I’ve been fangirling about the Zumio since Bettys Toy Box sent me the original X version for review. In fact, I would say it’s my most charged toy. I would genuinely be lost without it. So when Bettys Toy Box offered me the Zumio S for review I actually squealed.

The premise behind the Zumio is its meant to stimulate a woman more how she would herself. The SpiroTIP rotates rapidly mimicking the motion of a finger rather than vibrating. At first, I was a little unconvinced about this but there is no doubting the Zumio’s superior orgasm power. The S Version is a slightly different design intended to create a different experience.

Some people found the extreme intensity of the Zumio X to be too much for them. So the Zumio S is a toned down version with less intensity. Supposedly.

Familiar Shape

The Zumio S looks extremely similar in design to the Zumio X. The body is the same familiar electric toothbrush shape with an ABS plastic handle with the controls. The Zumio S is USB rechargeable and comes with a little charging dock. This makes charging a breeze. Simply plug the dock in and pop the Zumio S into the socket. A yellow light lets you see when the Zumio is charging or charged. Be warned though, Zumio is a long charge. Both of my versions require charging overnight.

The Zumio S has the same infinity control as the X comprising of a power button and then a raised infinity symbol denoting the upping and downing of intensity. I have the same placement issues with the Zumio S as I did with the X. It feels a little too high and I have to inch up to find it during use. A minor complaint really given how much I love this product.

Still Intense

Zumio S has eight settings and just like with its predecessor the difference between the bottom and top settings are radical. There is so much more intensity at 8 than 1 so it’s a great way to climb during longer play sessions. I love to use mine during long sexting sessions for ultimate tease, climbing through the settings every time I need to come.

Now, Zumio brand the S as less intense than the X. There is even a little guide on the side of the box illustrating where the two devices sit on the intensity scale. And yet, for me the S feels more intense. I know it’s not meant to. I know the larger, more cushioned tip is meant to be less direct. But for me it feels much stronger.

Orgasms in Record Time

I can only assume it’s the larger surface area which creates more stimulation clitorally. That’s not to say it’s not a different sensation to the X because it definitely is. It feels less hard, less direct. But I wouldn’t say less intense. It does take longer to build to orgasm but its marginal. The Zumio S still creates orgasms in record time.

Just like with a Doxy wand or a Satisfyer, I find the Zumio S benefits from a slick of lube across my clit first. This acts as a kind of cushion, amplifying the sensation but stopping the power from becoming painful. The tip is made of soft silicone so be sure to be careful with your lube choices. Water-based lube is recommended with silicone toys. Anything else can damage the surface.

Climax Quickly

When using the Zumio S I like to press it alongside my clit and circle it gently so the spiroTIP is creating waves of pleasure. As I feel the orgasm begin to grow, I press a little more firmly and find I quickly climax. My orgasms are strong and delicious. I can’t just have one, wanting more every time.

It’s hard to choose between the two if I’m honest. I’ve started to incorporate both into long play sessions, starting off using the Zumio S. Then switching to the Zumio X when I begin to become desensitised. This way I can experience the delicious intense Zumio orgasms over and over again.

Super Discreet

I love everything about the Zumio S. It’s super quiet, not quite as quiet as the X but still very discreet. This makes it super useable even in a busy house. The only problem I find is whilst the Zumio S is quiet I unfortunately am not whilst using it.

If you found the direct delivery of the Zumio X to be a little too much you’ll love the Zumio S. However, I loved Zumio X and I love Zumio S. I can switch and change them depending on what I’m looking for. But either way they guarantee super strong multiple orgasms.

Bettys Toy Box sell the Zumio S for $140, this sounds like a lot but I genuinely don’t know how I lived without my Zumio’s. And wouldn’t want to be without them now.

Thank you so much to Bettys Toy Box for sending me the Zumio S for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


  1. I’m with you on this, it’s brilliant as is the original! I do have a preference of this one over the X as it’s slightly less intense, but still super powerful and one of the fastest way for me to orgasm.

    Glad you liked it too!

    PP x


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