Thrust Pro Mini Ella Review

Thrust Pro Mini Ella Review

If you’re a man on the lookout for a great sex toy, you might be forgiven for being a tiny bit jealous of women.  After all, they have more dildos, vibrators, and insertable vibrating love eggs than you can shake a stick at!  However, don’t be downhearted. 

Thrust Pro Mini Ella Review

There are actually a ton of sex toys that cater to the penis-having section of the population these days, and we’re going to look at one here today: the Thrust Pro Mini Ella.

What Is The Thrust Pro Mini Ella?

Simply put, it’s a masturbator toy that can be used by anyone with a penis, either alone or with a partner, to take masturbation or handjobs to a new level of pleasure. 

It’s the kind of toy that’s sometimes called a pocket pussy – a small, artificial vagina that simulates the feeling of the real thing.  It’s made by Lovehoney, a company that sells sex toys and equipment of all kinds.  The Thrust Pro Mini Ella is part of their Thrust range.

How Do I Use It?

As we said, this is a pocket pussy toy, and it’s pretty simple to use.  First of all, make sure you have enough lube – a bit of spit isn’t going to do it.  You’ll need a good lube to prevent any uncomfortable friction.  

Once that’s done, all you need to do is insert your penis and stroke until you get that sweet release.  Make sure you clean it thoroughly afterward and let it dry before using it again.  However, the fun doesn’t end there.  

It has a hole in its base for you to insert a mini bullet vibrator to provide even more pleasure for you.  These are only sold separately but are a great way to really enhance your self-pleasure experience.  

Of course, the game goes for a partner who might be using it on you.  One thing you might notice is that, if you’re fairly large, your penis might slip out of the hole at the end while you’re using it.  

You might find this a little annoying, but some people find that they actually enjoy this as it adds a unique element to the sensation of masturbation.


Thrust Pro Mini Ella


Internal Structure

The toy features a 5-inch canal for you to sink into.  This relatively small size means that the toy is easy to conceal and transport, but also means that it might not quite satisfy you if you’re of longer than average length. 

However, it feels super tight, no matter how girthy you are.  Part of the pleasure comes from that tightness, but it’s also helped by the design of the inside of the canal.  

It’s layered with an irregular pattern of bumps and ridges that softly and sensuously caresses your penis to bring you to an incredible climax.  

External Structure

The outside is also ribbed for an easier grip, which allows you to control it more smoothly during the heat of passion. 

This is great for helping you avoid losing your grip at the crucial moment, but also for those who like to prolong their sessions by edging – the extra control will make it easier for you to stop right before you go over the edge.  It’s small in overall size as well, which means it’s very lightweight.

Material And Appearance

We should also pay some attention to the look and material of the thing.  It’s made of a material called TPE, giving it a very realistic feel which makes using it more exciting.  The toy is also an excellent likeness of a real vagina, including outer labia as well. 

This is something that your hand can’t match and really helps your fantasies come to life as you masturbate.  However, there’s something important to remember here.  TPE needs to be cleaned very thoroughly between uses, more so than silicon does.  

This is because it’s a porous material, which could harbor bacteria if you’re lax about cleaning it.  You really don’t want to be putting your penis into a hole full of bacteria, so don’t neglect the cleaning.  

We mean it!  The manufacturer also recommends dusting it with renewer powder every so often to make sure it stays supple and in good condition.  Oh, and it’s entirely phthalate-free, so anyone with any phthalate allergies can rest (and cum) easy.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this toy is definitely worth a purchase.  The most important thing to remember is that you really do need to clean it well!  As long as you do, it’ll give you plenty of pleasure for a long while yet. 

The other thing you’ll need to remember is that this isn’t a Fleshlight, it’s a pocket pussy. Accordingly, it’s smaller (and a whole lot cheaper too).  As long as you buy it while aware of these things, you’ll get plenty of enjoyment out of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Pocket Pussy?

We mentioned the phrase “pocket pussy” in the review.  Basically, a pocket pussy is an artificial vagina that’s used for masturbation purposes. 

They are designed to look like real vaginas as much as possible (though how accurate they are varies between models).  Some are even cast from the vagina of a real person.

Are Male Sex Toys Creepy?

No, not at all!  Masturbation is a pleasure enjoyed by people regardless of gender, so sex toys to increase that joy exist for everyone, regardless of their gender or genitalia. 

It’s no more creepy for a man to own a sex toy like the Thrust Pro Mini Ella than it is shocking for a woman to own a dildo or a vibrator.  And really, haven’t we as a society gotten over that kind of pearl clutching these days?  

Also, remember that these toys can be used with partners too!  Your significant other might find it incredibly hot to make you squirm and moan for them by using a sex toy, whether it’s a dildo or a pocket pussy.  Don’t be held back by worries, jump into greater pleasure.