What Is A Daddy Kink (What It Is And How It Works)

What Is A Daddy Kink? (What It Is And How It Works)

When it comes to couples, we often have names we like to call each other.

Whether this is ‘babe’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘handsome’, or ‘princess’, what is often less talked about, is that some partners prefer to call their boyfriend ‘daddy’.

This often happens during sex, yet it does not mean they have daddy issues directly or want to engage in sexual activities with their father.

What Is A Daddy Kink (What It Is And How It Works)

Instead, it often refers to a more dominant partner, and girlfriends like to call their boyfriends ‘daddy’ to assume this dominance.

We have written this article to tell you a bit more about the term and what a Daddy Kink means.

So keep reading to find out more!

What Is A Daddy Kink?

As we just mentioned, although the term ‘daddy’ is associated with your father, in sex, it can mean a dominant partner and is often used by girlfriends during sex to refer to their boyfriend who is the boss, in charge of them or, even their protector.

Although it might be associated more with 70s porn and can be considered a cliché, a lot of partners still enjoy using the term and this is what is often considered a ‘Daddy Kink’.

While Freud believed we all have an Oedipal or Electra complex, it has been revealed in recent years that in sex, boyfriends do not get called this because of it, and instead, it is used as a way to communicate a partners submissiveness to masculinity.

Why Do Men Like To Be Called Daddy?

Daddy kinks are more common than people may perceive, and your boyfriend may have hinted at the idea of you calling him daddy more than once in your relationship.

If you have ever wondered why, it usually has something to do with the power that the name holds.

Calling your boyfriend daddy indicates that he is in charge, he is the boss and the master of the relationship, and he wants to be dominant, especially in the bedroom.

Being in control boosts their alpha male complex and can increase sexual appetite.

Phrases such as this may trigger erotic senses in the brain and if he is keen to be the dominant partner, calling him Daddy might even increase his sex drive towards you.

He will feel more in control and stronger than you and want to use this to please you in the bedroom.

As the term, daddy triggers power in the dominant partners, they can also become influential after using this term as it’s almost as if the girlfriend has completely submitted themselves over to their partners.

It gives them the impression that if you do things wrong, they have the right to punish the girl sexually until she asks for his forgiveness.

This can trigger erotic senses in a man, especially if the girl seems happy to serve him.

You might also find your boyfriend enjoys being called daddy as he feels the responsibility. Although the name is associated with dominance, he might also feel respected and responsible for taking care of their girl.

Some men believe when their partner calls them daddy, they have earned their girlfriend’s respect and love, and is a title that is only earned by women who are satisfied with their men.

They can then feel as if they are the responsible ‘man’ in the relationship.

Calling your boyfriend daddy can also be associated with preference and attraction. In one study, it was found women are more attracted to strong and financially stable men.

These qualities make your man feel powerful and feel as if he has authority over you.

This means the term can increase attraction levels from both the man and woman. Whilst some prefer to use the term ‘babe’, or ‘honey’, others prefer pet names like daddy, which are considered naughtier.

However, these are still considered pet names and therefore are used out of love and can increase feelings and attraction levels towards each other, forming a deeper connection between each other in the relationship.

You might want to see for yourself how your boyfriend reacts to you calling him daddy.

If you use the name and he feels uncomfortable, you should stop right away, however, if it turns him on, or he seems to like it, this is your sign to keep calling him it if it is something you also enjoy.

What Is A Daddy Kink
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DDLG Kink Community

A common kink used to explain calling your boyfriend ‘daddy’, is the Ddlg kink community and this is a thriving community in the BDSM world. Ddlg stands for Daddy Dom/little girl.

It means the ‘little girls’ are taken care of by their male partners and to do this, they use discipline and other toys. The ‘little girls’ in this relationship bring joyful innocence to the relationship and the partner remains in total control.

On Tumblr, you can find different blogs which have been set up for Ddlg secrets and personals for women, who often describe themselves as mentally being aged 3-6 but are physically all grown up.

The Ddlg kink community does, however, carry with it the sexualization and fetishizing of children and little girls, and therefore although the community continues to grow, it is not a community that is understood and enjoyed by everyone. Even if they occasionally like to call their boyfriend daddy in the bedroom.

Although this association is common among those who are new and unfamiliar to the community, a lot of doctors and researchers believe there is no pedophilia involved and a Ddlg kink can be a healthy part of any consenting relationship.

Relationships are built on patterns and attachments, and each relationship works differently. What might work in one relationship, might not work in another, and a relationship is built on trust and reliability.

As long as you can rely on your partner, it is believed a Ddlg kink can be a healthy part of a relationship as it is not necessary for all couples to be as strong in the same things, especially when it comes to the bedroom.

However, it has been picked up that there is a risk involved with this kind of relationship as sometimes in a Ddlg kink pattern, the protector can erase the part of the ‘little girl’ that needed nurturing.

Women are often the ones who end up giving themselves up like this and as they are trained from such an early age to put other people’s needs before their own, they are trained to erase themselves from situations.

As society assumes men are the ‘providers’, this kink has also been heavily criticized as it falls onto the patriarchy’s lap.

Final Thoughts

We hope by reading this article you understand what a Daddy Kink is and how it works.

In a healthy relationship, it can be completely normal to call your boyfriend ‘daddy’, if you want to reveal your submissive side and reinforce the dominance of your partner, that he is in charge, and he is your protector.

You might even engage in the Ddlg kink community, and as long as both parties consent and enjoy themselves, keep experimenting! You never know what you might like until you try it.