How To Use An Anal Hook?

Anal hooks might be something you’ve ehard of, but never tried out for yourself. They can be a “hole” lot of fun – and can be used in so many spicy situations!

If you’ve ever wondered just what an anal hook is for, and how you could use one for your own fun, then this article is perfect for you!


We’ll tell you what an anal hook is, what they feel like, and how you can make sure to use them safely in your own play sessions!

What Is An Anal Hook?

An anal hook is a smooth piece of metal that’s been formed into a curved, hook shape – and, unsurprisingly, it’s for sticking up your (or someone elses) butt! Anal hooks typically have a ball on one end – these come in various different sizes, small and large.

They can also have different shapes on the end, or multiple stacked balls, much like anal beads. On the other end of the hook is a loop. This is typically used to tie a rope on, which makes an anal hook something that you can easily use in rope and bondage play.

They can actually come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, like many sex toys – but if you’re new to anal hooks and looking for something to try out, it’s not recommended that you try anything too big – it’s probably best to stick to a small to medium sized hook with a standard ball end, rather than another shaped end.

Or, you can also get hooks that don’t have anything on the end at all.

They’re not for everyone, of course, but if you’re into anal play, bondage play, submission (trust us – there are few things more likely to make you feel submissive than a hook up your backside) – then used properly and safely, an anal hook could be something that’s a lot of fun for you!

What Do They Feel Like?

It’s definitely something of an intense situation and feeling, both physically and mentally. Physically, they feel similarly to how you’d expect – like you’ve got a hard, cold bit of metal up your rear end.

It’s not like having a dildo or a butt plug up there though – it’s rather a different situation! As there’s a rope on the end of the hook, you’ll have the option of being tied off to something, someone, or to yourself.

For instance, if you’ve got your hands tied behind your back, attached to an anal hook by a rope – well, you’re going to be extremely aware of the presence of that hook!

Much like anal sex, or anything involving the rear end, they’re not exactly intended to be painful with safe play (although, as they’re a hook up the ass, there certainly can be a little bit of pain involved – it’s all about that balance between pleasure and pain sometimes, after all!), but they’re definitely something that you’ll be constantly aware of.

On first insertion, you’ll almost certainly notice the coldness of the hook, as it’ll almost certainly be colder than you are! As it’s steel, it’ll have absolutely no give to it at all – it won’t bend at all, and unlike a rubber or silicone toy won’t be soft at all.

As such, with a rope attached they can definitely restrict your movement – which, of course, is part of the fun!

What Are They Used For?

They’re used for all sorts of things, actually – they can be an extremely versatile toy.

As they are literally a hook up the butt, attached to a rope, they can be absolutely amazing for almost any situation that involves submission.

If your dom/domme leads you somewhere by that rope, then no matter how gently they do it, you are absolutely following them!

You can use the loop on the end to help you tie someone off, or be tied off, in all sorts of fascinating ways. For instance, they can be simply tied to the torso so that the hook remains in place when the person that it’s in is standing, letting them wear it under clothes – nobody need ever know that you’ve got a hook inside you!

Or they could be put to great use in bondage play. They can be easily tied to various objects in the room, or to other body parts. Collars are a popular thing to attach the rope to, as are the wrists, and even the hair!

They let you get really creative with your play – and can even be used without a rope, as a finger can of course fit through the loop too!

Of course, there are hooks for the vagina too, and they’re of course pretty similar – some toys are sold as being able to be used for both!

Safe Play With Anal Hooks

First of all – while pushing your limits can be a big part of the fun of BDSM play, it’s important to know and respect them too! Don’t try to start off with a bigger hook than you’re ready for, and always make sure that you take your time and do your best to stay safe!

Always ensure that you’ve got a safe word, and that you use it as soon as you feel like you need to. This is so important, not just with anal hooks, but with any form of play with others – alway smake sure that you’re ready to give your safeword the instant you feel like you want to stop!

This means that if you feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or you’re in any pain, then it’s time to stop the action straight away – after all, this is meant to be fun!

Have a damn good look at your hook before it goes anywhere near your back door. If it’s damaged, misshaped, dirty, scratched, has any rough edges – basically, if it’s not in perfect condition and absolutely spotless – then don’t use it!

You can’t have fun without safe toys, after all. You should also make sure to thoroughly clean and sterilize your hook after every single use – and never ever share a hook, or move a hook from anus to vagina, before it has been thoroughly cleaned and sterilized.

A hook with a ball on the end can often be a better place to start, as it can help to make sure that any force is distributed over a much larger area.

This can be safer and less likely to cause pain for beginners. Of course, make sure again not to try a bigger ball than you’re comfortable with.

Make sure that you’re warmed up first – you need to be ready and aware of the hook, and also relaxed, so that it’s easier to insert.

Use plenty of lube – there’s no need to be sparing at all. A lube launcher can be a great idea – these can get lubricant right inside the butt, which can of course help too with insertion.

If you’re going to be using a condom for anal sex during the session, make sure to use a silicone based lubricant, as they don’t degrade condoms like oil-based lubes do. In fact, silicon lubes can be great for anal hook play, as they also don’t dry up as quickly as waterbased lubes do either!

Don’t use any lubes that have a numbing effect, though. This could be very dangerous – you want to be able to feel everything that’s going on back there! If you’re feeling pain, a numbing agent isn’t the way to deal with it – you need to stop outright.

When inserting a hook into yourself or someone else, make sure that whoever is receiving the hook is comfortable and relaxed. It might well be best to prepare the anus for the hook entry with a finger or two first – this can both help get the recipient in the mood, and help warm the muscles of the back door up.

The recipient should lie down on their side or their stomach, as it can help with insertion. Whether they’re putting it in themselves, or their partner is inserting it -make sure to go slowly and steadily, at a pace that they are comfortable with.


If you’ve been interested in learning about anal hooks, then we hope that this brief guide to how to use an anal hook has helped you out! They could be a lot of fun for you and your partner. Remember, play safe!