Satisfyer Pro Penguin Review

Satisfyer Pro Penguin Review

We all want a life filled with sex toys and intense pleasure, but it is not usually our top priority. Eventually, we all have a mediocre sexual experience. A sex life brimming with mind-blowing bliss requires work and effort, right? 

Having worked all day and having all the responsibilities that come with being an adult, it’s sleep, not sex, that appeals the most. Some of us can’t function on less than 8 hours sleep. When you’ve stayed up to meet a deadline, anything that cuts down your Zzz is out.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin Review

Before you know it, your intimate relationship has become dull and mediocre, and no fun at all. If only there was a sex toy that could quickly transform mediocrity into ultimate pleasure. Wait one, we appear to have found the answer.

Amidst the myriad of Satisfyer’s sex toys, The Satisfyer Pro Penguin stands out. Not like a sore thumb (or sore genitals in this case). But, like a blinding light of power. You may wonder whether Satisfyer’s latest launch, the Pro Penguin Next Gen is a better bet.

Whilst its merits are undeniable, the Pro Penguin’s popularity continues to soar. Read our review of the Pro Penguin and prepare to be dazzled.

Should you be in desperate need of spicing up your sex life, or simply need some worthy alone time, the Satisfyer Pro Penguin is guaranteed to rock your world. 

It is essential to maintain a good sex life. When this experience is lacking, everything else suffers. Relationships falter, people become moody, and work isn’t done to the best of their ability. Basically, too much vanilla makes life a bit dull.

When it comes to achieving immense pleasure, the Satisfyer Pro Penguin is priceless. This all-singing, all-dancing sheer work of genius is the answer to many, many prayers. Our review reveals its superhero abilities.

You’ll find out everything you need to know about this gadget. Discover the benefits and disadvantages, and what to expect. 

Satisfyer Pro Penguin: About

Satisfyer has certainly spoiled us for choice, but don’t let the choice cause confusion. The Penguin Pro is a women’s sex toy that is perfect for enhancing both individual or couples’ play to OMG level satisfaction.

The clever, sleek device combines revolutionary air-pulse technology with a miniature vacuum-like suction. The outcome is a continuous ‘holy mother of god’ delivery of orgasms. The higher you crank up the level, the insaner the experience becomes.

The Pro Penguin is the ideal beginner clitoral stimulator and makes a wow-factor introduction to the world of sensual bliss. Newbies may be put off by the intensity of the new Pro Penguin Next Gen, (a ramped-up version for pro’s).

That said, the Pro Penguin’s 11 settings make it a good all-round clitoral stimulator for most. It’s almost silent feature gives it Although the Pro Penguin looks like a cute novelty toy with its animal design, it packs a serious climatic punch.

Featuring 11 pressure wave intensities and a stealth-like whisper mode, makes this sex gadget worth every last penny.


The Pro Penguin has a square nozzle with a silicone gasket. The toy has 2 buttons on his stomach, which light up when being charged. These buttons increase or decrease the settings. To turn off the toy, simply hold the ‘up’ button for longer. 

Align the nozzle to your clitoris, switch on and brace yourself for impact. 

Once Mr. Penguin is locked on, expect suction abilities that would beat Dyson in any Pepsi challenge. If only housework could promote as much happiness. Next invention, please?

From level 5 onwards, expect high-intensity enjoyment. The Pro Penguin increase sensitivity. Suction capabilities max out at level 5, where it morphs into vibrator-like abilities. But then, there is only so much sucking a body can safely handle, right?

Trips to the Emergency room are not part of the plan. The sucking and blowing combo increase blood flow. However, unlike other wellbeing gadgets, it doesn’t cause your clit to swell up in protest. Yay. 

Furthermore, the Pro Penguin comes with a magnetic charger. It lasts for up to 2 hours before it needs to be recharged. You also get a 15-year warranty. 

The Science-y Bit: Air-Pulse And Suction Technology

The sex industry has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. The latest selection of vibrators and clitoral stimulators are so good, it makes the notion of average, anticlimactic sex a ludicrous concept.

The undeniable pleasure that air-pulse and suction tech provides has probably saved many marriages. It may have ended a few, too. Mean partner, now surplus to requirements? We think so.

As is the case for most revolutionizing inventions, this game-changing, air-pulse program is so simple. Basically, air waves target your genitalia without contact. It recreates the feeling of (good) oral sex.

The suction part is like a mini hoover on a relentless mission to get you there. It works. The pulse-tech trend is here to stay.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin


1. Innovative air-pulse and suction technology – features 11 pressure wave settings – produces air waves to achieve non-contact stimulation of the clitoris2. Ergonomically designed and high-quality materials – a unique, ergonomic design for optimal results. Made from super-soft materials and medical-grade silicone. Safe to use.3. Travel-friendly – makes a boring trip far more enjoyable. Travel-friendly, compact and discreet; thus, no (more) embarrassing discoveries. Phew.4. Waterproof – great for the midnight swim on vacay5. Beginner-friendly – Ideal for beginners


1. Removable nozzle – this can dislodge easily2. Paying attention – you need to pay attention to make sure you press the right buttons (not always possible).

Product Quality & Hygiene/Cleaning

A high-quality medical-grade silicone product that is safe to use. 

Cleans and maintains hygiene with a removable nozzle. Easily cleaned.

Final Verdict

Satisfyer’s Pro Penguin has generated huge enthusiasm and an unwavering interest. Despite concerns over losing the removable nozzle, the playful-looking sex toy continues to be a popular stimulator.

One thing’s for sure – if you own the Pro Penguin or any other pleasure-giving gadget in the Satisfyer line, people may start to question that grin. Go easy, people.