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Sex gifts for long distance relationships

According to statistics from social networks, it’s almost unbelievable how many people find themselves in long-distance relationships. Many wonder if such a thing is possible and sustainable, but how we live in modern society does not leave much space for intimacy. At least not the kind we were used to until recently.

The fact that tens of millions of people live in marriage – at a distance is even more incredible! And they all maintain their relationship or marriage – online!!! In such situations, it is necessary to resort to drastic measures and devise a way to keep the fire burning! Otherwise, it collapses and breaks up. And that is something that does not benefit modern society at all. Therefore, prepare sex gifts for long-distance relationships.

Long-distance relationships are not easy, so gifts are designed for such couples! To keep the passion, the lust, and the desire to reunite the separated hearts. Being separated for a long time can be frustrating, not to mention the lack of satisfaction of personal needs. For example, tenderness and sex, without going to a completely different extreme – cheating. The devastating facts cause fraud that a union is impossible at a specific moment. Sending a gift is a great way to show your lover that you are thinking of them and that you care about them more than ever.


Sex toys for long distance couples

What would you say if someone told you that long-distance sex is possible? Probably the reaction would be along the lines of “are you normal?” But, yes, modern technology also makes it possible.

Put yourself in a position where you and your partner are far apart. Even more, it would allow for occasional intimate encounters on the weekend or you have a sudden need for tenderness. What to do in that situation? Believe it or not, modern technology has a cure for such conditions, and it’s called – We Wibe – We Connect! So, a mobile application synchronizes the stimulator for women (vibrators) and men (artificial vaginas). So, what was called “love over a wire” and had a completely different meaning, is now a “tangible” reality! 

Furthermore, there are artificial silicone breasts, silicone dildos with dedications (in the form of tattoos), and similar toys that can serve for momentary relaxation in dire need. The image seems just a branch because there is even edible underwear and various aids to fulfill personal needs. Or all other situations that you would typically practice with a partner in case you are in the same place at the same time.

Moreover, there are also applications with 3D animations in which you and your partner are the main characters. But, for such a thing, you need VR glasses, a mobile device, and – of course – one of the “helpers” who will make you happy and connect you with your loved one. Yes, and is it a natural substitute for reality? Think for yourself!


Long distance relationship gadget

This category includes products that should constantly remind you of your partner, a partner who, due to circumstances, lives far away from you. When you need tenderness or something that will remind you of them, there is that gadget with a special meaning just for you.

It can be anything – from a pillow with a chest, a stuffed toy in the form of his male pride, or a simple coffee or tea mug with a romantic message or an unusual handle.

Recently, the so-called “love boxes” are trendy and can be filled with different contents. Starting with rose petals with a love message to baths with scents that you love together to Kamasutra cards. Sweets with a romantic message can also be a good “reminder” of a loved one.

Sexy underwear can never be a failure, but try to be original and exciting. Make your partner want you even more!

Some gifts for long distance relationships can and should be adorable! Want to send a gift with a strong message? Does it always have to be too expensive? Of course not – buy a bag of chocolates or candies in the shape of hearts or kisses and send it with a simple message: “Sending you a kiss for every day!”


Can long distance relationship sexually work?

That is the question of all questions. Until recently, only the strongest managed to endure, remain faithful and maintain all the enthusiasm of their long-distance relationship. But it is not said without reason – far from the eyes, far from the heart. Nevertheless, experts have dealt with this topic, so let’s see what they can tell us and teach us:

A long-distance relationship is not easy to maintain. Still, the physical distance does not have to mean distance between partners.

Experts claim that there is a greater emotional closeness between partners in such relationships. For a long-distance relationship to survive, it, first of all, requires a lot of mutual trusts and a willingness to put in the effort to make the relationship work.

People in a long-distance relationship, but also those close to their partners – enough so they can come to each other whenever they want – participated in the research conducted on a sample of about a thousand couples. Believe it or not, the results are surprising. Science has shown that “greater distance means more intimacy, communication, and satisfaction in the relationship. Amazingly! With modern means of communication and available technology, it seems that what until recently seemed like a mission impossible today is entirely feasible!

Study participants answered questions about their commitment, intimacy, and relationship satisfaction level. The questions included couples’ disagreements regarding various aspects of the relationship, including disputes about money management. The research also had queries such as how good the communication between partners is regarding sexual desires and needs. Also, how psychologically stressful the relationship is for them and how much anxiety they have expressed towards each other in the past month.

The results showed that couples who maintain a long-distance relationship are just as satisfied with their relationship as those who live in the same place and see each other often. The researchers concluded that the feeling of security in the relationship is a far more critical factor for the success of the relationship than how far the partners are physically apart from each other. However, some believe that a long-distance relationship is not a relationship. Relationship experts believe that physical distance can often have a positive effect and contribute to the closeness and happiness of a partner.

Psychologists say that the greater the distance between the partners, the more they try to respect each other to achieve satisfaction, intimacy, and good communication in the relationship. As an explanation for this, they state that the fact that the partners are not physically together means that they have to make an effort to interact in another way if they want the relationship to survive. Physical distance forces them to work on some aspects of the relationship that couples who are physically close often don’t take seriously.

Is a long-distance relationship something we should get used to, and what do you have to say about it?


Sexual ideas for long distance relationships

That is where imagination and the ability to animate your partner in the best possible way come into play. Wondering how you could do that? Here are some exciting ideas to try:

1. Online games

Were you looking for video games for long-distance couples? Plenty of LDR games allow you to play with your partner whenever your phone is handy. Choose the one you love, and embark on a new adventure. By the way, you can listen to music that you both like.

2. I have never

Another great long-distance relationship game is to ask each other questions like “Have you ever.” You can play this game using your mobile device (be prepared for some hilarious answers) or exchange text messages during the day. You must agree on the content – it can be “dirty” if you both want it. Distance games like these make your separation a little more acceptable.

3. Mysterious photo

Are you a person whose visual stimuli make you who you are? Send your partner a mysterious photo of a body part without making it obvious what’s in the picture. Then, have your partner send you their image, and you guess which part it is.

Fun games for long-distance relationships don’t have to be super complicated. They need to remind you how much you mean to each other and if maybe you can meet your basic needs that way.

4. Watch shows or movies

That isn’t a game per se, but watching a movie or series together can be a perfect bonding experience. Choose the genre yourself – even the one with the XXX tag, if you like it and want it.

Even though you’re not physically in the same room, you can at least comment and laugh at what you’ve chosen to watch together in real-time.

5. 100 questions

An interesting and worthwhile game for long-distance couples is 100 questions. The answers will reveal a lot about each of you and should lead to more thoughtful discussions, regardless of the topic.

Sex games for couples in long-distance relationships are not just about stripping. When you feel connected, you will also improve your sex life.

6. Truth or dare at a distance

It’s time for a grown-up version of this old game that can tell you a lot about your long-distance partner and their level of bravery or honesty.

For example, you can persuade your partner to strip you down to the bare skin or give each other a striptease on one of the video communication platforms.


7. Sexting

Speaking of spicing up your long-distance relationship, there are tons of texting games that you can use and play without having to be in the same room together.

Number one on the list is sexting. That is ideal for maintaining sexual hunger and lust for your partner. Who doesn’t love getting bold text in the middle of the day?

One of the best sex games for long-distance relationships is the sexy “Would you like to meet next time without a bra or panties?”

“Would you rather have sex blindfolded or noise canceling headphones next time we meet?”

8. Game Next time we meet

Another sex game to make your long-distance relationship passionate is one where you describe how your next visit will begin. Classic Teaser!

Should we go to dinner right away, or should we do it in a horizontal position? That is an excellent way to start a sassy scenario. You can continue to send messages with content that describes the next steps in more detail – one at a time.

9. Sexy content sharing

Need some more ideas for sexy games? Send each other links to articles on sex tips.

If you and your partner like to watch erotica, why not send each other links to sexy videos you would like to enjoy together the next time you meet? Long-distance sex games help you endure separation for a long time.

10. Charades

If you are a couple who loves to play games, then Charades is perfect for you! All you have to do to make this happen is to be online and turn on your video simultaneously.

11. Role play

We all need something new besides stability in our relationships. This game allows couples to play off that need for novelty by seeing each other in different roles.

The characters you choose together can be funny, serious, naughty, have superpowers, or all of the above.

Text each other throughout the day, make phone calls, and step into the role of a completely different person. The character you play would always come in a different voice, send lascivious messages and probe new boundaries. That is sure to add excitement to a long-distance relationship.

12. Quotes in the role of love game

By now, you already have a favorite song together, right? However, you probably don’t have a quote that best describes you. The game of choice is quite simple, choose ten love quotes separately and then choose one together.

13. Scavenger hunt

This game is not only fun but allows you to have something to cherish as a memory. Create a list of things you want to send each other, then go hunting to find them.

The list can include a toy, candy, jewelry, or something you find ugly, embarrassing, and random. Buy each other these items and send them. If you don’t like them, feel free to create your categories.

14. Choose an adventure for each other

Research the area where your partner lives and the exciting sights they can visit. Organize an adventure and join them online to guide them from one activity to another.

Plan the whole day, so it feels like you’ve gone on a short trip together.

15. Strip games

You may not be able to undress, but you can certainly enjoy watching it. There are many strip games available for long-distance relationships. If you are looking for a combination of pleasure for the eyes and the soul, you can play a striptease game by answering each other’s questions. Whenever your partner answers incorrectly, you take a piece of their clothing. And so until one of you is left without a single cloth. What will you do after that? Use your imagination!

16. Create a shared list

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. However, it also hurts that you can’t see each other whenever you want. Take advantage of the time apart and think about everything you will do together.

A list of things you could do together will help you focus on the great things you can look forward to. Take it a step further, and guess what your partner would like to wear before you share the picture.

17. Sing karaoke

Whether you think you have singing talent or not, karaoke can make you feel like a new singing star.

It’s not a matter of talent; it’s about fun and activities together. What could be more fun than singing together? Choosing which songs to ask your partner to sing can be part of the game. Have the courage to choose an unexpected theme for each other.


18. Read the book

Wouldn’t it be nice to cuddle before bed and read together? Although separate, you could also create a bedtime routine of reading a book together.

Take 30 minutes to read each other a reading you have chosen together. That can be an introduction to a fun dialogue.

19. Join the virtual world

Maybe in real life, you can’t be a part of each other’s world right now, but in the virtual one, everything is possible. Many free applications at your disposal will turn your dream into reality.

Programs like these allow you to create a world for each other and can be more interactive than online chat or other remote games.

20. Watch the concert

Do you like similar music? If the answer is yes, watching a concert together is the perfect activity. If not, you can support each other by being a part of their world and interests.

Either way, watching a concert together online, regardless of genre, can keep you in a community. There are many ways to keep the fun going in a long-distance relationship.

Incorporating online games for long-distance relationships into your communications is just one way to stay connected and close when you feel distanced from each other. Don’t let the kilometers separate you!