Best Glass Butt Plugs

Glass butt plugs are the ultimate combination of style and substance when it comes to anal toys.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a material used for sex toys that can offer such amazing and artistic designs as well as create intricate and erotic textures to enjoy.

All this whilst being a totally body-safe material. Glass butt plugs and dildos have been around for a long time and you’ll be amazed at how many brilliant and varied designs you can find!

From beads, basic plugs, giant plugs, and even tentacle plugs and dildos, you’ll be sure to find a style you’ll love, and they have the added benefit of looking so stylish as well.

Read on to find out more about our top picks for glass butt plugs available now!

Why Glass?

Glass is a durable and safe material to use in your body. This might seem counterintuitive, as when you think about glass, you don’t really think about unbreakable do you? And here really lies the kicker.

When purchasing glass dildos or butt plugs, make sure you are buying from a reputable seller and not getting a cheap imitation one! High-quality glass sex toys should last you forever.

This is definitely not to scare you off, as even cheaper glass toys would not shatter being put under the strain of your butt, but there can be stress points on cheaper quality glass items such as ring-pulls or odd shapes that have not been designed to handle excessive pressure. 

That being said, just make sure the glass items you are buying are from a good reputable brand, and you can always do some extra research if you want to err on the side of caution!

A good glass butt plug will be made from borosilicate or pyrex and be incredibly durable. 

Glass is an amazing material for butt plugs and dildos due to the varied textures and surfaces you can create, especially with hand-blown pieces.

They are also relatively heavy which a lot of people really enjoy the feeling of in their anus as it can be extra stimulating as it pulls down on your sphincter muscles. They are also fully resistant to bacteria as they are non-porous.

They are also excellent for temperature play as they heat up to your body temperature once inserted, and you can cool them down with ice or heat them up with warm water. 

Another bonus for many users of glass butt plugs is that many of them are transparent, meaning you can look directly into your partner’s ass through the flared base of the plug, great for those who love ass worship, gaping, and stretching. 

Different Styles Of Glass Butt Plug 

  • Standard - a classic butt plug is usually acorn or a pointed conical shape, with a tapered bottom leading to a flared out, round base for safety and stability. These are the most common butt plug shape as they stretch without too much length and are easy to move around with them inside
  • Swirly - another great textured plug style usually with lots of different patterns, sometimes mimicking veins or other patterns
  • Twisted - Hand-blown glass can come in so many shapes, twisted ones are great for prostate stimulation and for getting the most powerful sensation out of every thrust!
  • Beaded - Usually a string of glass beads either as one solid shaft or on a flexible string, perfect for pulling in and out for ultimate stimulation.
  • Long - Dildo shaped butt plugs are great for more stimulation, especially if inserting and removing them, they often have additional textures for extra arousal.
  • Tentacle and fantasy plugs - Perfect for monster or fantasy play, themed on hentai or monster tentacles, these are perfect for role-playing or cosplay. Also can be attatched to animal style faux fur tails for role play and kink play. 


Best Faux Fur Glass Butt Plug

Perfect if you’re interested in trying out cat or fantasy roleplay, this beautiful faux fur tail comes with a glossy black glass butt plug to add a touch of luxury to your outfit!

Most tails tend to come with metal or silicone attachments, but this beauty pushes the boat out with a stunning black glass plug. The plug is a perfect size for beginners but has the added weightiness of glass, as well as a tapered shape and a flared base.

The tail itself is silky smooth and perfectly fluffy, we love this one! The tail is also a great length at 17” which swishes around with your body in the sexiest way! 


  • Long, glossy tail
  • The small-sized plug is perfect for beginners
  • Borosilicate glass is body-safe
  • Great for temperature play
  • Glass makes it more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time than metal or silicone attachments that you’d usually find with faux fur tails


  • Not detachable, so hard to clean if anything gets onto your fluffy tail
  • The tail has quite a hard structure so be aware if you’re after a completely non-rigid tail, this may not be for you


LoveHoney Glass Tentacle Dildo

Yes, this may be a bit niche, but it’s one of the best ones we’ve tried so simply couldn’t leave it out of our reviews!

This glass tentacle dildo is full to the brim with arousing and sensual textures, bumps, and grooves to really get you in the mood!

It is perfect for both anal and vaginal play, as it’s perfectly shaped to hit your g-spot, just be sure to wash thoroughly between switching from one to another!!!

It’s curved in a way that you can really get a good grip of it when inserting but without the dangers of pulling ring attachments which can break under stress, great for solo play or with a partner!

It’s also the most gorgeous shade of rose pink, and transparent, which is an added bonus if you or your partner are big fans of really seeing up close what’s going on down there! 

This one really is the only dildo you need to fulfill your monster fantasies and it’s just so cute to boot! We’d have to say it’s a top contender for best glass toy due to its versatility and design. 


  • Beautiful rose-colored glass
  • Textured along the whole length with glass ridges
  • Veiny texture for added stimulation
  • The curved end is great for maintaining a good grip
  • Perfect tentacle design combines creepy and cute!


  • Is a little more like a tongue than a tentacle in real life, but still super cute!
  • Could do with being a little thicker, but that’s up to personal preference


Crystal Heart Pink Glass Dildo

This is a great choice if you want to start exploring anal play but don’t quite know whether to get a toy that’s suited for anal play and nothing else!

This wand is great for both vaginal and anal play and the length is long enough to be enjoyed in a multitude of ways. 

This is perfect for beginners and more experienced users as it has very satisfying ‘nodules’ down the shaft of the toy, so you can go one inch at a time and test your limits gently, or enjoy the sensation of faster movements.

This glass toy has a beautifully crafted hand-blown heart shape for easy insertion and removal. In terms of safety, it is handblown from borosilicate glass and has a flared base.

Always, always, make sure you are getting something with a flared base if you are using it for ass play as you would be amazed at the suction power you can have!


  • Beautiful pink heart design
  • Nodules down the shaft for ultimate titillation
  • Handblown, anal safe glass
  • Great for both vaginal and anal play (make sure you are cleaning in between!!!)
  • Comes in a beautiful discreet frosted holder
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • The insertable length is 5.5”


  • Not particularly wide, better for first-timers or those wanting length over girth


Icicles Glass Rechargeable Remote Controlled Glass Plug

This is an excellent toy if you want to add some vibration into your play! The handy remote makes it perfect for a discreet secret to play with yourself or your partner when out and about, and the body-safe glass means it’s comfortable to wear for long stretches of time.

A perfect gift if you want to get your partner into a bit of anal play and having someone else control the vibrations is a huge turn-on for both your partner and yourself!

It’s fully rechargeable, so there’s no space taken up by bulky batteries and it’s also fully waterproof, so great for bathtime play too.

This also comes with a suction cup which is really handy if you prefer to squat down, pop onto a wall, or another surface, great for those who love to watch! The suction cup is also totally removable though, and thanks t the flared base you can use it without worry. 


  • 7 levels and 3 speeds of vibration
  • Waterproof vibrating plug
  • Rechargeable with regular USB cable (included)
  • The sleek and luxurious design is perfect for yourself and your partner to enjoy
  • Super easy to clean with warm water or to disinfect
  • Suction cup base to stick onto any non-porous surface such as tile or glass for the perfect angle


  • The remote control isn’t waterproof
  • Again, not the biggest girth, so bear in mind when you purchase


Luscious Playthings XL Glass Cock Head Butt Plug

This beautifully crafted artisanal piece is perfect if you want a bit more of a challenge! The size is intimidating so please work your way up to it!

Once you are ready, however, it offers a very satisfying stretch and is comfortable enough to wear all day whilst massaging every inch of you!

Compared to a regular sizes glass butt plug, it really is quite impressive and is made from hardened borosilicate glass. It is completely see-through making it ideal for those interested in anal gaping and ass worship and perfect for partners to enjoy together!

It’s smooth and comfortable to wear day to day once you’re used to the size and can enhance your daily activities such as walking around the house with intense extra titillation! 


  • Handmade by an artisan creator
  • This extra-large size coming in at 2.25” at the widest point
  • Super smooth glass
  • Flared base for safety
  • Comfortable enough for daily use
  • Bulky head and fat neck for the ultimate feeling of ‘fullness’


  • For intermediate use only! Definitely too big for beginners
  • As it is made by an artisan seller, they are not always in-stock- keep watching their page to see when they become available


Booty Sparks Gem Heart Glass Butt Plug Set

This dazzling set comes with three beautiful see-through glass butt plugs ranging in size from small, medium, and large. The smallest comes in at 1“ and the largest has the widest diameter of 1.6“.

This set is perfect for those who want to explore more anal play but want to take it slow and steady, as you should, before going up to a bigger size. This is a great set for warming up to more fun, or as a stand-alone toy for anal play.

If you are a first time user, start with the smallest and be sure to use plenty of lubrication.

Glass plugs are excellent as they can be used with any lube, whatever you feel best using, and whatever is most comfortable for your body.

These plugs all come with a gorgeous gem attached to the tapered end, and come in both bright regal red and a pretty pink, perfect for adding some sparkle to your booty!

We love this set and think it’s a great way to start building your anal toy collection, especially as the gems are so cute!


  • Three different sizes
  • Super smooth surface
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Perfect for temperature play
  • Heart-shaped tapered base
  • Very cute gems in each one
  • Colors come in both red and pink gems
  • Great for beginners looking to gradually go up in size


  • Even the biggest size isn’t that big, so perfect for beginners but not necessarily for more seasoned ass play

Final Thoughts

Best Glass Butt Plugs

Be sure you’re getting a good quality toy and it will last you a lifetime! It’s worth investing in some really stunning textures and designs, they are almost pretty enough to sit on display!

We really hope you’ve found some toys you’ll be interested in exploring, and glass really is a fabulous material for butt plugs and dildos alike due to its versatility and often beautiful design and craftsmanship. 

Marissa White