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Degrading kink: The Definitive Guide

There are different kinks in the exciting world of sex, some of which you would never find attractive, while some are taboo and some you want to try yourself. Perhaps the degrading kink is one of them. This kink includes the use of derogatory words such as whore, bitch, slut, idiot, and similar terms, in order to humiliate the submissive partner.

This kink’s characteristic is using words, names, and phrases to humiliate the sexual partner – so that he actually enjoys it. It can seem taboo and quite shocking for those who are not into it; that’s why this article brings you closer to the nature of degrading kink, its types, origin, and roles.

This intriguing kink is much more than just dirty talk and heavy or mild insults, so we will explain in this little guide everything that might interest you if you are unfamiliar with the degradation kink or, on the contrary – want to know more or have it yourself!

What is a Degradation kink?

Degrading kink (also Degradation kink, often abbreviated DK), is a practice that is consensual on both sides and includes a number of different activities to humiliate your partner during sexual activities. 

Slut shaming, therefore, acquires a different meaning and level with this kink. In this context, it is not something that is shocking to those who participate in kink, but their goal is actually the pleasure they get from practicing it.

Roles in degrading kink

This naughty kink can also be labeled as erotic degradation because it causes great erotic satisfaction through agreed and established boundaries within humiliation. Degrading kink arouses excitement, whether it is a private kink practice or a public place. Depending on the dynamics and needs of the relationship, as well as your preferences, DK can also be used as roleplay, but this is not mandatory.

Within the framework of kinky sex and BDSM practices, one can come across degrading kink, and now we will explain in detail the main roles and characteristics of the participants of this kink – the dominant and the submissive partner.


When we talk about the participants in the degrading kink, we are talking about the dominant and the submissive partner, and in DK, they are called the terms degrader and degradee. In this case, the degrader is the dominant partner who finds his satisfaction in this kink by humiliating and insulting his partner. 

Often on this occasion, the degrader behaves as superior and treats the submissive partner as trash. Still, as we mentioned, this act is consensual, so both parties see it as a way to spice up sex and make it more exciting.

What makes a degrader recognizable are the offensive and humiliating actions he performs and the words he uses, which include the following, but also much more:

  • Ejaculating or spitting on the body of a submissive partner and often peeing on them
  • Offensive names he calls his submissive partner include whore, slut, bitch, fagot, cunt, etc.
  • The dominant partner often makes fun of the partner’s body, whether it is in private or in public
  • Forcing the degradee to perform an act in public: It can happen that within the degradation kink degrader requires the partner to do something embarrassing in public, for example, to take off his clothes or do some task in front of others


Degradee is often a submissive partner in the dynamics of relationships that partners have within the degrading kink. 

A characteristic of his role is that he is the target of humiliation by the dominant partner in the dynamic. This means that their position is such that they are deeply subordinated to their degrader. As we explained, the degradee enjoys this kink and finds great pleasure in being the target of insults and humiliation, whether mild or heavy.

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Types of Degradation Kink

Degrading kink is a term that encompasses many different ways you can apply this kink. Whether it’s a bedroom, a public place, or maybe a playroom, DK is a way for both parties involved in the humiliation to benefit from it and experience great pleasure. The purpose and goal of this kink is precisely the sexual pleasure that both the degrader (dominant partner) and the degradee (submissive partner) get with this act.

When it comes to degrading kink, we distinguish four types based on common characteristics: 

  • Verbal Humiliation, 
  • Sexual Humiliation, 
  • Physical Humiliation, 
  • Public Humiliation.

Some of the DK practices include pet play, treating the partner as if he were an object or an animal, ordering them to do some difficult task, as well as spanking their butt, whipping, dressing up in costumes and roleplay, such as dressing as a maid or wearing only lingerie, etc.

Physical Humiliation

Physical humiliation refers to the degrading kink where the degrader is required to perform a certain physical task or a humiliating act, whether in a private or public space. Erotic humiliation in the form of public humiliation is often associated with this aspect, but also with other aspects of DK. This can be both virtual and in the real world. 

Verbal Humiliation

Degrading kink has another aspect that is very popular among degrader/degradee dynamics, and that is verbal humiliation. This includes calling the submissive partner derogatory names by the dominant, and it can also be over the phone and online, but then it’s a different feeling of experiencing this kink.

Sexual Humiliation

Sexual humiliation within degrading kink refers to humiliating a submissive partner based on his sexual performance. It can also include making fun of the partner’s body or a part of the body, comparing it to someone else, and even participating in sexual activities with others.

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Why do people like the Degradation Kink?

Degrading kink is a popular taboo topic among many, but in the world of sex, there are theories about why some people are prone to this kink and what it should mean. The issue of degrading is not only related to these four types that we mentioned previously but also to the point of different violent scenarios and rough sex. 

What is certain, and we believe you will agree with us, is that there are really different ways in which people like to be turned on, and when it comes to stimuli, research still does not have real evidence as to why some things turn us on more and others don’t.

One example of a kink that is very popular is the degrading kink, which has several possible origins:

  • taboo topics can often act as a turn-on, especially if they involve breaking the rules, dirty activities, and humiliation
  • women expressed their desire not to be in charge but to be managed, that is, to be degraded
  • catharsis is another reason
  • sense of belonging, i.e. power dynamics in which the dominant partner is the owner of the submissive partner.


In the world of sex, there are certain rules and ideas that should be respected, such as the idea of a safeword. In the case of degrading kink, it is more than obvious, considering that this BDSM practice also includes very violent practices and crossing the boundaries of partners. 

Safewords should include words that mark the end of the game or the scene within the kink but discussing the limits regarding the actions themselves is also helpful. Establish your rules regarding the relationship and dynamics of dominance and submissiveness; for example, certain words are not allowed to be used in public or certain actions.

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In order to make sure that your fantasies within degrading kink are safe and that you can feel comfortable with your partner, you need to have an established aftercare routine.

Aftercare is a way to relax after intense BDSM practice of degradation kink because sometimes it can be really tiring and take a lot of energy. Some of the aftercare practices you can introduce are:

  • bath or shower with your partner
  • kissing, caressing or touching the body of your partner
  • warm massage and other intimate types of massage
  • emotional part, which involves communication about the play


Many people in degrading kink enjoy it very dedicatedly, and it is also interesting that this kink belongs to the category of sadism and masochism in BDSM, between the submissive and the dominant. The dedication to the partner and his satisfaction, even though at first glance it looks intimidating and extremely offensive to others, opens the opportunity for greater trust, exploration of sexuality, and strong commitment within the relationship. Also, this is one of the ways they turn on easily and quickly, whether it’s by using a pet name or by being spanked, degrading kink lets them spice up their bedroom and enjoy their sex life even more.


If you want to find out more about the degradation kink, you can check out some of the frequently asked questions about it.

What is a degrading kink?

Degrading kink or degradation kink (often abbreviated to DK) is a term for many activities involving derogatory phrases or actions to humiliate a partner, and the goal is the pleasure of both parties. The point of this act is the satisfaction of both partners: the dominant partner, who uses derogatory words or performs offensive actions, and the submissive partner, who together participate in the realization of DK. There are four types of DK: physical humiliation, public humiliation, sexual humiliation, and verbal humiliation.

How to please someone with a degrading kink?

Depending on whether your partner is dominant (degrader) or submissive (degradee), you will be able to indulge in fulfilling his big demands and desires within the degrading kink. If your partner is submissive, you can discuss which methods of humiliation please him the most and give him the greatest pleasure, and if he is dominant, you can agree on what are the boundaries that must not be crossed in play.

What causes a degrading kink?

There are many potential reasons for the degrading kink, but science has not yet discovered the reasons for people’s different turn-ons. When it comes to DK, the reasons for its attractiveness can be the desire to belong to someone, the awareness of doing something that is taboo (breaking the rules, being a rebel, humiliating others), the need not be responsible, and in charge, etc.

Why do I have a degrading kink?

Kinks are interesting because they can reveal a lot about your hidden desires but also bring you much more pleasure in the bedroom. Sometimes your role within the degrading kink does not coincide with what kind of person you are otherwise; perhaps you are an independent person who is not touched by the backlash, but within sexual activities, you enjoy being a submissive partner who will receive insults – with the aim of mutual seduction, and above all satisfaction of your partner.