What Is A Milking Table (And How To Use It)

What Is A Milking Table (And How To Use It)

A milking table can take your sex life to a whole new level. And no— it has nothing to do with cows or actual milk.

It’s essentially just a full-size massage table with the addition of a small opening where one’s penis would sit. This allows a second person to access the genitals from underneath the table.

The pleasure possibilities are endless, and it’s certain to result in a great orgasm every time.

What Is A Milking Table?

A milking table is a sort of sex furniture that is used for oral sex, sensual massages, and maybe other forms of sexual pleasure for people who have penises. The majority of commonly available milking tables resemble regular massage tables that you’d find at parlors and spas.

They do, however, have a cut-out section that provides access to the penis and testicles from beneath the table.

These adaptable furnishings can be utilized by people of various sexual orientations and genders, albeit they work best when the user on the table has a penis because the exposed genitals allow for better access.

The feelings offered to the individual being sexually satisfied are significantly different from what could be imagined from other situations of penis play and are derived from the slang word of massaging or sucking the penis in the way of trying to milk a cow’s udder.

Lying face down with the penis and scrotum exposed is an unusual situation that enables the recipient to focus entirely on their erection. They don’t have to be concerned about where their feet, limbs, and hands are.

They could also turn their gaze away from the scenario beneath the table. Some have even remarked that the subsequent orgasm is greater and more full-bodied than in other positions.

A milking table could be used for a number of sex acts such as massaging, role-playing, threesomes, BDSM, and much more.

Stimulation can be delivered from alongside or beneath the table, enabling multiple individuals to play at the very same time, or by including various additional equipment such as shackles or restraint devices.

Milking tables come in a variety of sizes and can be customized with unique accessories such as hooks, shackles, ropes, and much more.

When selecting a milking table, take into account the size of the individual or people who will be situating themselves beneath the table.  Pads or cushions are advised for those who sit or kneel near or beneath the table for improved comfort.

How To Use A Milking Table

A milking table can be used in a variety of ways. The companion usually sits beneath the table and excites the penis with a hand treatment or a blow job. Anal penetration is also an option for more seasoned and adaptable partners.

Please remember that a lot of lubrication will be required to perform this perfectly. The individual sitting beneath the table may also benefit from extra support. 

Why Would Someone Use A Milking Table?

As sexuality becomes more recognized as a normal aspect of daily life rather than a scandal or something to be avoided, some people are beginning to integrate sex furniture into their fun and design.

Since a milking table can be utilized for sexy activity, calming massages, or to serve snacks, dips, and appetizers at your next family function, these items can readily fit into most areas. If you prefer to keep your cock-milking activities under wraps, they frequently fold neatly for simple storage.

Another feature of milking tables that is often neglected is the accessibility to the person’s bottom and sphincter. Indeed, with a protruding object under the bench being so enticing, it’s easy to overlook that somebody has other options for enjoyment.

A milking table allows for anal exploration such as massaging, slapping, fondling, cunnilingus, or penetration, all while the penis beneath the table is having fun!

The BDSM-related possibilities of milking tables are particularly appealing to many people. Milking tables, like so many other kinds of sex furnishings, provide numerous opportunities to incorporate bondage during playtime.

The individual on the bench can be bound up, handcuffed, trussed up, and taped up in a multitude of various – entirely consensual — ways. Gimp masks, blindfolds, and gags may be used, and their entire rear may be revealed for various forms of submissive fun.

If you intend to include dominance and submission in your scenario, you should also explore forced orgasm.

When the individual on the bench is tied and therefore unable to maneuver, their erection can be stroked to the brink of climax without them being able to stop it.

This can be done again, with each orgasm causing increased sensitivity and excitability of the penis.

Benefits Of Using A Milking Table

What Is A Milking Table (And How To Use It)

Lack Of Control

A milking table is the perfect piece of equipment for those who want to surrender their power and feel completely powerless to those beneath the table.

When you lay on your stomach atop the table, it can give you the sensation of ultimate surrender and truly make you believe that you have no other choice but to lie there and be pleasured. It’s perfect for those looking to take a more passive role during play from time to time.

When lying on a milking table, you won’t have to worry about awkward leg placement or where you should put your hands – just lie back and relax.

It’s Unusual

Just the fact that the sensation of lying on a milking table is wholly different from any other kind of pleasure is enough to get you off. The experience is entirely unique and incredibly kinky, which is sure to induce orgasm in no time.

The same can be said for the person underneath the table, as they’ll be presented with an autonomous and sometimes anonymous appendage – which is reminiscent of glory holes. 

Mirror Opportunities

Even if you’re lying on the table and open to playing a passive role in the milking experience, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get a peek at the action.

With clever mirror placement, the receiver can tilt to get a clear view of what’s going on beneath the table. This is a huge turn-on for a lot of people and the sexy opportunities with a mirror and a milking table are truly endless.

Also, the person underneath the table may enjoy being watched without being able to see the receiver. 

Anxiety Reduction

A session on a milking table can do wonders for reducing stress and anxiety as well as the symptoms that come along with it. When you lie back and surrender yourself to the giver below the table, the benefits are very similar to that of a regular spa or sports massage.

To increase the stress-busting benefits, consider lighting some candles or introducing aromatherapy techniques.

A milking table session doesn’t always have to be lively, steamy, and kinky – it can be extremely calming, sensual, and relaxing. Some people also claim that milking table sessions can lead to improved sleep and routine.

So what are you waiting for? 

Final Thoughts

If the thought of lying atop a milking table gets you hot under the collar, it might just be time to give it a go. You can choose to splash out on a specially made milking table or opt to make your own DIY version at home.

Whatever you decide, lie back, relax, and have fun! And of course, consent from both parties is essential, as with all sexual activities.