G Vibe 3 Premium Rechargeable Massager Review

G Vibe 3 Premium Rechargeable Massager Review

Female masturbation, this big scary unknown world, filled with strange looking and even stranger shaped devices with numerous settings. It can be quite daunting, for both man and woman. But remember, there is never any shame in bring a massager into the bedroom.

This third edition is an impressive toy, designed for female pleasure but also able to deliver pleasure to men. Designed to stimulate the three sensitive sites, G-spots, clitoris and vaginal orifice.

G Vibe 3 Premium Rechargeable Massager Review

The revolutionary design is the focus of this toy. This toy is shaped to adapt to everyone’s anatomy individually. With whooping six different vibration settings that changes intensity, to a light tremor to an intense vibration, you screw guaranteed to be having fun with this adult toy.

All G vibe products are made up of the highest quality, hypoallergenic and ecologically safe. Made from premium medical silicone, this toy is adaptable to most lubes. Which is super handy for a sex toy, if I do say so myself. 

The G Vibe third generation of massagers contains three powerful motors, two stationed in the tips and one in the shaft. This unique feature is an extra boost but doesn’t require extra charge.

Also, due to the motors being places slightly different, this toy can also be used for a prostate massage. With a magnetic charger with four hours of operation in one charge. With a swanky travel lock to prevent phantom buzzes when you least expect it. 

First Impressions

G Vibe 3 Premium Rechargeable Massager

Packaged in a travel style pull bag, with a manual guide and a charging wire. Being quite large,11.97 × 6.06 × 1.77 inches (4.5 centimeters) to be precise.

It can be quite daunting at first, and a little confusing, not shaped like a usual dildo or penetrate device, it is even much larger than a standard bullet. The two pillars and also bendable for a desired fit.

In a cute candy pink color, being rather quiet, the motors are still powerful that located in both tips of the massager. The tips are designed with to be a certain length to help intense of compressions, including special attention to G-spot location.

Having six different settings of vibrations, Six vibration modes of very different sensitivity will give you a brighter orgasm. They are easily identifiable, which is good.

The design of the G-vibe is that the toy adapt to the user, the bendable wings of the massager are able to go wider as the vagina—the wider the stimulator’s tips spread out due to the silicone’s elasticity. G-vibe can be used for any woman.

Ease To Use

With the control buttons are located on the handle, which are made silicone as well, like the whole toy. This will prevent the toy sliding in your hand when using lubricant. The handle is easily accessible with a gap for holding.

The bendable wings are obviously  adaptable and angled to hit both G-spot and clitoral stimulation. Knowing that orgasms achieved by G-spot stimulation are different and longer-lasting than ones achieved by clitoral stimulation.

What make the massager differ from the usual ones that it gives a simultaneous stimulation to two sides of the vagina, G-spot and the opposite side, this is something that cannot be achieved by regular vibrators.

There is also loads of help on their website with diagrams to showcases how many different ways you can use the massager on both men and women, and the website is super helpful for tips!.

Care And Maintenance 

G-vibe always uses the highest quality material, hypoallergenic and premium medical silicone. This massager is both odorless and water-resistant, so it can be washed in water.

The silicone based material of the toy is fine for both water and oil based lube, I would recommend a patch test first on your toy if the lube is silicone based.  The chargeable battery is fast, the initial charging time is eight hours.

Then after that 4 hours of operation in one charge. As long the massager is correctly cleaned and dried after use, there should be any issues. But there is a 1-year warranty, so even less worried about your precious sex toy breaking.  


This revolutionary sex toy is designed to hit all three spots or being able to simultaneous stimulate the two spots, G-spot and the opposite side of vagina. This toy is able to create sensation of fullness without stretching the vaginal entrance.

With both wings having a tip with powerful motors and six changeable tremors and vibrations. This sex is the toy that keeps giving, with one charge keeping  the toy alive for up to four hours. You are guaranteed that it will sex up your sex life.

This toy is adapted for both couples and solo work,  this toy is also adaptable for both men as women. This toy is also able to be used a testicle massager, to help with the male orgasm.


In summary, the unique take on massagers is really showcased through the shape of this sex toy. The V-shaped design is reminiscent of the ‘bunny’ style clit stimulators that we all know and love. While this toy is capable of this, what sets the G-vibe aside from the other toys is it adaptability.

The bendable ways of both wings is perfect for shaping to every part of A woman. With six different settings ranging from light vibrations to intense pulsations.

With a large battery life and a plug in charging device, this messenger is designed to be on the go, equipped with both a travel bag and travel lock which is perfect for suitcases. Also designed to be both for solo pleasure and couples, no one is left out as this messenger can do it all!

Whether you are a seasoned sex toy user, looking forward to trying G-vibe’s newest addition or a newbie to the sex toy life, eager and wide-eyed to the possibilities this Massager can offer. G-vibe £ premium rechargeable massager will not disappoint.