Satisfyer 1 Review

Pressure wave clitoral stimulators are a new kind of stimulator that are quickly taking off.

They are a great way to help someone with female anatomy to achieve an orgasm within a few minutes of use - so we thought we would hop on the bandwagon and try out these new stimulators. 

Here is our review of the Satisfyer Number One - the first in a whole range of air pulse stimulators by Satisfyer. Let’s see if this pressure wave stimulator is the right one for you! 

How Do Pressure Wave Clitoral Stimulators Work

While you are probably already familiar with classic vibrators, pressure wave clitoral stimulators work a little differently. They feature a cup that fits over your clitoris and uses suction to draw it out and stimulate it.

These new stimulators like the Satisfyer Number One  use rapid pressure waves to stimulate the clitoris without using direct contact. This will lead to a guaranteed orgasm within minutes! 

Using The Satisfyer Number One

The Satisfyer Number One is a great vibrator to use as it gets the job done! Within minutes of use, you are pretty much guaranteed an orgasm thanks to the intense pressure waves that definitely will make your clitoris (and the rest of your body) tremble with pleasure. 

The cup fits pleasantly over the clitoris and the Satisfyer Number One sits comfortably in your hand due to its shape.

However, the button placement can be difficult to reach if you are trying to up the intensity. Using the Satisfyer Number One with a partner does make this easier, but you may find your hand stretching at weird angles to try and increase the pressure and pleasure mid-use. 

What makes the Satisfyer Number One a stand out vibrator is that it is waterproof. This means that you can enjoy using this pressure wave vibrator in the shower or bathtub.

You are no longer limited to using your sex toys in bed as you can take the Satisyfer Number One with you even as you venture into the bathroom for some ‘me time’. 

Product Quality

Due to its affordability, it is understandable that the Satisfyer Number One is not made with the highest-quality materials. 

It does not feel too cheap when you hold it in your hand, but it is not the best quality vibrator we have ever seen. It is just basic - but for the price tag, it’s not bad. You are basically getting what you pay for with this one. 

The Satisfyer Number One is made using ABS plastic and silicone, so there is nothing especially amazing when it comes to the materials.

The silicone is used for the cap and it feels comfortable, although it is a little large and wide where other pressure wave vibrators have thinly edged caps that feel better in our opinion. 

On the plus side, it’s very light thanks to the materials used so if you want to take your Satisfyer Number One on the road with you, it will not take up much room in your bags and won’t weigh them down either.

It also comes in a very attractive range of colors with a sophisticated design so it looks pretty. 

But the downside to this vibrator is that it is battery operated. For the Satisfyer Number One to work, you will need two micro AAA batteries (they are not included when you buy this vibrator - bummer).

They will typically last around 2 hours of continuous use, so how often you end up replacing your batteries depends on how long it takes for you to orgasm and how often you use this vibrator.

Changing batteries can be a nightmare thanks to where the battery compartment is, and lacks the ease of use that rechargeable vibrators offer. 

After all, no one wants their vibrator to die mid use - and it’s easier to just plug in your vibrator than run around your home looking for batteries. 

Hygiene And Cleaning 

You should always clean your sex toys after use, and thankfully, the Satisfyer Number One is pretty easy to clean. 

You can use either soapy water to quickly wipe down the handle and cap and thanks to its waterproof quality, you don’t have to worry about damaging it. This means that you can use the Satisfyer Number One as many times as you like as it's so easy to clean up after you are done. 

We found that there were no strong smells when we took the Satisfyer Number One out of the box. Also, there are no absorbable materials in its make so any fluids that come in contact with this vibrator will not be soaked up or be a nightmare to clean up after. 

Just wipe down the silicone and plastic handle and you will keep your Satisfyer Number One hygienically clean. 

Our Verdict

Overall, we think that the Satisfyer Number One is a decent air pressure clitoris stimulator. It’s by no means the best - but for it’s affordable price, it does the job it is made to do.

The pressure waves stimulate your clitoris without contact and can help many achieve an orgasm within a very little period of time. 

The best features of this vibrator is how it comes with different intensities and that it is waterproof so you can use it in the shower or bathtub as well as the bedroom. This also makes the Satisfyer Number One really easy to keep clean. 

Although the materials used to make this vibrator are very low quality, the silicone cap is still very comfortable and fits over the clitoris fine despite its thick edging.

However, it is very affordable although it is a shame that this vibrator is battery operated instead of featuring a rechargeable battery.  

The worst thing about the Satisfyer Number One has to be the buttons. The buttons can be difficult to reach if you are using this vibrator solo and you may end up doing some impressive hand gymnastics to try and increase or decrease the wave intensity mid use. 

But despite this, we would still recommend the Satisfyer Number One for those looking for an affordable vibrator. It has plenty of benefits that balance out the negatives, making this vibrator a good choice - although there are plenty that are better for a higher price. 

Marissa White