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Numbers with dirty meanings

Numbers, by themselves, have many meanings, depending on the area in which they are viewed. Indeed, love relationships are no exception, so there are numbers with dirty meanings. Do you have one that has a special meaning for you and your partner?

As a part of science, numerology is especially appreciated among a large part of the population. It explains many inexplicable situations, events, and the like.

Sex therapists, on the other hand, often encounter patients who think about something called the sexual number. To clarify, it is the number of partners with whom they had intimate relations from the beginning of the sexual activity to the specific day.

Sometimes the concern was a mismatch of their “personal” number compared to their current partner’s number. Some are worried that their “personal number” is increasing, so they wonder what it could say about them as individuals.

However, there seems to be a change in the way of thinking, and the number is no longer the only thing that matters. Feelings and commitment to a partner seem to gain importance.

But some numbers are “irreplaceable” and retain meaning regardless of how we relate to sex as an act. Let’s review a few of the most interesting “dirty” numbers.


What Does 70 Mean Sexually?

The famous 69 poses are known to everyone, but are you ready to take the next step and discover what 70 means sexually? If you want to test your skills, you should try this pose. Therefore, the “70” pose represents the ultimate oral sex that gives pleasure to both partners. The man is on his knees, and the woman wraps her legs around his neck. Once this position is assumed, the man carefully and lightly stands up, balancing the woman as she hangs upside down. The man then slowly bends his knees until she separates from the floor and supports part of his body weight.

She then bends back, stretching her neck until she can place his manhood in her mouth. The man then starts working on her female crotch, which she should be delighted with. She will need strength and skill, while a man only needs strength.

Although this pose is intended for physically fit partners, strength and conditioning are required. However, the pleasure achieved in that pose is irreplaceable and explosive! Try it and see for yourself.


69 symbolism

The symbolism of the number 69 is the position of mutual oral sex. It is named like this because each person faces the groin opposite from the other. Because of that pose, they look like numbers 6 and 9! So, 69 is the number that makes every human being happy and smile, and it makes them feel beautiful.

Honestly, 69 can be a position that looks better on a sex list than in real life. It requires thinking and coordination that allows you to deliver what you hope. That will knock the stars out of the sky while simultaneously trying to please your partner the same way they please you.

That is also an incredibly intimate pose. Suppose you get it right, even for just a moment or two. In that case, the feeling of giving and receiving can blend into a sublime experience. In that pose, you and your partner feel connected on a higher level.

So how do you get to the sublime? 69 refers to mutual satisfaction. Make sure you take your time and do your research. If pose 69 isn’t inspiring enough for you to climax, don’t worry – enjoy it.


88 meaning sexually

Simply put, it’s sex in the bathtub! That is a pleasant and highly intimate position for all those who want to enjoy all the charms of a bathtub, not just the basic one – for bathing. The whole process is pretty simple, but there are a few things you can do to change that.

Start by getting both of you into the tub. Firstly, the man sits down, legs outstretched, and the woman surrounds him so he can penetrate her. At this point, both partners raise their knees, and their feet are directly on the bottom of the tub. Finally, you are in the ideal position and can take it to make love in the bathtub.

For something different, try folding your hands together under both knees! Penetration will be similar to “rocking” into each other.

Pros: A very intimate position that allows for cuddling and kissing.

Cons: You may need a silicone-based lube for water sex, and the small space in the tub limits you. Unless you have a massive one – a king-size bathtub for two, but then that’s an entirely different story.


71-72 meaning sexually

71: The positions in which the man is on top can be completely different. That is one of them, and it is lightweight. The only potential condition is that the male partner must be of relatively low mass. The woman lies on her stomach. Her arms are bent at the elbows, her legs are wide apart, and one is bent at the knee.

The male partner lies above the lady, facing the back of her head, fully simulating her position, and covering the woman with his body. His legs are bent at the knees, and the man leans on them. If necessary, the man can make support on his arms to make the woman feel more comfortable.

72: This position is ideal for men in good shape and women with long legs. Of course, there are no restrictions, but be careful, and keep an eye on the balance. The man is standing, his feet are slightly wider than his shoulders, and his knees are slightly bent.

The woman grabs the hands of her male partner. Then she covers his buttocks with her feet, crosses them, and hugs the man’s neck with her hands so that his face is as close as possible to her neck and chest, and her head is slightly tilted back. The male partner also wraps around her waist or can support her bottom with one hand. That is an enjoyable position that ensures supreme satisfaction.


What does 420 mean sexually

That is a bit of a sheer number, especially for areas where the consumption of cannabis for any purpose is prohibited. Namely, 420 represents the 20th day of April – the day of marijuana consumption.

At the same time, the number 420 has become a secret code among potential partners and people on dating sites. It is a way to secretly let someone know that marijuana is welcome in their home or love life.

And what can occur to partners under the influence of opiates cannot be described in words. However, we do not advise practicing love activities under the influence of any psychoactive substance. This part of the text is presented solely for familiarization with the terms we may encounter. You know what they represent and bypass them and indulge in some other ways of enjoying life.

What does 143 mean in texting

That is probably the sweetest code in the world of lovers. When you send the number 143 to your partner in a message, you tell him that you love him using letters! Namely, “I” represents one character (digit), “love” has four letters, while “you” is written with three letters. Of course, all this makes sense in English-speaking countries, but it is accepted worldwide. So – 143!