Best Unicorn Tail Butt Plug

When it comes to the bedroom it’s key to keep things exciting, whether it’s with your spouse, partner or maybe even someone you’ve just met.

A good way to keep things exciting is using toys, there are many different toys available to use and today we’re going to discuss butt plugs, specifically unicorn tailed ones.

Having a theme to your toys can really mix things up as it can create scenarios outside of how you usually go about doing the deed and can often help with added pleasure.

With the wide range of colors and styles these unicorn butt plugs may be a good option to mix things up in the bedroom.


Unicorn Tails Butt Plug

If you have the fantasy of bringing a colorful unicorn roleplay to the bedroom, then this plug may be the one for you.

It’s a super smooth silicone plug that tapered making it pleasant and smooth for an easy insertion with the slim neck so under any conditions it’s going to stay inserted.

Coming in several colors, blue, pink, yellow, pastel blue and multicolored there’s plenty of choices so you can be any unicorn that you desire.

To make sure you keep your tail in the best condition possible it’s advised you wash gently under water removing any fluids or lubes used and squeeze it dry and perhaps a soft brush just to make sure it comes back to its natural flow.

Waterproof and made from polyester should ensure no worries of real hair and no worries about damage from any kind of fluid.


  • Wide range of colors, no limitations on imagination.
  • Shape, easy to insert and easy to keep in place making it very easy to use.
  • Cleaning, very easy to clean and doesn’t need much care to maintain
  • Silicone, it’s much easy to find the correct shape which make more comfortable


  • Material, polyester isn’t the nicest material to use as it’s very cheap.
  • Silicone isn’t as easy to insert and remove as metal plugs.


Purple Unicorn Tail Butt Plug – Silicone

Vibrant, cute, and colorful. This butt plug is definitely going to add some fun in the bedroom, it helps to enhance and bring the unicorn fantasy to life.

With its bright purple color and long flowing tail you’re definitely going to be inspired for something different. With a tapered plug made from silicon it allows for a comfortable fit that isn’t going to budge no matter how wet and wild things are getting.

If you plan to get kinky and wild, then this bedroom accessory could be ideal for you. Its total length comes in at just over a foot and 3.2 cm in diameter made from silicon and faux hair you’re going to bring the unicorn role play to life.

The seller has 5-star reviews so you know you’re getting the right product for you.


  • Soft Silicon, for a comfortable fit that wont shift or move during the act.
  • Shape, a nice, tapered shape to make it easy to insert, remove and hold its position.
  • Cleaning, soft, smooth plastic makes it very easy to clean.
  • Colorful, to enhance the unicorn feel.
  • Handmade, so it is unique and made with the unicorn design in mind.


  • Comes limited in colors, not much variety.
  • Silicon isn’t as easy to remove and insert as a metal plug.
  • The faux hair isn’t the highest quality and isn’t super durable.


Bright Unicorn Tail Butt Plug

This colorful butt plug will surely add fun to your bedroom, especially for those just getting into using sex toys. With its beautiful colors. This tail is made from silicon so again would be easy to insert and keep there without having to think about the performance.

This 22inch plug comes with a detachable tail so you have the option to use with or without (why would you want to go without this wonderful tail though).

With plenty of 5-star reviews only complimenting the style and build quality it’s an absolute winner for those looking to get into toys and roleplaying.

With two different size options the small has a diameter of 72 mm at its thickest point. The medium comes in at 82mm at its thickest point.


  • Detachable tail, can mix up the look of the tail and makes it much easier to clean.
  • Tapered plugs are so easy to insert.
  • Two different sizes for those beginning and those who have some experience.
  • Really nice colorful design to bring the roleplay to life and feel sexy.
  • Soft silicon plastic, easy to fit different shapes.
  • Easy to clean because of its soft smooth plastic.


  • Metal is better than silicon for insertion and removal as it holds its shape much better.
  • Only one color/pattern, not much variety.
  • No returns due to the nature of the product.


Unicorn Tails – Butt Plug With Rainbow Tail

For those looking to bring some excitement to the bedroom these colorful cute and fun tails are the ideal choice. Being made out of a flexible smooth silicon, this plug is easy to insert and is going to hold its position despite getting wild in the bedroom.

With this bring colored rainbow tail shaking it's definitely going to get you in the mood for some extra fun role playing.  Whether you’re role playing with your partner or playing solo this tail is definitely going to inspire some extra naughtiness.

The plug is made from silicon and the tail is made from faux hair.


  • Design is bright and colorful and lets you really feel like a unicorn.
  • Silicon plastic is modellable so once inserted it is comfortable and stays in place.
  • Soft, smooth plastic makes for an easy clean.


  • Metal is better for inserting and removing as it retains its shape better.
  • Faux hair isn’t the highest quality fake hair to purchase so it can make cleaning the tail slightly more effort.


Unicorn Tails – Butt Plug With Pink Ponytail

This flashy pink butt plug is definitely catching the feminine vibe and is guaranteed to make any woman feel sexy wearing this one whilst roleplaying.

However, just because of its color it isn’t limited to just women, anyone can pull this hot pink tail off and use it to enhance the sexy fun they have in the bedroom with their partner, or they can even go solo with it.

It’s made from a super smooth silicone plastic so you know it’s going to hold its place tight and will be comfortable once inserted. Choose this one if you want to big up your unicorn roleplaying game.


  • Bright, flashy color, very vibrant and fun for the full unicorn experience.
  • Smooth silicon, waterproof and makes it easy to wash the plug.
  • Silicon is moldable and is great at keeping its place inside the anus.


  • Faux hair isn't of great quality so you need to be careful when rinsing.
  • Metal plugs are easier for inserting and removing as they hold their shape well. 


B-Vibe Unicorn Butt Plug Set Limited Edition

This plug is definitely one of the better ones as not only does it offer the unicorn style, but it also vibrates offering that extra pleasure. With a twisting texture on the medium sized plug, it offers 6 different patterns of vibration and 10 different levels of intensity.

The plug comes with a detachable tail, so it allows you to change the colors and makes it easy for cleaning when finished. Medium sized plug with a 19” tail included, with a set to get involved and live your best unicorn life.

It's battery powered and rechargeable so there’s no need to worry about pesky wires and swapping out batteries all the time. This set also includes a unicorn backpack to transport your plug around easily and some glow in the dark unicorn stickers for extra fun.


  • Vibrant colors to enhance the unicorn feel.
  • Smooth silicon is so easy to wipe clean.
  • Silicon plastic is a good material to hold its position once inserted.
  • Battery powered so no wires.
  • Rechargeable.
  • 6 Vibration patterns and 10 levels of intensity.
  • Includes anal play guide.


  • Like all silicone plugs, metal is better for inserting and removing.
  • Not waterproof so you’ll have to wipe the plug clean.
  • Synthetic hair is not the highest quality and needs care when cleaning.


Rainbow Unicorn Tail Anal Plug

Like the previous one from prowler this offers a very similar look and plug texture. This one could be ideal for those who less experienced in anal play, as it comes as more of a starter kit with a basic plug and tail, no batteries of vibration included.

It still has the twisted texture to the plug for an enhanced experience and a wonderful 19” tail in amazing colors to get the full feeling of being a unicorn. This one comes in amazing, themed packaging with a guide on how to live your best unicorn life.


  • Bright wonderful colors, just as unicorns are imagined.
  • Smooth silicon plastic makes it very easy to clean.
  • Waterproof, making washing far easier.
  • Includes guide to anal play.


  • Silicon isn’t as good as the metal plugs for inserting and removing.
  • Synthetic hair, so you’ll need to be delicate when cleaning as it's not high quality.


The actual plug on this one comes in an amazing rainbow color as well as an amazing colorful tail. This cute design is great for spicing up the bedroom antics.

The plug itself is made of a soft flexible silicon and is ideal for beginners looking to explore the anal roleplay game.

With it’s soft plastic this will make it great for shaping inside the anus and won't require much effort to keep it in place even when things are getting going.

The actual plug itself is narrow hence why it’s perfect for beginners and the tail on it is long and bushy and similar to that of what a unicorn is imagined to be and will absolutely get you in the mood for some roleplay.


  • Suitable for beginners due to its narrow plug.
  • Bright colors, great for roleplaying.
  • Soft silicon, this will help it hold its position inside the anus.
  • Smooth plastic makes it easy to wash after each use.


  • Narrow plug, more advanced anal users may not get along with this one.
  • Synthetic hair, difficult to wash and style if need be.
  • Not a metal plug, which is easier to insert and remove as it holds its shape much better.


When looking for the ideal unicorn butt plug for you, there are a few things that need to be considered. First of all, the type of unicorn you want to be as this will affect the colors you’ll be choosing.

Best Unicorn Tail Butt Plug

Second is the type of plug you want, this can mean metal, plastic, silicon, or even what texture. As different materials and textures will have an effect on the pleasure you’ll receive.

Lastly you should consider size as beginners will want to start smaller and eventually work their way up to a larger size, and only what is comfortable with them. One extra note, battery powered vibrating ones will offer the most pleasure as it enhances the experience that one bit extra. 

Marissa White