What Is A Queening Chair (And Why You Need One)

What Is A Queening Chair (And Why You Need One)

Queening is a fantastic thing – it can be one of the most fun things that two (or more, if you’re lucky!) people can do with each other!

It’s obviously great for the woman receiving it – and it can be a hell of a lot of fun for the person giving it too! It’s essentially face sitting with a more poetic name – and who doesn’t enjoy a bit of face sitting and poetry?

Did you know, however, that there are sex toys made specifically to help out with face sitting?

Well, it might be more accurate to call some of them pieces of furniture – but regardless, there are actually quite a few specially designed tools that can make cunnilingus easier, and as such even more relaxing and pleasurable!

They’re called queening chairs, and they’re available in a wide variety of styles, designs, and prices, of course! So, exactly what exactly is queening and queening chairs about, and why use one?

What Is Queening?

Queening is when a woman receives oral sex while she’s straddling, sitting on, or riding the face of her partner.

It’s really a different term for face sitting – but of course, depending on how you choose to think of the word, it can have all sorts of exciting connotations regarding domination and power play, as if the woman is a queen receiving her tribute from her servant!

It can obviously be a lot of fun if you’re into oral sex, whether you’re giving or receiving.

The woman on top gets to have a lot of fun, and she’s pretty much in total control – which can be great for both people! And it can of course be used as part of other sex play elements – bondage, domination, and so on.

What Is A Queening Chair?

A queening chair is a piece of furniture that’s designed specifically for the job of making queening easier and more pleasurable!

It helps the woman to sit on her partner’s face comfortably for a longer period of time than may be possible without one.

They can help a lot when it comes to muscle fatigue – after all, no matter how good it feels, keeping in the same position for a long time can be quite a strain!

Having a chair that’s custom-built for the job of oral sex can be a fantastic way to lengthen and enhance the experience, as it can really help you to sit comfortably for a much longer period.

You can essentially sit on them much as you’d sit normally – some are even very like a normal chair, except that they also allow access for a partner to perform oral sex!

They also help her partner, as they can be a more comfortable experience for both of them. Neck ache can of course be a real issue when it comes to cunnilingus, so anything that can help to relieve that can only be a good thing for all parties!

This means that the act can potentially go on for much longer – much the better for both partners!

Depending on the design of the chair too, they can make it easier for her partner to perform oral sex, as the genitals will be completely exposed. This allows for both partners to enjoy the act more – it can be much easier to lick and be licked like this!

A good queening chair will be solidly built and will allow for a comfortable sitting position for a long time. They range in styles, and of course in prices also. Some are more discreet, being able to be hidden away easily.

They can be pretty simple – a metal frame that holds some supporting bands for the woman to sit on can be all that’s necessary to have a great time!

Others are far more obvious, designed to be kept in that special room, away from prying eyes! Anything that’s bound in red and black leather.

For example – if you don’t want to have anyone knowing what you’re getting up to, you’ll either need to have a dedicated space for or be perfect at coming up with excuses!

It’s even possible to build your own if you’re a handy person – which can mean you get to design something a little more to your own specifications!

Why Use A Queening Chair?

If you’re a fan of oral sex – and let’s face it, you probably are – then you’ve probably been either receiving it or giving it for a while without any special equipment. So, you might be wondering – why should you consider getting one?

Well, if you enjoy oral sex, then something that makes it better is going to be absolutely fantastic for you, and a queening chair can definitely do that for you.

First of all, if you’re one receiving, then anything that helps you stay in the best position for you to enjoy it will mean that you’re able to receive pleasure for longer!

Your legs will be less tired for one thing – you’ll be in a much more natural position for sitting, which means that you’ll easily be able to relax and enjoy yourself.

This can be particularly true if you’ve got a chair that has a back – although these can of course be more expensive if you’re buying them, and harder to build if you’re making your own.

Secondly, they’re great for the person giving oral sex too!

They let the person giving be much more comfortable. This means that they can stay in the same position for much, much longer without getting neck ache – which has of course been the thing that puts an end to many fun sessions!

Without having to worry about neck aches, you’re able to stay in place for as long as she wants – which of course is better for both people!

This alone can make the entire act even more pleasurable for both partners. The person receiving it will have better access to the genitals with their face, making it much easier to lick the clitoris, as well as the vagina – and even the anus.

They’ll be able to see more too, meaning that they can hit the target better, so to speak – and of course meaning they get the increased pleasure of being able to see their partner’s bits suspended above them! This is obviously going to be great for everyone involved.

A queening chair can be great for those worried that they’re not going to be able to hold their weight up for long enough to fully receive oral pleasure too.

This can be fantastic news for those with conditions that make them have weaker legs, and of course those ladies with larger figures too!

This can be perfect for fuller-figured women to receive oral sex without having to worry so much about accidentally smothering their partner.

Of course, if this is an issue for you, you’ll definitely want to make sure you’ve got a nice, robust queening chair so that you can relax and enjoy the moment!

And, one more great thing about some queening chairs – particularly the kind that uses a simple metal frame with some tough but flexible straps attached!

They can be great for many other sex positions too, doubling up as more general-purpose sex aids – for instance, they can be great for doggy style!


Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this article, and learned something about queening chairs! Maybe one could be the next great toy that you use to spice up your sex life!