When I was a teenager my favourite and only method of getting myself off was face down in my bed. I haven’t played like that forever so when I saw the You2Toys Soft Touch Lay On Vibe from Orion I was filled with nostalgic feels and couldn’t wait to try it.

The first thing I must mention about the You2Toys Soft Touch Lay On Vibe is the packaging. It comes in the prettiest sparkly box. I didn’t fully understand why until I opened it, but it is very attractive. The box is black with a silver sparkly lotus type flower on it. I think this is because the You2Toys Soft Touch Lay On Vibe looks a bit petal shaped.

Pretty Appearance

After cooing at the box, I opened it up to get at the vibe itself. My first impressions were it was much smaller than I expected. Measuring just 5 inches in length and 1.5 in diameter it is dinky and cute looking.

Black in colour the Soft Touch Lay On Vibe is covered in silicone with an ABS band running around the outside. This is clear and filled with glitter. When I switch the Soft Touch Lay On Vibe on pretty blue light illuminates this. It looks very space aged and I like it even if I don’t fully understand why I’d need a light on a lay on vibe.

I’m assuming the Soft Touch bit of the name comes from the silicone covering, it is softer than plastic to touch but is a little misleading as the unit itself is very solid. Because of the silicone covering you need to be careful to only use water-based lube with the You2Toys Soft Touch Lay On Vibe.

Petal Shaped

The main body of the You2Toys Soft Touch Lay On Vibe is curved upwards to sit against your body. This graduates into a point at the tip which sits against, or alongside if you’re me, your clit. The motor of the Soft Touch Lay On Vibe is in this tip.

The outer side of the body has a groove in the centre, this makes it look like a petal as I mentioned before but I think it’s also somewhere to rest your fingers whilst holding the Soft Touch Lay On Vibe. The inner curve leads to a large bulbed base where the two button controls sit.

These consist of a control button and a mode button to scroll through settings. Looking at the Soft Touch Lay On Vibe in my hand I’m thinking the controls might be hard to access once you’re laying on them. So, decide to choose my settings before I play.

Weak Vibration

The You2Toys Soft Touch Lay On Vibe comes with seven settings. Three of these are steady speeds and four are patterned vibrations. The vibrations on the You2Toys Soft Touch Lay On Vibe aren’t very strong at all and for me this pretty much makes the patterned settings redundant. The steady speeds feel stronger because there’s no variation to the strength.

Although the vibrations aren’t particularly strong they are very buzzy. This creates a lot more noise than I was expecting when I first switched it on. I was in my bedroom and my dog’s downstairs started to bark. If I’m honest at this point I wasn’t really expecting much from the You2Toys Soft Touch Lay On Vibe.

Using The Soft Touch Lay On Vibe

Time to try it. I selected the highest steady speed and slid the You2Toys Soft Touch Lay On Vibe into place underneath me. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it did feel hot to be wanking the way I did as a kid and this added a totally new dimension to play. The vibrations against my clit felt better than I expected. I don’t know if this is because of the added pressure from the weight of my body or simply the position I was in.

One thing that did become clear straight away, my body shape has changed dramatically since my days of face down wanking. My boobs were all up in my face and it was a little bit suffocating at first. That aside once I got used to the position there is no doubt about it using the You2Me Soft Touch Lay On Vibe was hot. Rubbing my clit against the vibrating unit I could feel the intensity building inside me. Increasing my pace, it did occur to me that it was possibly more me doing the work than the Soft Touch Lay on Vibe.

When my climax hit me, it was tinged with nostalgic horniness. My first face down wank since I was in my teenage bedroom at home. It occurred to me afterwards as I lay there with the sheet still wrapped into my hand that I’d missed it more than I realised.

In Summary

The Soft Touch Lay on Vibe is USB rechargeable and comes with a charging cable. The charge port is behind a small rubber lug on the side of the unit.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed using the You2Toys Soft Touch Lay On Vibe. It was much more effective than I expected to be, but I did have to do a proportion of the work myself. If you like your vibes to do the heavy lifting, then the You2Toys Soft Touch Lay On Vibe isn’t for you. But if you like to wank face down then this is a good little addition to your collection. I would have preferred stronger vibrations, but it did the job much better than I expected.

You can buy the You2Toys Soft Touch Lay On Vibe from Orion for 59.95€.

Thank you so much to Orion for sending me the You2Toys Soft Touch Lay On Vibe for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.




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