Überlube Review

Überlube Review

There is not any shame in using lube in the bedroom, trust me. Sometimes our bodily functions just doesn’t give what we want it to give, and that is okay. Keeping a bottle of lube handy for group actives or solo work is just ideal.

Uberlube is a silicone based lube that is a rubber, latex, plastic, metal, and toy friendly. Also advertised as waterproof and unscented with a non-sticky residue. A little goes a long way with this fancy lube.

Überlube Review

It is also edible, so don’t stress if you swallow some. Even the owner has digested a shot of worth of the product, and he is still living.

Uberlube intends to both moisturize and lubricate, to enhance the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity and supplement the body’s natural lubrication.

Another win! It’s cruelty-free, so it is guilt free lubrication. Ranging from 50ml,100ml, and multiple travel kits. Perfect for mass absorption or lubing up on the go. Free from parabens, gluten, glycerin and alcohol.

This is also been tested it is waterproof, so double-win! It also has added vitamin E, which will leave the skin feeling moisturized. Uberlube is advertised as a slick, multipurpose lubricant for anyone and everyone.

ÜBERLUBE, GREAT LUBE, SUPER LUBE! Okay, jokes aside, they have got a fantastic name, I am a big fan. Onto my first impressions.

First Impressions


Packaged in a fancier bottle than most other lubes, packaged in a cardboard box with copious amounts of bubble wrap due to the glass nature of the bottle. I found this bottle daunting at the start.

Looking rather similar in design to an aftershave, I joked about spraying myself with lube without realizing. The slick, but simple design with the brand name sketched alongside the glass bottle. This lube makes you feel rich, expensive, worth splurging some money on.

The lack of smell is what I noticed next, this lube lacked the chemical smell you have become accustomed to. The non-stick element is also apparent, leaving no residue on clothes or hair.  The bottle due to the glass nature is rather heavy, which takes some time to get use to.  

Ease To Use

The bottle is equipped with a standard pump, which makes collecting the lube easy to gather. One pump will give about a pea sized amount of lube. Überlube believes that one pump of their lube is more than enough.

I would recommend starting with very little and building up what you need. This lube doesn’t dry up due to the silicone base. Due to the lack of drying within the product, a little amount will last. Start with a little amount and build it up to whatever you require.

I would note, however, the product is not as easy to use compared to the squeeze and go style bottles of lube I am accustomed to. The pump nature of Überlube is rather fiddly and if your hands are already lubed up the glass bottle does slide around.

However, the bottle is glass for a reason, the glass bottle keeps the liquid in its bistatic state. Which is key for keeping both the shelf life and the high standards of the lube to the level it starts as.

There is nothing worse than starting a new bottle of lube, and it’s preforming to the peak standard and then after being opened it oxidizes and eventually gives up.

Care And Maintenance

I suggest that you do a patch test on any of your toys, especially if your toys are made of silicone. Always double check compatibility before having fun. Also, Überlube hasn’t been tested in improving fertility, so it is not recommended when trying to conceive.

After use, clean up anything the lube has been in contact with. In terms of shelve life, always double-check the expiration date, once opened use within the recommended time of three years.

The lube is compatible with latex and polyisoprene condoms, but it is NOT compatible polyurethane condoms, so double-check the package. In terms of getting the lube off you correctly and safely, mild soap and water will do the trick.

You may have to repeat this a couple of times, depending on the amount used. Uberlube will not affect your body’s pH levels or harbor bacteria, mold, or yeast. If you keep your lube clean, it will keep you clean!  


In terms of performance, this lube does more than enough, this premium lubricant is designed to deliver sensation while also reducing friction. The long-lasting technology will keep whatever you need to be wet, wet.

Due to the silicone base of this lube makes it ideal both for penetrative and anal sex. Both the package and design are to a higher standard,  without some of the tacky designs you are accustomed to cheaper lubes.

This lube adaptable for all type of toy play. Also, this lube is water safe, so pools, showers, and other wet places are safe for play. 


This lube, overall, supplies all needs you require from your lube. It creates moisture without leaving a sticky or uncomfortable feeling. It reduces friction during intercourse.

This lube is adaptable due to being unscented, water-friendly, latex, metal and plastic compatible and being toy safe. Also, the silicone base of the lube also makes it ideal for anal penetration. This lube is the perfect all-rounder.    

The only issues with Überlube is that it is not compatible with certain types of condoms, so please be mindful! The glass bottle is a hit or a miss depending on your demands. I felt it was rather daunting in the glass bottle, I was worried that it would break.

Overall, a rich lube in design and ingredients, a respectable brand which is focused around provide great customer service. As I gathered my information for writing this review, they have replied to most of the questions with honest advice.