What Is The Pocket In Thongs (Underwear) For?

What Is The Pocket In Thongs (Underwear) For?

Have you ever looked down whilst sitting in the restroom, to see your underwear around your ankles, and noticed a small pocket in the middle of your thong? You’re definitely not alone.

That small piece of fabric, pocket, slip, or whatever you want to call it has baffled people for years! Why is it there? What is its purpose? 

Rest assured that you’ll find out exactly what that small pocket is in your underwear in this simple guide…and no…it’s not a handy place to leave your lipstick. So, what is the pocket in thongs for? Let’s find out.

What Is The Pocket In Thongs (Underwear) For?

Why Do Thongs Have A Pocket?

If you’ve ever looked in your panties before, (trust us, we’ve all been there) you will notice that there is a small tab, pocket, or diamond-shaped piece of fabric sitting where your crotch or vagina would be. This can be a little confusing, as to why would you need a small pocket inside your panties?

Nope, it’s not there to hide things where no one will find them, the pocket does actually serve a purpose.

For the most part, this teenie tiny crotch pocket is there mainly to maintain health and hygiene, whilst preventing bacteria and discomfort.

The simple answer is that thongs and other types of underwear have a small pocket or piece of fabric between the legs which is called a gusset.

This gusset sits at the part of your panties where the crotch would be and is there to help provide comfort, breathability, reinforcement, whilst being moisture-wicking too. 

What Is A Gusset? 

A gusset is a small panel, typically of a triangular or diamond shape that is found inside women’s panties.

It is typically inserted into a garment or piece of underwear to help reinforce the shape and give some room in the crotch area so that there is a little extra breathing room. 

What you may notice is that gussets are open at one end.

This is often so that lint, fluff, and debris from your washer and dryer can get trapped in the pocket or gusset so that it does not cause any irritation or discomfort when you wear your panties. 

A gusset is primarily used to allow for breathing room, improve the shape of the panties, and reinforce them.

It is also there to work as a sort of liner, that can be moisture-wicking and reduce any stress or tightness from ill-fitting clothing. 

What Is The Pocket In Thongs (Underwear) For?

So, we’ve established that the pocket in your thong is called a gusset, but what is it actually for, and what purpose does it serve?

It’s not there for no reason.

A woman’s intimate area, the vagina, is one of the most delicate and sensitive parts of the body.

Don’t get us wrong, the vagina is incredibly powerful, and can actually birth humans, but it does also have a delicate balance that can be upset rather easily. 

Your vagina has its own pH balance. The average vagina has a pH level between 3.8 and 4.5, but your pH balance can vary depending on a range of factors.

A healthy vagina should stay in this range, but it can be thrown off balance.

The typical signs of this are a foul or fishy scent, unusual discharge, or discharge that is gray, green, or thick. You may also experience itching and burning when you urinate.

This is why we say the vagina can be delicate.

It has its own sort of balance and is actually self-cleaning, which is why many washes, soaps, and products can upset this balance and cause discomfort and irritation in the vagina.

This is why it is so vital that you take care of this intimate part of the body.

The gusset on your underwear is also a way that you can take care of the vagina. Soaps and abrasive materials can irritate the vagina, so the gusset works to ensure that the crotch remains fresh, hygienic, and balanced at all times. 

The underwear comes in all sorts of styles, shapes, and sizes.

A lot of this underwear such as thongs and panties can be made of synthetic materials, which can be irritating on the skin, restricting, and not very breathable.

Now, this does not mean that you should throw all of your pretty thongs in the trash, it just means that your vagina will need a little extra support. 

This is where the gusset comes in handy.

The gusset will often be made of soft and comfortable material and will act as a lining to protect the vagina from rubbing against tight, synthetic materials which can cause rubbing, discomfort, and sweating.

This in turn creates a lot of bacteria, which will upset that delicate pH balance in your vagina. 

By wearing comfortable panties made of breathable materials, and containing a gusset, you can ensure that you stay dry, airy, and friction-free all day long. This will help you avoid things such as skin irritation, bacterial infections, and yeast infections… which nobody wants. 

You don’t have to say goodbye to cute faux silk panties or your favorite sexy thong. However, we do advise that you invest in some with that little pocket, the gusset, or wear more comfortable panties made of breathable, non-synthetic fabrics.

This is important if you’re wearing them all day long, and stick to the cute, lace ones for nighttime or when you want to feel a little sexy. 

What Is The Pocket In Thongs (Underwear) For?

How To Pick The Perfect Underwear 

The good news is that you don’t have to give up style in favor of comfort.

You can have it both ways, just ensure that you pick underwear that is stylish, suits your needs, and is comfortable enough that it doesn’t cause any issues or irritation with your crotch.

To help you do this, we can offer some tips and tricks.

Number one is to find the right fabric or materials that agree with you.

Whilst some people may find any synthetic material fine for their vagina, certain fabrics may not suit you, or could cause mayhem with your vagina’s delicate balance.

Perhaps cotton or silk works best for you!

Try to stick to breathable fabrics that keep you cool, are soft to the touch, and are light instead of thick, tight, and heavy.

Another important factor to consider is the size. Just because you want to fit into a certain size, or perhaps it was the last size available, and you really wanted those particular panties, doesn’t mean you should wear them.

For example, we love these cotton-blend lace hipster panties as they’re cheeky, sexy, but comfortable and provide all-day support. 

Panties or underwear that are too tight can be really uncomfortable, and no one wants to see you fish a wedgie out every two minutes.

In addition, panties that are too small could cause chafing and sweating which could lead to an infection, so always ensure you’ve got enough wiggle room! 

Also, remember to wash and dry your panties regularly, and never wear the same pair twice as you could spread bacteria.

If you’ve worn panties to the gym, and you’ve come home to shower, or it’s been a few hours in one pair, change into a new fresh pair. Your vagina can then remain sweat-free, fresh, and breathable at all times. 

Finally, always ensure that there is a gusset, or a small piece of fabric inside your panties to act as a liner, buffer. This will provide your crotch with that little extra bit of support to keep you and your vagina happy and healthy! 

What Is The Pocket In Thongs (Underwear) For?


To summarize, you’ve probably spent some time wondering why there’s a pocket in your panties and underwear where your crotch should be.

Whilst you could probably fit spare change in there, hide your lipstick, or keep your essentials in there, it’s not actually designed to hide anything. 

That small pocket is actually called a gusset and is there to provide extra support, breathability, and comfort for the crotch area.

With the gusset in your underwear, your crotch can remain healthy, with enough room, padding, and a little extra moisture-wicking lining to remain fresh and hygienic all day long.

Let’s face it, the gusset really is a girl’s best friend!