Satisfyer Pro Deluxe Review

Satisfyer Pro Deluxe Review

Satisfyer are a popular brand known for making various sex products for both male and female anatomy, so when they released their Satisfyer Pro Deluxe air pulse stimulator – we knew we had to try it out. 

Satisfyer Pro Deluxe Review

Previous Satisfyer pressure wave clitoris stimulators have left us less than amazed but we found them to be pretty decent and an affordable option for a lot of people.

However, we did have a few complaints so let’s see if the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe version of this new clitoris stimulator is truly the better model. 

How To Use Pressure Wave Clitoris Stimulators

Pressure wave clitoris stimulators are a fairly new type of vibrator that can leave a lot of new users scratching their heads. However, they are fairly simple to use – simply fit the cup over your clitoris to get a sensation that feels amazingly close to oral sex. 

The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe uses intense suction waves to make you feel as if someone is sucking on your clitoris, stimulating it until you achieve an orgasm in literal minutes.

Unlike with more conventional vibrators, nothing ever comes into contact with your clitoris. You are stimulated purely through air and pressure to make you feel as if you are experiencing oral sex while solo. 

Using The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe

Satisfyer Pro Deluxe

Like with the Satisfyer Number One, the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe does a great job of mimicking the sensation of oral sex. 

The silicone cap is super soft and comfortable against your more intimate area so it feels great and gentle.

We did however prefer the shape of the Number One, as we felt it fitted into our hands easier, while the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe is shaped more like a teardrop so it is less comfortable to hold for longer periods of time.

It is way easier to use with a partner, but the button to change the intensity of the waves is still in a bit of an awkward place.

We think it would be easier if it were on the side of the vibrator instead of the top so that way we don’t have to bend our forefingers awkwardly to get to it mid use. 

Despite this, the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe works great when it comes to pleasure and stimulation. You certainly won’t struggle to achieve an orgasm while using this pressure wave vibrator.

Also like the Satisfyer Number One, this vibrator is also waterproof so you can enjoy its use in the shower or bathtub as well as in the bedroom. 

However, we can’t see much of a reason to call the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe an updated version of the Number One. When it comes to using the Pro Deluxe, it works exactly the same as the Number One.

It still features 11 different intensity settings, it is also waterproof, and it also feels the same as the Number One. It’s not stronger or more comfortable, it is just shaped differently – so why does it cost more than the Satisfyer Number One?

Product Quality

You would think that with a heftier price tag, Satisfyer would have invested in using more high quality materials when making the Pro Deluxe. 

But they haven’t.

The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe is made using the same silicone and ABS plastic as the Satisfyer Number One. In our review of that vibrator, we mentioned how using lower quality materials was expected because it came with a way more affordable price tag compared to other vibrators.

However, with the Pro Deluxe, its quality does not justify its price at all. 

It feels exactly the same as the Number One – lightweight, decent quality, and comfortable. The Pro Deluxe is meant to be a better version of the Satisfyer, but it feels no different apart from its shape.

The biggest difference between the two is also this vibrators only redeeming quality – it is operated using a rechargeable battery. With the Satisfyer Number One, we complained that it was run on AAA batteries which are not as long lasting and can be a nightmare to replace.

Thankfully, Satisfyer have taken that feedback on from its customers and have made the Pro Deluxe using a rechargeable battery that can be recharged again and again using a USB magnetic charging cable. 

By allowing the Pro Deluxe to be recharged using a USB, this makes it way easier to recharge the Pro Deluxe in a lot of different places.

It also means that you don’t have to pay to go through pack after pack of batteries, making this also the greener option as well as the more user friendly alternative.

But is the addition of a rechargeable battery worth the increase in price?

Cleaning And Hygiene 

Cleaning the Pro Deluxe after using it is incredibly easy. 

Thanks to the materials used and its waterproof qualities, this vibrator can be cleaned straight away using some soapy water. This way, you can keep you sex toys clean and enjoy a hygienic sexual experience every time you whip it out to use. 

Also, there are no overpowering chemical smells when you first unbox this vibrator, so you can pretty much get down to business straight away after giving it a quick wipe down. 

It’s easy to maintain and clean, so that is something you can take off your mind with the Pro Deluxe. 

Our Verdict

To be completely honest, we are a little disappointed with the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe.

Don’t get us wrong – it works fine as a pressure wave clitoral stimulator. The pressure waves work amazingly well to stimulate the clitoris and help those with female anatomy achieve an orgasm in very little time. 

It also has great features like different wave intensities and it is waterproof so you can use it in the bathroom and the bedroom. It is comfortable, pretty, and works great. 

But you can get all this with the way more affordable Satisfyer Number One. The only differences between the two that we could see was their shape (which we liked more on the Number One) and that the Pro Deluxe features a rechargeable battery. 

We do not feel that this justifies the hike in the price. If the Pro Deluxe had more wave intensities than the Number One or was made using higher quality materials, then we would understand and give this vibrator a big thumbs up – but it doesn’t. 

For the way more affordable price, we would probably stick with the Satisfyer Number One even if it means having to deal with AAA batteries. 

Sorry Pro Deluxe, hopefully Satisfyer will make some updates to you later down the line so you can offer more to a lot of ladies out there.