What Is Pet Play (Everything You Need To Know)

What Is Pet Play? (Everything You Need To Know)

I’m sure many have heard of pet play before.

There are tons of documentaries on the subject and much press about the idea of it (understandably due to how unique the activity is).

But how much do you truly know about the act?

What Is Pet Play?

Pet play is a kink acted upon by many, considerably acknowledged within the BDSM community.

This is an activity not separated by gender, sexuality, or race; it is merely a sexual activity for people to explore their alter egos and fantasies.

The people who are involved in pet play are typically known to be dressed up as pet animals, whether that be as a dog, a cat, or even a rabbit.

What attaches pet play to BDSM is the role of submissive and dominant.

When you think of pets and their owners, it is the owner who is in charge, the owner who holds the leash.

Within pet play, these roles of pet and owner are fetishized and acted upon, with one playing the dominant (owner) and the other playing the submissive (pet).

You don’t have to be a professional or know what you are doing in pet play, for it is about discovering yourself and your kinks and having the freedom to play an alternative role.


What pet players wear is completely up to the individual.

They can choose to wear a simple animal mask or ears, maybe attach a leash or collar around their neck. They can also decide to go all out and dress from head to toe in leather or in a furry outfit.


The standard for most people involved in pet play is the mask. It is what covers the face, covers the original identity of the person, and presents a new one.

Typically, the key to a good mask is in the mouth, many choosing to have a mussel like a dog, still revealing the eyes.


People may choose to use a tail and you will usually find these tails attached to the costume, often furry. On the other hand (if the individual is kinky enough) there is the option of having a tail butt plug.


The material of the costume plays a big role and although not a set-in-stone rule, what you choose to wear can determine the level of sexualization.

For example, people who choose to wear furry outfits may choose this to embrace their inner animal and participate in animalistic acts. This can be for fun or can be pleasurable.

Dressing in latex or leather, however, can present a heightened kinkiness, to those who are very much so into primal activity and strong acts of BDSM. This is not to say that you have to be into primal play to wear leather, however, it is a reoccurring factor seen.

Does Pet Play Always Have To Be Sexual?

The assumption by many outsiders is that dressing up like an animal in pet play means that it is purely sexual. This could not be any further from the truth.

One of the main aspects of pet play is dressing up and imitating the role of an animal, and this is something that more people do than not without it being sexualized.


Furries are a group of people who dress up as furry animals, commonly based on animal characters from cartoons and shows.

The goal is to anthropomorphize animals, creating the body of an animal but showing human characteristics, such as walking on two legs.

There are thousands of furries out there, and many meet up at what are called ‘fur cons’ – this is a time for the fur community to come together. Some, however, do choose to turn this sexual but for many is simply an activity.


Another example is cosplay.

Cosplay is a word known worldwide and is, simply put, dressing up as a character.

It is similar to furries in terms of dressing up and humanizing animals, however for the most part this is simply a hobby to pay homage to their favorite characters.

What Attracts People To Pet Play?

Pet play is a phenomenon that has been taken by storm all around the globe.

But why do people love pet play so much?

And what is the appeal?

Well, there are many reasons for this.

For so many people outside this community, it can be a struggle to understand what attracts a person to acting like an animal, from dressing up as one to crawling like one, even to drinking out of a dog bowl. It seems out of the ordinary, and in turn, many outsiders link the act to bestiality.

Again, this couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Just because you enjoy dressing up as a pup, that doesn’t mean that you are attracted to dogs or want to perform sexual acts; it is simply a turn on seeing others dressed submissively like a submissive pet and to act upon that.

The reasons why someone would choose to participate in pet play is not certain as every person is different, however here are some possible reasons why.


In BDSM, humiliation is something that people tend to enjoy.

And what better way to embrace that want for humiliation than by dressing up as an animal, crawling for their master, made to eat out of a bowl on their hands and knees, and kept on a leash.

Loss Of Control

Some other people may thrive off of that loss of control. As a pet, you are submissive to your owner, so having to stay on the ground, look up to your owner, do whatever is told of you, is something that people are into.

Embracing Power

In pet play your role does not only have to be the pet – you can be the one pulling the leash. There is something desiring about being the one in control and being dominant. In pet play, there is no excuse not to take on that powerful role.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who is thinking about joining the pet play community, there is nothing to be ashamed of. It is very common and completely normal; it is just about looking for the right people and finding the right places.

Participating in pet play doesn’t mean you have to go to public conventions or meetups either; for many, this is a personal activity.

Many pet players are in couples with one playing as the pet, the other as the owner, and in this most of the pet play happens behind closed doors in the bedroom.

However, this is entirely up to the individual. Perhaps you do want to make your fetish publicly known and is something that you are proud of.

There is a reason why pet play is so popular and trying out new kinks is all part of the sexual experience. It is okay to trial and error – maybe you’ll hate it, maybe you’ll love it.

So, if you are interested in pet play it is important to know how to stay safe (protection, safe words), but most importantly embrace your kinks and have fun.