I can’t stress the difference lube makes to play, both solo and as a couple. So, when Uberlube sent me a box of goodies I was thrilled. If you’re someone that likes clean, minimalist packaging you’ll adore the style Uberlube have adopted as their own.

Inside my Uberlube box there was two glass bottles of Uberlube (100ml & 50ml). Two gorgeous Good to go traveller sets (one in black and one in silver). A box of Good to Go Refills and a bunch of little vials of Uberlube. In the interests of disclosure Uberlube is one product and this is lots of packaging options.

Minimalist Style

My first impressions were how classy the product looked. The pump action bottles are glass and resemble premium cosmetic bottles. Clear and uncoloured with Uberlube written on them in white writing. They really are quite gorgeous. I have the 100ml bottle sat on my dressing table and it doesn’t look at all out of place.

The Good to Go sets are brilliant too. They consist of a 15-ml bottle of Uberlube and stylish little travel case. If you’re like me and enjoy lots of spur of the moment sex you probably have already taken to carrying lube in your handbag. I always have a small bottle and dread the day I pull it out mistaking it for hand cream etc. The Good to Go set from Uberlube is a far more discreet option.

What is Uberlube?

Gorgeous packaging aside what is Uberlube? Unlike the other lubes, I’ve tried, Uberlube markets itself in a variety of ways. It’s various suggestions for use include styling hair, using during exercise to avoid chaffing, brightening tattoos, using after shaving to reduce razor burn, and as a body lotion. Varied huh? I’m sure this could probably apply to lots of lubes but none of them have been clever enough to pitch themselves in this multi-purpose manner.

Uberlube contains just four ingredients. Three of these are just basic ingredients for any silicone lube and the fourth (Tocopheryl Acetate) is a vitamin E acetate which can cause reactions in some people who suffer from skin conditions. Why is this? Well Tocopheryl Acetate is a synthetic form of Vitamin E created in a lab. It’s basically acetic acid added to Vitamin E. Acetic acid can cause irritation in certain people. This said this is only relevant if you suffer from skin conditions.

Is Uberlube Hypoallergenic?

In response to the question “Are there any ingredients in Uberlube that could cause allergic reactions?” the Uberlube website states;

Uberlube is silicone-based and silicone allergies are rare. Uberlube also has no added ingredients like scents, flavors or spermicides which are often the type of ingredients that often cause irritation and reaction”

There are no glycerine or sugar based ingredients in Uberlube, which often causes yeast infections, and there are also no parabens. These are all good things. However, in the interests of fair disclosure I’d prefer it if in that response there was a warning. The potential irritation which may occur from the Tocopheryl Acetate should be flagged up somewhere. Especially if people may use Uberlube as a body lotion.

Silicone vs Water Based Lube

You’ve probably gathered by now that Uberlube is silicone based. I felt my heart sink slightly when I realised that as it means I can’t use it with almost all my toys. Silicone lube can damage the surface of silicone sex toys and so it is advisable to never use them together. I really wish Uberlube was water based. Although this might restrict its varied everyday uses it would make it a sexual lubricant winner. Uberlube is safe for use with latex condoms, which is another big plus point.

The lube itself is super silky. Pumping a small measured amount onto my fingers and smoothing it across myself before sex it really is a luxurious lube. The fluid has a very low viscosity, trickling down my fingers as soon as it’s dispensed. A little spreads a long way too. As it glides over your skin it feels almost like an oil. The fluid is colourless, odourless and tasteless.

Super Silky with Superior Glide

During sex Uberlube is amazing. It adds a level of glide which simply makes it altogether smoother. The lack of synthetic scents or flavours make it very unobtrusive during sex, you could use it and your partner might not even be aware you had. I found Uberlube was good for anal but I would have liked it to be a bit thicker in substance. It did make anal sex easier and less painful but it felt like it dissipated quite quickly anally.

As promised there was absolutely no stickiness after use. I’m not sure about using Uberlube as a skin conditioner but it did leave my hands nice and soft after use. I suffered no after effects after using Uberlube. It did the job nicely and with minimal intrusion. Which I liked a lot.

In Summary

If I was going to make any suggestions to Uberlube for improvement it would be find a way to make it water based. If it concentrated on the sexual lubricant side of Uberlube by making it water based it would be an awesome all-rounder. I’m not going to use Uberlube as a skin conditioner or for sport as I already have products for these functions. Just like I’m not going to use my body butter as a lube.

If I could use Uberlube with all my toys as well as during anal and PIV sex, then I’d probably throw away all my other lubes. But I can’t so it will remain on my bedside table for use during toy less sex and I will continue using my water based lubes for toy play. I really like Uberlube. It’s a great product with a very positive message presented in a fantastic way. I just prefer water based lube.

You can buy Uberlube here. Prices range from $14.00 for the Good to Go Travel sets and refills, $28.00 for 100ml bottle and $18.00 for 50 ml bottle.

Thank you to the great people at Uberlube for sending me their products. These were sent to me free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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