Tenga Air Tech Review

Tenga Air Tech Review

Masturbation is a normal part of human life, regardless of gender or sexual preferences. And while there are many toys a woman can use to pleasure herself, this does not mean that men are shortchanged when it comes to sex toys.

Tenga Air Tech Review

In fact, one of the most popular masturbation tools for men is the fleshlight, which can be purchased from various brands in a range of shapes and sizes. 

Because there are so many fleshlights available, we have decided to showcase this amazing masturbation sleeve from Tenga, which uses innovative air tech to produce a solo session unlike any other. 


Tenga Air Tech

If you have never experienced a Tenga product, then we recommend seeking out the company and taking a look at their selection of sex toys.

While the company is still a relative newcomer to the world of male pleasure, it continues to pride itself on the engineering of hygienic fleshlights with sleek and modern designs.

In fact, Tenga’s focus on hygiene is so pivotal to the company’s mission that it even produces its own line of single-use toys and products. 

While the Tenga Air Tech can be used more than once, it still boasts the various features that make Tenga’s products stand out on the market.

These include the innovative design and comfortable exterior, which promises a pleasurable experience that will send shivers down your spine. 

So if you want to learn more about what this masturbation sleeve can offer, everything you need can be found in our following review. 

Detailed Look

The Tenga Air Tech is a reusable masturbation sleeve that is meant to replicate the sensation of oral sex.

Unlike other fleshlights on the market, which can be cumbersome and uncomfortable to hold, this toy boasts a unique hourglass shape, which makes it easier to grip during solo sessions. 

The distinctive structure boasts a ribbed interior sleeve, which uses airflow to create a tight suction around the penis.

And while this toy is not automated, the soft outer shell allows you to easily change the speed of the sensations, which can help to increase or decrease the pleasure during play. 

Currently, there are several different models of the fleshlight available, which include titles such as Gentle, Regular, Strong and Ultra. For the purposes of this review, we tested each product to determine its strengths and limitations, with our particular favorite being the Ultra option. 

Unlike its counterparts, the Ultra offered a firmness that was greatly appreciated during our solo sessions, as it provided more suction and therefore more pleasure.

The inner sleeve itself is made from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which means it can be easily cleaned after use with soap and warm water. 

However, you will need to make sure that the interior sleeve is dry before putting the fleshlight away, or you could risk damaging the toy’s structure and producing a powerful smell.

Like any masturbation sleeve, the Tenga Ultra needs to be properly cleaned and used to produce the best results. 

While the notion of cleaning semen out of a plastic cup may not sound like the sexist thing you can do, it is still an important part of using the toy to its full potential.

Leaving the fluid to congeal could cause lasting damage to the fleshlight’s interior, so you must clean it after every use with mild soap and water. 

What We Liked Most 

Tenga products are always going to deliver on hygiene and function, and it seems the Tenga Air Tech is no exception to the rule. Upon first glance, these masturbators may seem like a strange product, as they boast a basic design and compact size.

However, you will soon find yourself blown away by the sensation the suction can cause. 

Despite its pleasurable design, the fleshlight is also incredibly easy to use and can be manoeuvered to your liking.

It is also possible to remove the interior sleeve and use it without the plastic sheath, which can help to ensure a unique and refreshing experience. The toy does not include any complicated buttons or settings and can only be manipulated by hand. 

The toy itself is very lightweight and portable, which means it can be easily carried around in a bag or suitcase.

Because of this, the fleshlight is the ideal choice for the working man, as you can take it on business trips and enjoy some pleasure in your hotel room. It is also waterproof and can be used in the shower to fulfil your sexual fantasies. 

If you enjoy experimenting with toys in the bedroom, then the Tenga Air Tech will make for another great addition to your collection, as it does not feature any components made to represent a vagina or anus.

Instead, the simple design is non-threatening and can be used while enjoying some alone time with your sexual partner. 

What We Didn’t Like

While our review has been mostly positive, this does not mean that the Tenga Air Tech does not come with its criticisms.

Although the sleeve excels in its suction and reusability, it has not been built to withstand the same amount of use as a normal fleshlight, which means it will not last long after constant sessions. 

Because of its design, it is possible to somewhat change the amount of suction the toy produces, although even this can be limited.

So if you have been searching for a masturbation sleeve that promises a range of sensations, this is not the product for you, as it only delivers a single suction setting. 

Is It Worth It?

Because of its powerful design and suction, the Tenga Air Tech makes for a great sex toy, especially when it comes to masturbation. And while the price tag may be a little too high for the limited number of features, it is still reasonable for a product of this kind. 

However, if you want a fleshlight that offers different settings and modifications, then you would be better off spending your money on something cheaper that offers more variety and dimensions. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Tenga Air Tech gets a positive review from us, as it is a pleasurable toy that promises to make your next solo session memorable and long-lasting. Ideal for travel and business trips, this toy can fit easily in your bag and is now available for a reasonable price.