Best Cat Tail Butt Plug

Butt plugs are a great way to explore your sexuality and find new ways to give yourself pleasure.  Both men and women have a large concentration of nerve endings around their anal opening which makes it very pleasurable to stimulate that area. 

This is where butt plugs come in.  However, not all butt plugs are the same.  If you want to take things a little further, why not try a cat tail butt plug?  A cat tail butt plug is just what it sounds like - a butt plug with a decorative cat’s tail attached.  

Wearing this can make you look and feel incredibly sexy, and can also be incorporated into pet play (which one participant roleplays as an animal).  

There are a lot of cat tail butt plugs on the market, but we’ll take you through the best of them here so you know which one is best for your needs.


The Bad Kitty plug is a great one for someone who’s into pet play.  The plug itself is made of silicone and is 1.4 inches wide at its widest point, so it’s not too big for anyone who’s new to anal play. 

It has a flared base to stop it from going in too far and getting stuck, as do most good quality butt-plugs.  The tail part can be easily removed and reattached which is very useful for when you need to clean the plug.  

It’s made of black faux fur and is 28 inches long altogether.  Unlike a lot of tailed butt plugs which simply hang down behind you, this tail is poseable, meaning that you can put it in whatever position you like and it will stay there.  

This can be good if you’re using the plug as part of sex - posing the tail out of the way can allow easier access to various areas.  However, this large tail is fairly heavy, which can make it difficult to keep the plug in for extended periods.

The plug has another great benefit over most of its competitors: it has space for you to attach a bullet vibrator, making the plug vibrate and adding a whole new layer of anal pleasure. 

However, the bullet vibrator does not come with the plug and must be bought separately. Overall, this is a great all-around option if you want to combine pleasure with a cat’s tail.  

Just be careful not to use a silicon-based lubricant - this can damage silicone toys like this one.  Water-based lubricant is safer.


  • Poseable tail - the tail can be posed and will hold its position
  • Space for a vibrator - adding a vibrator to the plug can heighten the sensation
  • Plug size - the plug is big enough to feel good but small enough for beginners
  • Silicone material - smooth, safe, and easy to clean 
  • Detachable tail - detaches and reattaches easily for cleaning


  • Size - It’s not small, but it might not be big enough for more seasoned pluggers
  • Weight - The tail is heavier than most, so it can fall out after a while.


13” Stainless Steel Black Cat Tail Plug

This sexy cat tail plug is made of stainless steel and has a safe flared base to stop the plug from going anywhere it shouldn’t be going.  It has a rounded tip to make inserting it as simple as possible. 

It’s 1.06 inches wide at its widest point - fairly small and definitely a comfortable size for beginners.  It’s also easy to clean with soap and hot water and you can use either water-based or silicon-based lube safely.  

The 13” tail is made of faux fur and hangs down seductively and will sway from side to side in a very alluring way as you move your ass back and forth.  

You can also get creative with this steel plug too - try soaking it in hot or cold water for a minute or two before inserting it.  The extra sensations can take the pleasure to a new level.


  • Stainless steel material - solidly built, durable, and safe.  Easy to heat up and cool down for temperature play
  • Beginner-friendly - only 1.06 inches wide, so not hard to insert, even for beginners
  • Tail - shakes attractively with movement
  • Lubricants - Can be safely used with any kind of lube
  • Weight - less heavy than some other models


  • Size - 1.06 inches might not be enough for people already experienced with anal play
  • No extras - no poseable tail, vibrator function, etc.


Alluring Dominix Glass Faux Fur Cat Tail Butt Plug

We’ve seen silicone and steel, now it’s glass’s turn.  A resilient, shatterproof borosilicate glass is what this excellent plug is made of. 

Its classic teardrop shape makes it easy to insert and its 4.5 inch circumference makes it a decent size while not being ridiculously large, though newcomers might want something a little more manageable.  

The flared base means that you won’t be able to accidentally push it in too far.  Like steel, glass is also a great material for temperature play, so feel free to heat and chill this plug to tease yourself (or your lover).  

The long, enticing tail is made of black faux fur and hangs down elegantly to make you look like the sexiest little kitten imaginable.  The fur will stay in good condition as long as you look after it.  

Be particularly careful not to get the tail wet when cleaning the plug as the tail can’t be detached.


  • Glass material - solid, safe borosilicate glass material is smooth and comfortable
  • Can be used for temperature play - glass can be safely heated and cooled
  • Good size - suitable for newcomers to anal play
  • Long tail - the tail makes this plug great for pet play
  • Lubricants - safe to use with all kinds of lubricant


  • Size - less experienced butt plug users might want something a little smaller
  • Tail doesn’t detach - you’ll need to be especially careful when cleaning the plug


33” Wild White Cat Silicone Tail Plug

This is a really special one as far as cat tailed plugs go.  It’s made of a smooth, supple silicone that’s forgiving on sensitive areas and fits easily into tight spaces. 

Just remember not to use a silicone-based lube with it - this can damage the plug and cause the material to degrade.  At 1.1 inches wide, even beginners shouldn’t have too much trouble getting this inside them.  

The tail part of the plug is spectacular - at 33 inches long, it demands attention.  The faux fur is also in a bright, pure white color, just in case the length wasn’t enough to attract your notice.


  • Extra-long tail - for if you really want to make an impression, this tail is unusually long
  • Small plug size - very beginner-friendly
  • Silicone material - also beginner-friendly and forgiving


  • Tail length - at 33 inches long, some might find the tail a bit unwieldy
  • Lubricant - be careful not to use silicone-based lubricant.  Water-based lubes are safer


28″ Silicone Cat & Fox Tail Plug

This plug has a striped tail that comes in a great range of colors so you can choose whichever one you think suits your kitty side best.  Options include pink and white, pink and black, pink and purple, and more. 

Whichever color you go for in the end, the tail also includes a pretty pink bow to emphasize what a cute little kitty you are.  It’s a 28 inch tail, which is longer than many other plugs, though not the longest on this list.

The plug part is also a cute pink and is around 1.1 inches in width, making it a reasonable size for beginners.  The silicone material means that you’ll need to avoid using silicone-based lube with this one.


  • Choice of colors - the striped tail comes in a range of several colors so you can choose your favorite
  • Additional decoration - the pink bow adds a cute touch that makes the plug look a bit more girly and cute
  • Easy for beginners - small size (1.1 inches) means that beginners can use it easily
  • Silicone material - soft, supple, and easy to insert


  • Silicone material - this means you can’t use silicone-based lubricants
  • Long tail - might be longer than some people are looking for


Neko Cat Ears And Tail Buttplug Set

One of the best things to combine with a cat tailed butt plug is a set of sexy cat ears.  This great set gives you the whole package all in one. 

In case you were wondering about the name, “neko” is the Japanese word for cat, and can also refer to the catgirls you can find in anime and hentai.

The super cute tail is available in a great range of color pairings including pink and blue, pink and black, black and white, and several more.  It’s adorned with a cute, pink ribbon to complete the look and make you feel like a good little kitty.  

The plug itself is made of stainless steel and is a small 1.1 inches in width, meaning it should be no problem for people just experiencing anal fun for the first time.  The ears that come with the plug will match its color, depending on whichever one you choose.


  • Choice of colors - 9 different cute color combinations to choose from
  • Extra decoration - the cute pink bows really ties the look together
  • Not too large - size is suitable for beginners
  • Comes with cat ears - to complete the cat look for pet play


  • Small size - some people might want something larger than this for their anal play


Stainless Steel Anal Plug Candy Cat Tail And Ears

This is another gorgeous butt plug that comes with a pair of cute cat ears so you can rock the full sexy cat look.  If you want customizability, this one is the best choice on this list for you. 

Let’s start with the tail.  It’s made of a lovely faux fur material and is available in a great range of colors - 11 altogether - from the simple black white and gray to more colorful options like pink, orange, and yellow.  

These are all hand-dyed as well.  Whichever color you choose, the tail is 30 inches long, making it the second-longest one on this list.  

This can be great if you’re looking for a particularly long tail, but do think about how long 30 inches is before you buy it - it might be longer than you’re thinking.  

All this is before we talk about the plug part.  Here’s another example of great customizability - you can order it with all kinds of different plugs depending on what suits you. 

This includes small, medium, and large plugs made of either silicone or steel.  Screw plugs, with extra ridges for more intensely pleasurable sensations, are also an option.  

If you don’t want any plug at all and would rather just have the tail, you can get a clip on tail instead.

Speaking of clip ons, the cat ears that come with this butt plug are really cute and create a great look when combined with the tail.  The ears will match the color of the tail you choose.


  • Comes with ears - the cute ears that come with the tail really add to the look
  • Choice of colors - comes in 11 different colors, the ears matching
  • Choice of plugs - all kinds of plugs are available depending on what you like


  • Comes with ears - while good, this will be a waste if you already have ears you like

Final Thoughts

Best Cat Tail Butt Plug

Getting a butt plug is a great way to ease yourself into the incredible world of anal sex and cat tailed butt plugs, in particular, are a great way of trying out some kinkier play, like pet play. 

Now that you’ve read this list, you should have been able to find a cat tailed butt plug that looks great and feels even better inside you.  Once you start playing with it, you won’t want to go back, so be a good little kitty!

Marissa White