Best Pig Tail Butt Plug

We already know how great butt plugs are. That feeling of being filled is immensely satisfying and can help to lead to some amazing orgasms.

They can be used alone to increase masturbation pleasure, or you can include them in some fun between you and your partner, to create a kinky experience. 

However, if you ever wondered how you could take the experience of a butt plug to the next level, then you are not alone. There are all sorts of variations on butt plugs, such as vibrating butt plugs, or even butt plugs made from different materials.

Perhaps most interesting of all butt plugs, though, is the tail butt plug. The only difference between an ordinary butt plug and a tail butt plug is the long and fake animal appendage attached to the end.

This small extra can make a big difference, introducing an element of roleplay to sex or masturbation. 

The use cases of tail butt plugs can vary massively. Some use them for novelty purposes, to create a slightly cute or humorous look during sex, while others use them to act out entirely animal-focused sexual fantasies.

The animals imitated by these plugs can vary, but today we’ll be focusing on pig-tail-shaped butt plugs! What are the best pig tail butt plugs? Why don’t we find out!

What Are Some of the Best Pig Tail Butt Plugs on the Market Right Now?

What we’ve explained so far has probably piqued your interest, at least a small amount. No doubt, you’re quite intrigued to find out what sorts of pig tail butt plugs exist out there, and how you can get ahold of one for yourself! If so, read onwards!


It’s remarkably simple but incredibly effective. Simply adding a long curling piece of pink plastic to the end of this butt plug is more than enough to create the admittedly adorable pig look.

Made from TPE, this comfortable butt plug will fit just about any user and can be used to fulfill any fantasies possible. Want to do a bit of pet play? Maybe even a bit of humiliation?

Or maybe you just want to inject some humor into your sex? Either way, this is the perfect product for all. 

This product also makes for a great introduction into the world of roleplaying, and also to the world of butt plugs.

The design of the plug is uncomplicated and undaunting, featuring a simple plug that fits snugly, but can also be removed easily, to prevent discomfort. You could ease yourself into the practice of anal play with this toy, thanks to its simple design. 

Make sure to use this toy with plenty of water-based lubricants, and take it nice and slow, if it is your first time. Soon enough, you, and maybe even a partner will be going the whole hog and having some of the best orgasms you’ve ever experienced. 


  • The simple design makes this undaunting for those new to the world of anal play, and makes for a great simple additional toy for more experienced users.
  • The TPE materials used to make the toy are soft and flexible, and can even be recycled!
  • Features an adorable bubblegum pink color that really makes the toy pop, especially when in use.


  • More experienced users may be disappointed at how easily the toy can be removed, as it can lead to it slipping out.
  • A number of users have noted that the plastic can deform slightly when not in use, due to the TPE materials.


BDSM Toy Pig Ears And Butt Plug

Complete that piggy look even more with this frankly adorable BDSM set from Etsy designer ‘MySexyWorld’. First, let’s talk about arguably the most important feature of this set, the pair of fluffy pig ears.

Once you have donned the comfortably curly pig-tail butt plug, simply pop these ears atop your head, and you have a look that is simply to die for.

This toy set would make for a perfect gift for yourself and your lover, to enjoy a night of incredible and intimate role play. 

The butt plug itself features a soft tail unlike any of the tails we’ve mentioned up until this point. The tail is made from a soft faux-fur material that adds an extra element of soft kink to the outfit.

The tail is also slightly more flexible and floppy than others, which allows it to move about externally during the action, to show excitement, and make the act of love-making all that more mind-blowing. 

The butt plug is made from metal, which is great for those of you who are worried about cleanliness. For as many benefits as silicone-based butt plugs have, they do also have an awkward tendency to retain odors and even become discolored from use.

This means that you would have to fully douche before use of the toy, and even then you may still be likely to damage it in small ways like that. Metal, on the other hand, will not retain odors and can be cleaned far easier.

This toy can look brand new every time you pull it out for use. Metals are also able to retain temperatures, which can be used to introduce an extra element of play.

Try dipping the metal into some warm water before inserting it, to see how different temperatures feel deep within. 


  • The soft materials on every element of the set give it a slightly adorable look that adds an extra kinky element to any role-playing scenario.
  • The plug itself is made from metal, which is far more sanitary and is incredibly easy to clean. Metal can also retain heat, to allow for light temperature play. 
  • The tail section on this toy is considerably large and can move about freely during love-making.


  • The faux fur on the tail could accidentally get into contact with lube during play, so be sure to take care of it.
  • Metal butt plugs are not intended for use by beginners in the world of anal play, as they are rigid, which can be uncomfortable for those with little experience.


Pink Pig Tail Butt Plug

Etsy is truly proving to be a fertile ground for independent sex toy designers to make a great name for themselves. Look no further than designer ‘BONBDSM’ as an example of this.

With close to 12,000 total lifetime sales, they’ve no doubt earned their stellar five-star rating. If you want to experience their high-quality first hand, then why not try out their delightful Pink Pig Tail Butt Plug? 

This butt plug features a smooth and comfortable design that would fit snugly for anyone and adds a little element of both kink, and cuteness to any sexy outfit.

The tail itself curls pleasantly, perhaps more so than any other product we’ve listed so far, and really suggests the classic look of a pig. The color of the toy may be a minor detail, but it does go a long way to making this product shine.

The toy features a slightly subtle pink color that feels slightly more natural, especially when compared to some of the bubblegum pink options we’ve explored so far. 

It also goes without mentioning that the plug section of this toy itself is also perfect. It features a smooth and soft taper, which allows it to easily insert, and keeps it nicely held in place.

The toy is also easy to remove, as the taper is not extreme, and the plug will not become ‘stuck’ within you.

The flared bottom of the plug section is built to lightly cradle the exterior of your anus, hold the toy in place, and prevent it from being withdrawn further than it is supposed to go.

The flared bottom also stimulates the exterior of the anus, to provide for extra pleasure, whether enjoying the toy alone or with a partner. 


  • Simultaneously durable and incredibly comfortable to allow for amazing anal play for beginners and those with experience.
  • The pig tail is perfectly designed and looks simply adorable in use.
  • Silicone is able to retain its shape, while also allowing flexibility for comfort.


  • Silicone cannot be used with oil-based lubricants.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes that may be too daunting for beginner users.

What Is The Best Of All Pig Tail Butt Plugs?

Picking the absolute best of all of the various pig-shaped butt plugs out there is one hell of a difficult endeavor. However, we think we’ve just about managed it. We’ve considered factors such as comfort, excitement, materials, and price to come to our final decision!

Let’s find out what it is! 


Sinnovator Squeal Platinum Silicone Butt Plug

If you want a pig-like butt plug with a little more durability, then look no further than this amazing little number from the amazing designers at Sinnovator!

Unlike our previous tail, this tail is made entirely with silicone, which is able to far more reliably retain its shape from use to use, and also has a slightly more smooth texture.

Even without a generous helping of lube, your fingers would glide across the soft surface of this toy. 

This butt plug has been hand-sculpted to create the perfect piggy look, and also to provide the perfect balance between comfort and excitement.

The insertable plug section of the toy is around 4.5 inches in length and has an immense circumference of around 5.5 inches. This makes it slightly more suited for experienced users who want a slight stretching sensation from their plugs.

However, it is not an immensely massive size and would make for an exciting challenge for a beginner or intermediate anal player. It’s the perfect size to fit in nice and smoothly, while still stretching the sphincter enough to feel stimulating and exciting. 

The tail of the plug stretches out at a considerable length of 7-inches, so that it is clearly visible during play, which can be incredibly exciting for your sexual partner, and will have you feeling very sexy.

And you won’t have to worry about your piggy disguise coming loose during even the most exciting moments, as it features a sturdy tapered shape that you’ve likely come to expect from the best butt plugs.

This means that it will stay firmly in place as long as you want it to, but can be removed easily when you want it out!

Make sure that when you use this butt plug you only use water-based lubricants. This is because oil-based lubricants can eat away at the integrity of plastics, and especially silicone.

This could cause the quality of your toy to degrade, which would be a real shame, as it has a hefty price tag, and is of the highest quality.

Water-based lubricants are also far easier to clean off of a toy after use and will dry quicker, so it does not matter if you accidentally spill some during play. 


  • Has an incredible sense of weight to it, which serves as a reminder of the high-quality materials and craftsmanship involved in creating it. This weight also makes it feel incredible during use. 
  • Silicone is soft to the touch, and is incredibly durable, to allow for hours of sturdy but safe fun.
  • Is a perfect size to challenge newer anal play lovers, and to satisfy long-time users of butt plugs.


  • Silicone toys cannot be used with oil-based lubricants, as they can be damaged by the ingredients inside. 
  • Can require a bit of work to insert the toy the first time, but is worth every second of effort.

In Conclusion

Best Pig Tail Butt Plug

While it may make an outsider turn up their nose, making use of tail-shaped butt plugs can add a new and exciting realm of pleasure to your sex life.

Whether enjoyed alone or with a special partner, you’ll have so much fun with one of these pig-tail-shaped butt plugs we explored today. So what are you waiting for? Grab one now before they all sell out! 

Marissa White