Njoy Pure Plug Review

Njoy Pure Plug Review

Drifting in the world of anal play can be a scary prospect, but the Njoy Pure Plug is the perfect sex toy for beginners. Comfortable, sleek, but heavy enough that you can’t ignore it – this plug is truly one of the best on the market at the moment.

Njoy Pure Plug Review

Njoy as a company believes that everyone should be enjoying great sex and strive to create beautiful products that are high quality and long-lasting, 100% safe for all parts of the body, and will sit perfectly within the contours of the body to heighten sensual response. 

Their Pure Plug is no different! Available in three separate sizes so you can find the fit that is right for you, this steel plug is perfect for making the bedroom more interesting or for those wanting to really push the boat out for some naughty, all-day secret wear.


The comfort of the Pure Plug is truly unparalleled but this is hardly surprising given that it is from the same company that gave us the Pure Wand. 

This is by far one of the most comfortable plugs that you can get at the moment which can be surprising for some people as the plug is made from stainless steel. Most of this plug’s exceptional comfort comes from the tapered stem.

This means that there is no bulk where you don’t want it, making long-term wear deliciously comfortable and the plug easy to ‘keep in.’ 

The base of the plug is also super comfortable and features an almost handle to make extraction super easy at all times. When worn, the base will sit comfortably between the buttocks and does not stick out too far.

The fact it sits fairly close to the body also makes this plug perfect for wear during sex – it’s not going to get jostled around and will not block the entrance to your vagina. 

Njoy Pure Plug


Njoy prides itself on innovative design to make sex more fun and it really shows in this plug. The head is wide enough to feel a good stretch without being uncomfortable, and the tapered neck makes it super comfortable for long and short-term use.

The design and polished near mirror finish make this plug look super sleek and cool – particularly when it arrives in its satin pink packaging! The shape of the head and tapered neck ensures a sleek and comfortable entry as well. 

Njoy markets this plug as having no specific gender in mind – the shape of the head is a great prostate simulator and the girthiness of it ensures that everyone, prostate or not, is going to have a good time.

Check out the three different sizes to get your best fit! Just be aware that those who like an extreme stretch probably aren’t going to find it here and should try the Pure Plug 2.0 which offers more of everything – size, girth, and weight.


The Pure Plug is made from high-quality stainless steel. Stainless steel makes this plug super easy to insert – don’t forget your lube! – and take out after the fun is over.

Stainless steel has another great advantage in that it is compatible with all types of lubricant, including fantastic silicone lubes which are super long-lasting. 

From experience, I can tell you that steel is far more comfortable up your ass than silicone which seems to be the most popular material for toys at the moment.

Silicone’s popularity in the sex toy scene is partly due to the fact that it is cheap, but it cannot compare to Njoy’s deliberate selection of the highest quality, body-safe materials – no dubious chrome-plated mystery materials here!

Stainless steel is really the ideal material for any sex toy. It is body-safe, non-porous, not reactive, and free of phthalates. Cleaning up couldn’t be easier either! As it is going up your ass, you do need to make sure that it is kept clean.

You can use soap and warm water or, for a more intense sanitization, you can boil it for a few minutes after washing it. Bleaching needs to be avoided for stainless steel and any harsh chemicals are likely to distort the gorgeous finish of the plug. 

As steel is fairly heavy, this plug has a delightful weight to it. It is heavy enough to keep a feeling of fullness sustained and to make sure you are constantly reminded that there is, in fact, something up your ass.

Njoy has definitely found the perfect balance between heaviness and security here!

Don’t forget to experiment with this plug! Stainless steel is a relatively good conductor, meaning that it will keep hold of its temperature for a bit.

Simply run the toy under some warm water – or cold if that is more your thing – and apply a generous dollop of lube before inserting. It is going to stay warm or cold for a while and bring some interesting new sensations to your activities. 


High-quality materials, superior design, and long-life products do mean that Njoy’s toys can be a little on the pricey side. But you get what you pay for and this plug is going to be a surefire hit in your toy chest.

This plug is a fantastic investment for those that are into anal play or want to give it a whirl!

Final Thoughts

In the market for a new butt plug? Get the Pure Plug by Njoy. Its stainless steel design is designed to be enjoyed and provides an unparalleled experience. It is super comfortable but has enough girth and weight to it that you know it’s there and keep the sensations alive. 

Be aware that the tapered neck means that the stretch from this toy is not as intense as other, girthier products available so if the stretch is what you are after, try the Pure Plug 2.0.

You also need to make sure that you top up with lube regularly if you are wearing it out and about. Reapply every few hours or whenever it becomes noticeably uncomfortable and don’t be afraid to give your ass a break if you need it!