. 

Arousal is key – try doing a lot of foreplay beforehand to ease your partner into it. Touching, kissing, licking, and gentle fingerplay around the anus and buttocks are great to get both parties in the mood. 


Your tongue is a powerful muscle and although it cannot be used to stimulate the erogenous spots inside your partner, it makes for a good warm-up routine before insertion.

Use your tongue to lick and kiss around the perianal area and tease the cheeks of your partner’s buttocks. You can use the tip of your tongue to push into the opening of the anus, darting in and out of the anus. 

Your 10 Friends

You can use your fingers in various ways to stimulate all the erogenous zones in yourself and in your partner. 

Try motions like the “come hither” with a lubed inserted finger inside the anus or find the spot that just hits different and press your finger pad against it repeatedly.

Circular motions are also perfect, or you could just go for a trusty vibrating sex toy if you feel like this is all just too much for the wrists. 

Using The Eggplant Or Sex Toys

Orgasm can be achieved after insertion by paying careful attention to the pressure and depth applied during penetrative sex.

When using sex toys, use of vibration can tip you over the edge very quickly.

Also, try combining other stimulation into your anal play or anal sex – for women, stimulate the clitoris or vagina (did someone say double penetration?) simultaneously to optimize the effects.

In men, a penile hand job may add extra flavor or if you are bendy enough, a good licking or sucking could help achieve a mind-blowing “O”.

What Is An Anal Orgasm (Are They Real And How To Have One)

All About Position

Positions used during anal sex or anal play can make all the difference to the experience. Here are some goodies to try alone or with a partner:

Doggy Style

If you are doing this alone, position yourself on all fours and reach your arm between your legs or around your back to reach your anus.

If you are with a partner, either one of you needs to get on all fours and the other must kneel or stand behind you and insert themselves. 


By yourself, lie facedown, reach your arm behind you and rest it on your back. Reach your anus with your finger or toy and insert. The same applies when doing this with a partner but they would insert themselves or a toy. 


Position a sex toy on a flat surface like a chair and lower yourself onto it slowly and gradually until the desired depth is reached.

With a partner, have them sit on a chair and lower yourself onto their penis or strap-on as desired. 

Butt That Is Not All

You cannot use enough lube; lube up and if you are unsure if you have used enough, use more. Not using enough lube can be painful and dangerous as it may result in tears which can be infected by bacteria. 

Condoms are essential to prevent STIs. Use them. They also can be helpful in limiting exposure to harmful bacteria like E.coli which reside in all our digestive tracts. 

Never go from peach to vagina if you are with a woman as this can create mayhem in the vaginal ecosystem and urinary tract. 


Anal sex or play can be a lot of fun and give you a lot of pleasure and take time to prepare yourself for it, go slow, and you will be sure to enjoy all the butt has to offer.