Best Anal Hooks

The anal hook is one of the most kinky pieces of equipment you could own and while having someone outside your partner discover your other more conventional sex toys could be embarrassing, this would be another story entirely. 

The reason for this is that anal hooks are very much associated with bondage and BDSM (that is an abbreviation for bondage, discipline (or domination), sadism (or submission), masochism) which is a sexual practice that may include consensually tying, binding, or restraining a partner for erotic, aesthetic, or somatosensory stimulation.

A partner may be physically restrained in a variety of ways, including the use of rope, cuffs, bondage tape, or self-adhering bandages - depending on what is lying around. 

As a first timer, buying anal hooks can be quite daunting as there is hardly any information out there on them, and so hopefully this guide will help you with making the decision on which anal hook out there is best for you.


Dominix Deluxe Medium Anal Hook

In the BDSM world, this brand is known for delivering quality products and their Medium Anal Hook is no exception that is definitely be more suitable for an experienced user because of the size of the ball on the insertion end.

It allows your “sub” to maintain perfect posture as they enjoy any pleasure you give them. 

It also features a generous 6 inches of insertion length, making pulling, twisting and stretching at your “sub” delivering oodles of pleasure. The aluminum ball is detachable, which makes for easy cleaning.

This hook is a good size, affordable and is unisex and so can maximize pleasure in both men and women- what more could you want?

The only downside to this product is that it is a bit large for beginners and the aluminum ball needs to be screwed on tightly as they have a tendency to fall off if they are not.

When testing this product, we loved that the ball feels heavy and fills you up, and it's affordable for the quality you get. It can be purchased here.


Dominix Deluxe Small Anal Hook

This is a smaller version of the above model and is great for beginners because even though use of anal hooks are generally recommended for more experienced bondage players, the size and length of this hook is a good overall option for a first timer.

The insertable length is pretty decent at 5 inches, and the ball looks to be around 1 inch in diameter.

It faces the same issues as its bigger counterpart, where the balls come loose easily, so it is best to make sure the ball is on tightly, but the ball size is sung and gives the wearer endless amounts of pleasure. 

When testing this product, we loved the reasonable price and the ease of insertion. It can be purchased here.


Trailer Hitch

Trailer Hitch is a good option for those who have been into BDSM for a longer time and know what anal hooks are all about.

It is quite unique in that it has a built-in cock ring at the exterior end so that works for switches who like the feeling of being dominated and dominating at the same time. 

The balls and rings come in different sizes- the largest   on the large end of the spectrum, measures in at 2.4 inches in diameter and the rings run between 1.5 and 2 inches in diameter, creating a satisfying and filling experience.

The double stimulation is perfect for solo-penis-owner play, as it will grip round the penis while filling the anus simultaneously. It has a removable stem at the base which ensures that it doesn’t fall out.

You also have the option to remove and replace the ball and stem depending on your needs. It is on the expensive end of the spectrum, but its versatile nature makes the price worth it. 

When testing this product, we loved that this anal hook is so versatile and is suitable for all the size kings and queens out there. It can be purchased here.


Trailer Hitch Kingpin Egg Shaped

An alternative to the Trailer Hitch is the Trailer Hitch Kingpin. The egg-shaped plug is made from polished medical-grade stainless steel and again, is a dual winner as it attaches to a cock ring, creating memorable experiences both for couples and solo play.

It has a curved perineum bar that connects the ring to the stem, stimulating your sensitive spots, including P-spot nerve endings.

It comes in various sizes with the extra large egg circumference coming in at 6.3 inches so is definitely more suited for experienced players. The small is more manageable, coming in at 3.7 inches but still quite large for beginners.  

When testing this product, we loved that its tapered egg-shaped tip makes insertion easy, and it is extremely comfortable to wear for anyone of any sex. It can be purchased here.


Two Balls Stainless Steel Anal Hook

This anal hook has two balls welded onto the insertion end instead of one- making for double the pleasure. It is very affordable and so works well if you want to play, but you are on a budget, and it does not look as daunting as the other models out there so won’t push amateurs away.

It has a 1.5 inch ring diameter for attaching a thicker rope, which is handy if you are trying to restrain someone properly. Not only that, but it has also got 5 inches of insertable length and although simple in design, it delivers on pleasure. 

When testing this product, we loved that it has a simple design and would be very suitable for beginners trying out BDSM. It can be purchased here.


If an anus hook with two balls isn’t enough for you, here’s one from Sexbaby with three balls! Sexbaby is a reputable brand and aims to provide its customers with the best BDSM sex toys for maximum satisfaction.

The beads are tapered and move from 0.75- 1.38 inches in diameter, which is great for easy insertion and gradual stimulation or edging. You can also heat it up by placing it under hot water or put it in the freezer for extra stimulation.

It is perfect for prostate stimulation but is great for both men and women. The bits between the balls have, however, been reported to be difficult to clean, so just ensure that you clean it thoroughly before and after use.

When testing this product, we loved that it has a tapered ball design and can be used to create gradual stimulation. It can be purchased here.


The Miss Darcy Steel Anal Hook only has one ball attached to it, which is only one inch in diameter- which is one of the smaller anal hooks, that have a ball, on the market. There are 5 inches of insertable length, which is comparable to most models on the market.

This anal hook can be used by both men and women and isn’t specific to one sexual orientation, although it is marketed towards women.

It is not as heavy as some of the other balled anal hooks, but it can still be moved around in your anus to give a sensation like no other. It is also a great size for travelling. 

When testing this product, we loved that it is very comfortable (although it may be too much so!). It is also an absolute steal for the value experienced.  It can be purchased here.


Collar To Anal Hook - Forced Bondage

This is a stainless steel anal hook and collar which will be very helpful in combatting against any issues of skin irritation which can be a problem with many plastic or material collared anal hooks.

The ball diameter can be adjusted depending on the size you want, ranging from 0.7 to 1.5 inches. The collar can be customized for either a female or male wearer, and the length of rod between the collar to the anal ball can be adjusted up to 25.6 inches.

The wearer will feel completely restrained and will satisfy both your sexual fantasies and is suitable for novices and more advanced players.

When testing this product, we loved that it was custom-made to fit our needs.  It can be purchased here.

Special Mentions: Hooks for BDSM


Super Thick Stainless Steel Anal Hook

This is an extra thick hook to give a sense of ‘fullness’ without resistance. If you’re a semi-novice with anal play, then this should tickle your fancy just fine. There is no ball attached to this one and is a simple design. 

When testing this product, we loved that it created a full feeling.  It can be purchased here.


Alternative Balls Stainless Steel Anal Hook

If you think that two are better than one, but not at the same time, then this will suit just fine. It has two balls in different sizes, and you can attach either one depending on how adventurous you are feeling that day.

It’s great to have a choice, well at least whoever is doing the hooking has choices, even if the sub doesn’t. 

When testing this product, we loved being spoiled for choice with this two-for-one.  It can be purchased here.


4 Sizes Stainless Steel Anal Hook

This range of four anal hooks allows for incremental expansion of your anal experience. If you’re a beginner, and you’re not sure what size hook is going to be best for you, then you can err on the side of caution by getting a full complement of sizes.

These hooks start off gentle with a 0.78 diameter ball, the next three sizes increase a little each time. The biggest size is 1.6 inches across, which is going to be amazing if you love walking the line between pleasure and pain. 

When testing this product, we loved trying all the different sizes.  It can be purchased here.


UberKinky Cock Lock Intruder with Egg

This is a male-only type of anal hook, so if neither you nor your partner has a penis, you can skip to the next one.

The idea behind this is that a man can have added stimulation with an egg-shaped butt plug, which is attached via the hook to a metal ring around the base of his penis.

This helps him to sustain an erection while he engages in other sexual activities, and the addition of the butt plug will stimulate the prostate. When testing this product, we loved the size of the egg-shaped hook.  It can be purchased here.


Rimba Bondage Hook Attached to Collar

Similar to the Collar To Anal Hook - Forced Bondage, it is all about domination of your partner. Where it shines is that it is adjustable up to 28 inches, which is more than enough for anymore. 

When testing this product, we loved the level of restriction and the central O ring attached to the rod for tying ropes to.  It can be purchased here.


Sinner Gear Metal Cock Cage with Anal Hook

This one is for all you man-subs out there. It is a solid steel cage that goes around the penis, which prevents erections for hardcore power play. This is then attached to an anal hook for extra pleasure. 

When testing this product, we loved the level of restriction sleek design.  It can be purchased here.


Not only is it suitable for lesbian partners, but it is also suitable for a variety of other people, such as couples and gay men, it can be used for both vaginal and anal sex.

It also is an incredibly ergonomic product that can easily be inserted through the anus, it will also adapt to the human bodily structure, making it that much more comfortable 

When testing this product, we loved the double-balled design.  It can be purchased here.


Like many others of the anal hooks previously mentioned on this list this also comes with a loop so that you can attach either a rope or chain to it and rise to new levels of domination and hopefully increase the pleasure of your sexual fantasies. 

When testing this product, we loved its lightweight nature.  It can be purchased here.


Another great anal hook is the Abaodam stainless steel anal hook. It has a curved design which makes it great for fitting in both the anus and vagina, which makes this a pretty great hook for lesbian partners.

It also has three different balls all at different sizes which mean that pleasure can be more easily achieved and essentially worked in if you are not use to the size of some of the balls that are on the end of anal hooks. 

When testing this product, we loved the edging sensations of going from small to bigger ball diameters.  It can be purchased here.


Lagguna Bondage Set Anal Hook And Attachable Collar

This leather collared anal hook prioritizes comfort and maximizing textural sensations experienced by the wearer. The set is custom-made which means that it can ebe adapted to suit your needs. 

When testing this product, we loved the feel and mobility given by the leather straps and collars.  It can be purchased here.


Bondage Set Which Includes Anal Hook And A Collar Mouth Gag

The unique thing about this particular product is the fact that it comes with a mouth gag that is attached to the collar and that the collar and restraints are made from ribbon and leather- increasing pleasure for the wearer by tenfold.  

When testing this product, we loved the level of dominance felt whilst being gagged.  It can be purchased here.


The Posture Perfecter

This heavy-duty steel collared anal hook is the perfect restraint piece that you could add to your BDSM toolbox, as the wearer will not be able to move at all! (Yay!) It is also size customizable to suit your needs.

When testing this product, we loved the level of restriction given by this collar and hook.  It can be purchased here.


Butt Slut Choker Collar And Anal Hook

The Butt Slut Choker Collar and Anal Hook Is a product that is a mixture of both leather and stainless steel, the leather is used for the leash and collar and the anal hook is made from stainless steel.

The leash is the perfect addition  if you want to take your “sub” puppy for a walk or use it as a guidance system to direct your partner to the next sexual act. 

When testing this product, we loved the incorporation of the leash.  It can be purchased here.


DesignerWatches Anal Hook Bondage Set With Collar

The leather design of the strap and collar are sleek and sexy and may feel more comfortable on your partner than stainless steel rods… or maybe that is not what you should be going for. Either way, it is a great product. 

When testing this product, we loved the quality of the product.  It can be purchased here.

Best Anal Hooks Buying Guide

What Are Anal Hooks, What Types are Out There, And How Are They Used?

If you are left wondering what an anal hook is, they are essentially, a hooked piece of smooth metal that is inserted into the anal cavity (reminiscent of a fishhook, without the jagged edge).

Some varieties feature smooth balls on the ends or have various size attachments for tailor-made pleasure. 

Best Anal Hooks

They are most commonly used in BDSM play because their purpose is to keep the submissive still during sexual activities.

They can be used in “sub” training for either gender, and they act to stimulate intimate sensations as well as forcing the “sub'' to stay completely still and give up all control over the sensations that they feel. 

This is the ultimate act of trust between a submissive and dominant in a BDSM setting. 

They are also not exactly the most modern piece of sex-toy equipment, having been around since the medieval times but were used for torturing purposes and not for pleasure. These days, they are exclusively used to incite pleasure in a partner (and maybe a little pain, if that is what you are into). 

They come in many sizes, but their shape and design are often quite similar- a stainless steel hook taking on a U or J shape- with the end or the curl meant for insertion into the anus. The other end stays out of the body and usually has a ring or a lot of sorts into which a rope or other bondage ties can be attached.

Some have balls on the insertion end which can be customized in terms of size and number of balls, which gives a similar feel to anal beads. Hooks with patterns or twists will give a ribbed feeling, which may increase the pleasure felt. There are also many variations in terms of thickness and length. 

Of course, they are meant to be inserted into the anus with lots of non-numbing lube (as with other anal sex toys) but some adventurous types will insert them into the vagina if the partner is a vagina owning person, but this may be difficult to achieve as they may slip out of the vagina given their design.

When inserting the anal hook, it is crucial to be relaxed, but once you are past the ball (if using one), the insertion is fairly seamless. Be careful not to get the hook in too deep down the rectum, and don’t force it in. It is also best to do insertion whilst on your stomach or on your side.

Upon insertion, the hook will feel a lot colder than you are and because it is made out of metal, there will be no give or flexibility at all, so be mindful of this but remember that the point of this is to restrict movement!

Be aware that you should not ever suspend your partner solely from an anal hook as this may end very badly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Anal Hooks Safe? 

Anal hooks are generally safe to use if all parties involved have some experience with BDSM and know how to engage in power and pain-play safely.  

With consent, enough foreplay, the use of non-numbing lubricant, and communication (including established safe words), using an anal hook should not be dangerous and should be a lot of fun. 

How Do You Clean An Anal Hook? 

When you buy the hook, you can buy a toy cleaning formula along with it, or simply wash the hook thoroughly with soap and water after use.

You can sterilize them by boiling the hook in water or spraying them with ethanol. Once they are sterilized and dry, they should be stored properly and sterilized again before use. 

What Does Anal Hook Aftercare Look Like?

How you engage in aftercare with your partner after using an anal hook is entirely up to you and what is needed. A warm bath can feel amazing after intense anal hook play because it helps to relax and soothe your muscles. Adding Epsom salt to the bath can increase muscle relaxation.


While pushing your limits can be a big part of the fun of BDSM play, it’s important to know and respect them too! Don’t try to start off with a bigger hook than you’re ready for, and always make sure that you take your time and do your best to stay safe!

Always ensure that you’ve got a safe word between yourself and your partner, and that you use it as soon as you feel like you need to. This is so critical, not just with anal hooks, but with any form of play with others.

Make sure that your anal hook is free from damage, rough edges and clean and sterile before and after using. This will ensure extra safe play with your partner, as it will limit any physical damage and introduction of bacteria to your partner’s body. 

Hopefully, using this best of guide, you can safely go out and buy the anal hook that works for you and your partner. 

Marissa White