Best Lesbian Anal Hooks

If you’re new to a bit of eroticism is in your life then you could be looking for the best anal hooks, or perhaps your arsenal is missing the best anal hooks, parden the pun.

Whatever reason you may be looking for anal hooks is for you and your partner to know, that being said it is always best to be informed on what the best is and why it is considered the best.

Luckily for you if you are unsure on what you should specifically be looking for then that’s okay, we’ve done the leg work for you.

In general anal hooks will follow the hook shape, that is funilly enough where they get their names from, they are also known as ass hooks. But the hook part is the most important with regards to its shape and design. 

Anal hooks can often be made from various different materials but the material that is used the most is in fact stainless steel, they tend to have a metal ball on one side of the hook and a metal ring on the other side.

A fair warning is that anal hooks are known to cause more injuries than many other sex toys, this is due to their rigid nature as like mentioned they are often manufactured from stainless steel. 


The first anal hook that we have on our list today is the FST Stainless Steel Anal hook, the stainless steel provides a very smooth surface area. This is highly important in regards that it won’t irritate yours or your female partner's skin when it is being used.

It is also quite a versatile product as it comes with a loop right at the end. The loop can have a chain or a rope attached to it which will develop another fun way to play.

Not only is it suitable for lesbian partners, but it is also suitable for a variety of other people, such as couples and gay men, it can be used for both vaginal and anal sex.

Obviously when it comes to purchasing an item like this, it could well be the last thing that you want your neighbor to see, luckily for you it has very discreet packaging so you can be completely worry free.

It also is an incredibly ergonomic product that can easily be inserted through the anus, it will also adapt to the human bodily structure so this will hopefully make it a much safer product to use. 


  • This has a smooth surface area making it a much easier product to insert without causing skin irritation
  • Very versatile bpth in use and who can use it.
  • Discreet packaging for those who are more private and wouldn’t want their neighbors to know what they have ordered.


  • Only available in one size.


This particular anal hook is also made from stainless steel like many other anal hooks. The stainless steel creates a very smooth layer for insertion which is is great for causing less irritation on the skin, if the surface area for the anal hook is rougher it can cause a lot of pain and irritation for the users. 

It is also a waterproof item which means that you can wash it with soap and hot water and the material will not rust or decay in any way.

If the material were to rust it could cause an infection so proper hygien is highly important when it omes to anal hooks for you and your female partner.

This hook can also be used with hot and cold water, this means that if you would like to insert something that is hotter to spice up your love life or something that is a lot colder to perhaps cool your area down then that is possible. Some have stated that it is not the best design however. 


  • It is made of stainless steel which will provide the user with a smooth surface area to limit skin irritation.
  • Due to the fact that the item is waterproof you can correctly clean it and not have to worry about any rust or corrosion of the metal.
  • You can do temperature play with this anal hook.


  • Some say that the design is not the best.


The Miss Darcy Steel Anal Hook only has one ball attached to it. It will also have a ring which can have a rope or chain attached to it which can lead to all sorts of other fun games for you and your partner. 

This anal hook can be used by both men and women and isn’t specific to one sexual orientation.

The way that your partner will move when the anal hook is inserted is how the ball will move when inside of them, this means that each posisition will cause some kind of sensation for you.

This leads to a whole new level of dominance as you can technically just watch as they move which will lead to the ball manipulating their sensations as they move. If domination is your kink then this might be the perfect product for you.


  • Can have a rope or a chain attached which can lead to all sorts of fun and games for you and your partner.
  • Isn’t specific to just one sexual orientation and can be used by any one who would like to.
  • The ball will be controlled by the user's movements, which means technically if you are not the user then you don’t even have to physically do anything to watch your partner's enjoyment.


  • More of a 90 degree angle and not as curved as the picture would suggest.


Dominix Deluxe Medium Anal Hook

This specifc anal hook is also made from stainless steel which creates a very smooth surface area like the other anal hooks on this list.

A smooth surface area is what will help in the fight against skin irritation which can be very prominent in anal hooks.

The loop can also be used to attach both chains and ropes which can lead to even more sexual games for you and your partner and a whole new level of domination or submissive behaviour.

The wide ball on this specific anal hook is perfect for sensation and being precise with your partners G spot.

This makes it a lot easier to find the G spot and makes it a lot less work for you. That being said if it is your first time using an anal hook then it is important to be careful as this is a wide ball.


  • Very smooth surface area
  • Loop to add all sorts of other sexual games.
  • Wide pall for precise stimulation of the G spot.


  • Be careful of the wide ball when first inserting as it could be very painful.


Stainless Steel Hook Plug With Ball Available In 4 Sizes

To fulfil any of your sexual fantasies this specific anal hool comesin four different sizes and also has quite a unique shape on the tip of the anal hook This will help increase specific sensations.

To provide a challenge to even the most experienced anal slave the ball is extra thick, in the safest and secure way so there is no need to worry about the dangers that anal hooks normally present. 

It is also made from stainless steel which creates a very smooth surface area which will combat any skin irritation that you may struggle with if the product is made from any other material that isn’t as smooth, this also provides it with an ability to be easily cleaned.

It will not rust when you clean in between uses so you can correctly clean the product to further avoid any other unhygienic results.

This product will provide you with an incredibly heart pounding experience which will only add to the thrills of your sexual games.


  • Comes in different sizes which help with anal play
  • Very safe and secure
  • Made from stainless steel which will provide a very smooth surface area to combat any chances of skin irritation
  • Very easily cleaned which helps with the general hygiene of the product


  • Ball isn’t removable


This is a lovely anal hook made from stainless steel so like the other anak hooks mentioned on this list it is perfect for battling skin irritation issues.

It is also available in either a 1 ball or 2 ball fitting so you can choose which seems more fun for you and your partner to use.

This product will also come in a discreet package so that you can rest assured that if you are perhaps not home when it is delivered you don’t have to worry about your neighbor knowing exactly what is in the packaging. 

Like many other of the anal hooks previously mentioned on this list this also comes with a loop so that you can attach either a rope or chain to it and rise to new levels of domination and hopefully increase the pleasure of your sexual fantasies. Although it is known to be hollow and will fill with water which can be dangerous.


  • Stainless steel which will mean it is a smooth surface area.
  • Discreet packaging which means you can rest assured that your privacy is protected
  • Comes with a loop so you can add rope or chains to your sexual play.


  • Has a hollow tube which has been known to fill up with water which can be quite dangerous.


Another great anal hook is the Abaodam stainless steel anal hook, like the others mentioned that are made from stainless steel it will provide a very smooth surface area that will combat any forms of skin irritation that can be caused by more rougher materials. 

It has a curved design which makes it great fo fitting in both the anus and vagina which makes this a pretty universal anal hook that doesn’t mean that you have to be part of a lesbian couple to fully enjoy this anal hook.

You can be a straight or a gay couple and it doesn’t matter.

It also has three different balls all at different sizes which mean that pleasure can be more easily achieved and essentially worked in if you are not use to the size of some of the balls that are on the end of anal hooks.

This will make it a much safer product for you to use with your partner.


  • Stainless steel will provide you the best surface area which will cause less skin irritation
  • Different ball sizes make it a lot easier to work your way in to the uses of anal hooks
  • The curved design make it perfect for both the anus and the vaginal area


  • Balls are permanent and cannot be removed to make it easier.


Best Lesbian Anal Hooksss

In conclusion you have plenty of choice regarding the best anal hooks for you and your female partner to use, things you need to consider are if they can be cleaned hygenically by soap and hot water to avoid any chance of infection that can be caused.

It is also important that the anal hook is made from is stainless steel as this will help the product me a much smoother surface which will combat skin irritations which can be a prominent issue with anal hooks.

They are all very safe products to use but tread carefully as anal hooks are one of the leading things that can cause an injury from sexual toys.

You want your anal hook to be very rigid to not cause any injury. It is also a good idea that you can attach a rope or chain to the loop part of the hook which can increase your levels of domination over your partner.

This will bring more enjoyment to your sexual fantasies all together.

Marissa White