Hot Octopuss Review

Hot Octopuss Review

Let’s be perfectly honest here, there are few sexual encounters that can’t be improved with the help of a couple of silicon tools. Whether in a group, a couple, or going solo, the right sex toy can take your experience from good to mind-blowing.

They can be great for experimenting with yourself to find out exactly what you’re into, enhance what you already know, or to assist those with reduced mobility still experience that pleasure with a partner or on their own. 

Hot Octopuss Review

Whatever your wants or needs, companies like Hot Octopuss exist to help you find your perfect toy. Hot Octopuss is a sex toy manufacturer that makes toys for men, women, and couples. Their top seller is the multi-award-winning Guybrator™, the Pulse Solo Essential.

Perfect for any penis, this toy is dubbed as the world’s first “Guybrator™” (vibrator for men – in case vibrator is too feminine of a word), and claims to be able to make you climax hands-free, without the need for stroking.

But just what makes this small toy worth the acclaim? In this review, we’ll lay the details out on the good and the bad of the Pulse Solo Essential. 

The Good

First of all, this toy was designed with flexibility in mind and as such should be able to fit almost any shape or size of penis. It simply slips on effortlessly under the helmet and gets to work.

Although most conventional sex toys use low-amp vibrations, the Pulse Solo Essential uses a Hot Octopuss’ patented ‘piston’-like system, which delivers high-amp oscillation through the PulsePlate, which sits directly under the head of the penis.

Due to the quality of the six different vibration patterns, and the way the Pulse fits around the shaft, this toy can bring the user to orgasm completely hands-free but can also (with a bit of lube) be used to enhance the sensation of stroking. 

Users have praised the quality of the vibrations, and the feel of the silicon in positive reviews, and have also noted that it is particularly helpful for those with mobility issues, such as limb differences or arthritis – basically anything that can make typical masturbation difficult.

The Pulse Solo Essential is also handy for those struggling with Erectile Dysfunction, as it can bring you to climax without needing to be hard – one review even noted that it helped “get things started” when they struggle to get an erection. 

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential

The Bad

For as many reviews as there are praising its flexibility and power, there are as many complaints. Unfortunately, the Pulse Solo Essential seems to be a little hit and miss for some people.

There are several people who have reported that the charge function either stops working after a couple of days or never works to begin with. Others say that it charges, but that it conks out after just 5 minutes, which isn’t what you expect when you pay the admittedly premium price.

An issue like this is a real issue as there’s no guarantee as to whether you’ll end up with a product that will last for years, or just 5 minutes, and it’s a lot of money to find out either way. 

Other people complain that this product just simply doesn’t do what it says on the tin. Whilst positive reviewers claim that the Pulse Solo Essential is powerful enough to get them off on even the lowest setting, others claim that it does nothing for them at all.

Again, this could be a manufacturer error, with some products having a lower quality of vibration than others. For a product that offers so much, it’s disappointing to hear so many negative reviews that are actually manufacturing issues, not just personal taste. 

That said, if there are issues with your product, there is a one-year warranty and a customer service team that aims to resolve most issues.

Although some issues seem to have had spotty responses from customer service, those who claim to have gone straight to Hot Octopuss, rather than through Amazon, seem to have had a much better experience.

Sometimes companies are able to figure claims out via Amazon, and sometimes you need to go directly to the manufacturer – Hot Octopuss seems to be the latter of the two.

The Conclusion

It’s difficult to come to a good conclusion for this one. On one hand, when the product works it seems to work fantastically, with 5-star reviews and multiple awards to its name.

It’s advertised as being able to make people climax hands-free, even with erectile dysfunction, and lots of reviewers state that it does just that.

However, you can really ignore the multiple reviewers that state that it doesn’t work as advertised, doesn’t fit around their shaft, and (worst of all) doesn’t charge properly, if at all. 

I guess the conclusion needs to be to recommend doing more research into this product, but also other similar toys that might have more of a guarantee of quality.

With the Pulse Solo Essential you could find the only sex toy you’ll ever need, or you’ll pay a premium for something that’ll only tickle you for 5 minutes before conking out and never charging.

So long as you go through the manufacturer you should be able to get a replacement, but apparently, this can also be hit and miss. Perhaps the pros outweigh the cons for you, an opinion I wouldn’t blame you for – just keep in mind that you might possibly come across some issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Use Lube With This Product? 

If you’re planning on using it by stroking it up down, then yes, you’ll want to lube it up before use. Because it is a silicone toy, you need to make sure you use water-based lube with it in order to ensure the best results. 

How Do I Charge The Pulse? 

Bearing in mind that this is the most frequently reported issue, you’ll want to ensure that everything is as it’s supposed to be before using it. As well as the product, you should receive a USB charging cable that inserts into the back of the toy.

After a couple of hours of charging, you should be able to use the product continuously for an hour. If you can’t, get in touch with the manufacturer. 

How Loud Is This Product? 

Although silent or quiet vibrators do exist, the Pulse Solo Essential never claims to be one of them. Although this product isn’t overly loud or noticeable, it does definitely make noise and gets louder the higher the setting that you put it on.

There are product review videos online you’ll be able to find in order to hear for yourself what the volume is like.